Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1626

The scarlet disciple appears, this absolutely is the matter that shocks. Do not say that these yellow clothes disciples, the referees also all bow to Abao, thus it can be seen scarlet disciple's status in this group of person minds. But the person heard in the presence of everyone when this scarlet disciple is Abao in legend, all people were shocked. Abao. Honor roll first. The strength is immeasurably deep, object who all day of Lingshan disciples worship, his strength formidable is incomparable. Regarding them, Abao is figure in legend. Normal, the competition between yellow clothes disciples cannot some people disturb, will otherwise receive enforces the law hall processing. But Abao is special existence. In the entire day Lingshan main dares to punish Abao besides the mountain on nobody, but Abao's status in mountain main mind is also very high, therefore generally speaking, regardless of Abao has made anything, the arundinaria japonicum will maintain him. This is the talent, the treatment that Expert should have. The scarlet disciple treatment of originally is very high, but Abao is the scarlet list first, he dominates existences in scarlet list all people. After Abao said does not let Zhao Yushu participated, the referee directly stands: Zhao Yushu eliminates, cloud chart is promoted.” Hears the referee words, everybody understands that anything is called the powerful. Abao a few words, did not discuss, but is the order, order that the referee must listen. Is unfair, was I must win obviously.” Zhao Yushu face angry saying. Fair? Does not have to say before me fairly, I have said that you are my woman, when the conditions will be ripe I to marry you, therefore you only needed to treat honestly in Shanmenli were good, does not need to wander about aimlessly.” Saying of Abao coldly, his tone did not discuss. Is the order. Although on his mouth said that must marry Zhao Yushu, but he also the tone that uses to order. Overbearing! Powerful.

This is Abao's synonym. Entire day Lingshan all people had heard his powerful, it is said in the past had the scarlet disciple to dare to disobey him, finally by homicide. Nobody takes responsibility, Shan Zhu is also only symbolic closed him to shut tightly some time. Moreover is Abao happen to must close up. Therefore this quite therefore has not punished. This has accomplished Abao that powerful reputation. At this time he wants Zhao Yushu to marry him, order that also directly issues similarly. Today these people on the scene see Abao's powerful with own eyes, feared him, nobody dares to offend him, nobody dares to speak at this time. I will not marry you.” Zhao Yushu both eyes get angry looks at Abao. She has rejected, this is his first time rejects personally, she does not know courage where one come, before she fears Abao, but she has wanted to understand now. Also die in any case. Rejected. Zhao Yushu unexpectedly has rejected Abao. Hears here time, all people have all held breath cold air. Nobody dares to reject Abao, by that time now Zhao Yushu unexpectedly has rejected Abao. Nobody can reject me.” Saying of Abao coldly. I do not comply, you have killed either me, either I die today here.” The sword in Zhao Yushu hand has placed on own neck. Without my permission, you cannot die.” Abao's hand wields to the air. dāng!

The sword in Zhao Yushu hand fell directly on the ground. I do not believe you to visit me, you not, when I die.” Zhao Yushu has completed the determination that must die, she is will not submit under Abao's despotic power absolutely. I have said that I do not allow you dead, you cannot die, I remember that you comes out from the day Yong city, if you dares dead, I conquer by killing the day of Yong city.” Abao's voice is cold, nobody will suspect that Abao said the words reality. Because he definitely has that strength, his these words did not speak thoughtlessly absolutely. He will live up to one's words. What is called the powerful? What is called overbearingly? This is the absolute powerful, absolute overbearing, I make you marry me, you must marry me, if you do not marry, I kill your family, slaughter your entire city. This is the honor roll first Abao. Ticktack! The tears flowed from Zhao Yushu eyes. She does not fear death, but she has her family member. She feared that she feared really Abao will massacre city, she believes that Abao can do absolutely. Regardless of because of any reason, making the woman cry is the biggest mistake.” At this moment the sound conveys, hears this sound the time together, the person all stares, but because now Abao is speaking, some unexpectedly people dare to speak, this without doubt in provocative Abao. Whiz! The form fell above arena together directly. Xia Tian!” Blood often complexion changes, he has a dream has not thought that Xia Tian will pass. This is courting death. At this time all people all think on the spot Xia Tian ended, this is in provocative Abao, white clothing disciple unexpectedly dares to provoke Abao, this and courts death has not distinguished. Do not say a he small white clothing disciple, even if the scarlet disciple dares to provoke Abao to be also same dies.

Xia Tian!” Zhao Yushu noticed that the Xia Tian time complexion changes: Abao, has not related with him.” Abao has not gone to pay attention to Zhao Yushu obviously, but looked to Xia Tian. He seems was looking a toy same looks at Xia Tian. He really does not think clearly, why a white clothing disciple also dares to stand to tell that him such words, sufficed really exactly? Courage praise worthy.” Saying that Abao appreciates, but his expression is not appreciating obviously, moreover his look seems was looking that a deceased person is the same. „Name were your Abao? I heard that you are very good. B.” Xia Tian looks at Abao to ask. Ha Ha, ha ha ha ha!” Abao has a good laugh, he as if heard the huge joke to be the same, white clothing disciple unexpectedly dares such to speak to him, this absolutely was a joke. I heard that you do want to marry her?” Xia Tian with pointing at has referred to Zhao Yushu asking. Right.” Abao received the smiling face on face, restored once more ice-cold. I did not agree.” Xia Tian light saying. „Didn't you agree? What qualifications do you have not to agree? Depending on you are the white clothing disciple?” Abao has the interest very looks at Xia Tian. He closed up to be too long, very long nobody has made him feel that was so interesting. White clothing, the scarlet, is only clothes, the difference in my eyes is not big, I listened to others saying that you were very strong, you said that whom married to marry anyone, I also was quite strong, I did not make you marry, you could not marry.” Xia Tian smiling looks at Abao. „A move, move of I can kill you, why haven't you made me marry?” Abao coldly looks at Xia Tian. The atmosphere coagulated thoroughly, the hearts of all people have all hung.