Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1623

The competition region early is the sea of people. That 30 of yesterday huge compared with practice grounds, but yesterday in the arena was 15 people, but today will carry on the one-to-one showdown. Goes to that side to draw lots, good luck.” The blood often said. Em.” Xia Tian nodded, afterward he has arrived at the ballot position directly, yesterday's referee there station, if some people dare to pretend to be, that courts death absolutely. Xia Tian walked the past time nodded with own that referee of yesterday, afterward started to draw lots, he has not gone with the X-Ray Vision eye, but has pulled out one casually. 15 th. Goes to No. 15 arena, your match is 30 th.” Good!” Xia Tian moved toward No. 15 arena directly, afterward he has put out the ladder, crawled from the ladder, has saying that this ladder is not the low key uses absolutely, but installs. B uses, others see him with the ladder time, looked at the vision to him. However the attention of quick people was captured to pass by another person. He was known as the white clothing first person of crown prince, after the crown prince drew lots, has arrived at No. 1 arena directly, he pulls out is also 1st, when he arrives under the arena, all people all looked to him, actually everybody wanted to have a look at him to come to power by any charming posture. After all this is one shows strength the best opportunity. A two meters high arena, although everybody can come up, the posture that but comes up is different, the way can also following to worship differently. In all people vision are all centralized on him, he has put out a ladder, with Xia Tian exactly the same ladder, then he like this crawled under thousands of staring eyes, this all people all by thunder but actually. Crown prince unexpectedly is the same with Xia Tian, crawls the ladder to come up. Moreover the crown prince crawls also complacent, appearance that ten shares receive. The match of crown prince is 16 th, when No. 16 player sees own match is the crown prince, the direct forfeit, admitted defeat. The first war, the crown prince wins was too relaxed. Even has not gotten rid, crawled directly a ladder on defeating the enemy without fighting.

Crown prince slowly crawled from the ladder. shit, the party such old-style fan device, I also deliberately considered one have been very low-key.” Xia Tian says with emotion. Bang! When the Xia Tian god, above his arena has transmitted a bang. „Can you dot sound, scare to death the baby.” Xia Tian has patted own chest, he also immersed in the charm of his party a moment ago. Snort!” Opposite party cold snort, has not paid attention to Xia Tian. Xia Tian, he is the sword demon.” At this moment, the blood under stage often hurriedly shouts. Sword demon. One of white clothing disciple inside three Expert, are honored as most has the opportunity becomes top three figure. Em?” Xia Tian has turned the head carefully sized up the sword demon. With sword. I do not like wasting the time, you surrender, otherwise my sword not long eye.” Saying of sword demon coldly. Extremely arrogant. His words are extremely arrogant, but the people think that he has the extremely arrogant capital, because he is the sword demon, although he is only cauldron Rank 5, but is he is also steadily wins to previous cauldron Rank 6 Expert. Quite fierce, is quite fierce.” Xia Tian stretched out thumb to say. I give you an opportunity, if you do not jump, I began.” Sword demon expression ice-cold saying. „It is not good, my is not healthy, such will jump injured by falling down, therefore asked you to help.” The Xia Tian words said that the people understood, this was in the provocative sword demon.

Good, I am impolite.” The sword in sword demon hand was a black sword, on the sword blade has covered entirely the stripe, was the fish-shape stripe. The flash, on the sword in sword demon hand has emitted the brown ray, he is earth attribute, but one time simultaneously, the surrounding air current as if had the change, all people looked, sword demon this was wants to strike to kill. Xia Tian stands there is motionless, smiling looks at the sword demon. Whiz! The body of sword demon vanished in instantaneously same place, sword direct thorn in his hand to the chest of Xia Tian. The movement of sword demon is too quick, therefore everybody has not seen clearly. When the sword of sword demon must prick the Xia Tian chest immediately, Xia Tian turned head to lie directly in the arena edge, just right has evaded this sword, saw that such scene all people were shocked. The response of Xia Tian is so quick, unexpectedly can also hide at this time! But they discovered that is not right. Because both hands of Xia Tian are grabbing that ladder at this time, but under ladder crown prince. Do not want to steal my ladder.” Xia Tian looks at the crown prince to shout. I thought that such graceful movement, I had have been OK, therefore, this ladder do not use.” The reason that originally Xia Tian turned round a moment ago is the crown prince is stealing his ladder, therefore he has evaded that sword of sword demon by chance. At this time the sword demon stands there is awkward, he begins is not, does not begin is not, he does not have to think one a moment ago so vigorous and resolute sword unexpectedly so farce by Xia Tian shunting. Now Xia Tian lies the edge in arena, if he punctures this, that is the sneak attack, if not puncture, looks that Xia Tian and crown prince are noisy there, his crest of wave all was robbed. I to not play commander-in-chief, my is not healthy, therefore party.” Xia Tian depressed saying. Your isn't healthy?” Crown prince sudden corners of the mouth one slanting, as soon as afterward he fought with the fists to the position of Xia Tian both hands. Xia Tian lets go hurriedly.

But the crown prince while Xia Tian lets go, directly ladder robbing. Sees such scene, all people all is a heavy line of face, in solemn white clothing disciple first Crown Prince Expert unexpectedly snatches the Xia Tian ladder. Hey, do you hit.” The sword demon was impatient. Hits, naturally must hit, you also saw, was he snatched my ladder a moment ago, has not related with me.” Xia Tian very serious saying. Snort, I was disinclined to waste the time with you, this time I took a sword to solve you.” Sword demon coldly looks at Xia Tian saying that the black sword in his hand attacked instantaneously to Xia Tian, he was the movement was quick a moment ago. However this time, he is the sword is quick. Vigorous and resolute. The flash, his sword killed the Xia Tian front, direct thorn to the neck of Xia Tian, if these stabbed, that Xia Tian must die without doubt, at this time all people all the vision strongly on the body of Xia Tian. Because Xia Tian has not hidden. Like this stands there, at this time some people started to suspect that Xia Tian definitely could not shunt this sword. Saw that Xia Tian must die a tragic death in the sword demon sword gets down. At this moment, corners of the mouth of Xia Tian slightly one slanting. -------------------- New group: 518045628