Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1625

Xia Tian, do not impulse.” Xiao zither looks at Xia Tian anxiously, she to tell Xia Tian Abao today is many are not affable. I have been stranded, sleeps.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward lay down directly. Xiao zither noticed that the Xia Tian appearance stamps the ground with anger, but Xia Tian has truly fallen asleep, he did not have any means. In Xia Tian knowledge sea. Boy, you understands that what meaning the honor roll first that person does represent?” The day spirit second child asked. Represents him to be very good, B.” Xia Tian very optional saying. You have not thought is so simple, from the words of that girl can explain that a moment ago an issue, this honor roll first person is the next day Lingshan lord, he has natural superior exceeding authority in day Lingshan, regardless of he wants to kill anyone, does not have the issue, your mountains main will not come out to stop.” The day spirit second child said. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. You, cannot master are anything that in really your brain thinks all day, know obviously one are impossible to win.” Day spirit second child helpless saying. When enemy who Xia Tian in facing will soon present, he is calm, he will analyze himself and disparity between enemy, he knows himself, if frontage resistance, that absolutely possibly is not the honor roll first Abao's match, therefore the frontage resistance absolutely is the unwisest choice, he must do first conserves strength. Regardless in any situation, he must maintain abundant stamina has the opportunity to win. Next morning, Xia Tian went to the competition range directly, today only remaining the final four people, today the elimination ways of these four people are one-to-one, two people who then loses carry on once more one to one, two people who wins can carry on first second competition. Person who loses was eliminated directly. Four people draw lots. What Xia Tian pulls out is 1st, his match is the (spear|gun) king, the match of crown prince is Tang three, the competition has not started, Tang three admits defeat directly. The competition of crown prince can be said as the victory, almost all people saw crown prince time all admits defeat directly, nobody is willing to go with him to the war.

Reason that Tang three forfeit does not dare to fight with the Tang three pairs, he to preserve stamina, because he knows that he wins the Tang three probabilities to be very low, therefore he must do keeps the third position. So long as advanced three, that can go to exit to attend the competition for the entrance. Therefore he does not need to struggle the temporary air/Qi. Those who most make Xia Tian not think, the competition has not started, (spear|gun) king unexpectedly has also surrendered, this made people think unthinkably, after all Xia Tian was not a crown prince. Not that absolute reputation. Surrendered? It seems like they are holding the similar idea, they want to preserve stamina, then resistance next competition, if after all their first lost, that stamina consumption is not absolutely small.” Blood often light saying. No matter because of anything, my this were also successfully passed, the first three positions guaranteed.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Hey, that side that in the afternoon was our two, I long before want to dispute with you, in the white clothing disciple I thought that you were most mystical.” The crown prince arrives at the Xia Tian side to say. Has the problem, afternoon competition I do not have the interest.” Xia Tian said that walked directly. Volume!” A crown prince person stands there is disorderly. The meaning of Xia Tian was his afternoon competition has also forfeited, he has wanted to try with Xia Tian, after all Xia Tian this got down, not only won was very relaxed, but also very old-style fan device. Sword demon relaxed defeat in his hand. But Xia Tian unexpectedly has not given him this opportunity. Xia Tian, why do you go to go?” The blood often asked. Sees a play.” Xia Tian said.

Happen to I also want to take a look at the strength of black clothing disciples, I go with you together.” The blood often said. I am watch the competition of yellow clothes disciple.” Xia Tian said. Looks at the yellow clothes!!” The blood often slightly stares, although they can look at the black clothing and yellow clothes, but goes to the yellow clothes disciple's fight function not to be big regarding their white clothing disciple. After all strength disparity between they and yellow clothes disciples is very big, cannot learn too many things, but looked that the competition of black clothing disciple was different. They can learn many things from the bodies of these black clothing disciples. I watch the competition of yellow clothes disciple with you together.” The blood often said. Xia Tian wins by default, 100 th group of brothers of very happy, after all Xia Tian is their 100 th disciples, after they exit, has the capital of boast. Xia Tian, we do not go, we planned that has a look at the competition of black clothing disciple.” Em,” Xia Tian nodded. Xia Tian?” The crown prince looks that the Xia Tian back has curled upwards the outstanding mouth: interesting, my goal, but the honor roll first Abao, does not know that he can be my match in a short time?” Xia Tian and blood often they directly moved toward the position of third institute. At this time the third institute also very irritable. Because must select three today, therefore here is also the sea of people, the yellow clothes disciple also hopes that can go to battle for the entrance, after becoming the yellow clothes disciple, the speed that the strength promotes was slow, moreover their actually was also the reputation and opportunity. Their goals are the scarlet disciples. Wants into the scarlet disciple first to have certain reputation, making the entrance note you, then you show the incomparably formidable strength, such later entrance will become the opportunity of scarlet disciple to you.

In the yellow clothes disciple the strength strong person may have many. Their here strengths worst is above cauldron Rank 7, even here also has Expert of two cauldrons. We come just in time, now finally has been fighting a decisive battle in three groups of showdown, three people of victory will obtain the qualifications of going to battle with.” The blood often said. Em!” Xia Tian saw Zhao Yushu form in these people. Xia Tian is also first time sees Zhao Yushu strength, has saying that nine positive bodies are really overbearing, coordinates her hot attribute, her attack is sharp. At this time although her opposite person is cauldron Rank 9 Expert, but she any not beating, conversely, she now has not been suppressing the match. Saw that Zhao Yushu must win. Bang! Suddenly the form fell above arena together, that person gently two people who a racket in arena, afterward fought were all collapsed to fly. Scarlet disciple. Sees the appearance of scarlet disciple, all people all vision centralized above that arena. See Senior Brother!” All yellow clothes disciples also bowed, people on other two arenas also called a halt. My name was Abao, this challenge match did not need to compare, because I did not agree that he went to compete for the entrance.” Abao has directly aimed at Zhao Yushu with the hand.