Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1627

All people understand that Xia Tian has angered Abao. These people are not all clear, a Xia Tian white clothing disciple, is actually the courage of which coming, unexpectedly dares such to speak to Abao, moreover his unexpectedly with Abao compared with powerful. But Abao the scarlet list first person. Can break existence of rule. Xia Tian is only an ordinary white clothing disciple, nobody knows him, but his unexpectedly dares so to speak to Abao. I must kill you, that nobody saved you, although I do not know that actually you were moron or anything, but my tolerance reached the limit obviously, therefore I have wanted to kill you, you can choose a cause of death, but cannot be the entire corpse absolutely.” Abao coldly looks at Xia Tian. In day Lingshan, has the custom. Among the disciples cannot kill people mutually, those have to dare to offend, will be expelled day Lingshan, serious will enforce the law hall the execution. But the scarlet disciple himself is special existence, so long as they generally do not kill the too famous person, that nobody goes back to manage, enforces the law hall is not willing to offend the scarlet disciple. Shan Zhugeng turns a blind eye. But the ordinary scarlet disciple does not dare to say the murder under the big crowd of people absolutely. Entire day Lingshan, only then a Abao person dares. Moreover at this time in the arena of his really yellow clothes disciple said the murder. Then is called overbearingly. Right?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Whiz!

Zhao Yushu kept off before the body of Xia Tian directly: I promise you to marry you, you cannot kill him.” Why? Did you negotiate with me with what? You did not have the chip.” Very Abao disdains looks at Zhao Yushu, even if he said that he must marry Zhao Yushu, but Zhao Yushu still does not have any face in his there. Does not have any right of speech. Whiz! Also the form fell on the Xia Tian front together, this person was also a scarlet, was a female. The second scarlet disciple appears. The today's third institute also is really lively, unexpectedly presented the disciples of two scarlet lists. You call Xiao zither probably is right?” Abao looked at Xiao zither very optional saying. Senior Brother is good.” Xiao zither salutes slightly. „Can you also block me?” Abao ponders looks at Xiao zither. I am impossible to visit you to injure him.” Xiao zither nodded, Xiao zither such remarks, all people have all been shocked, before they also think that Xia Tian is a lunatic. Ordinary white clothing disciple unexpectedly dares to stand, but scarlet disciple unexpectedly stands now for him, that showed that Xia Tian definitely was not the ordinary white clothing disciple. At this time everybody also started to guess the Xia Tian status. Regardless of but how they guessed that cannot guess correctly the Xia Tian status. You block is occupied by me? I am one did not understand person who shows tender affection.” Saying that Abao disdains, although Xiao zither is also the scarlet disciple, but he does not care.

Senior Brother, why sends such big anger.” In this was is three forms falls above the arena, these three person uniform scarlet disciples, moreover they all stood in Xia Tian front. secure, pill spirits, the jade, your three can also block me?” Abao thought more and more interestingly, for a white clothing disciple, unexpectedly has four scarlet disciples to stand in his opposite today. This has to make him have interest. At this time the person under stage already thorough by to control, Xia Tian white clothing disciple unexpectedly had been directed four scarlet disciples for him over. Moreover these people are legend figure on honor roll, honor roll second secure, the honor roll third pill spirits, the honor roll sixth jade and honor roll tenth Xiao zither. In addition the honor roll first Abao. Five person unexpectedly that at this time presents all are honor roll first ten figure. Senior Brother, long time no see.” pill spirit respectful saying. Do not cotton up to me, you know that this is useless to me, although I do not know why you stand for this boy over, but your several should understand me, living that person that nobody who I must kill blocks.” Abao's powerful does not blow. Even if a person facing honor roll four big Expert, he is also so strong, moreover on the face is self-confident. As if front these four people regarding him collaborates unable to block him. Senior Brother, is not we blocks you, your in any case is also honor roll first Expert, the idols in day Lingshan all person minds, the goal of struggle, but he is only a cauldron Rank 2 strength, if you kill him, everybody will gossip, when the time comes harms your reputation, moreover here so many Junior Brother Junior Sister look.” pill said spirit. Who dares to gossip, I have killed anyone.” Abao is so strong. Senior Brother, they definitely do not dare on to gossip outwardly, but if they did gossip in the back?” pill looks spirit Abao continues saying: Senior Brother cannot kill day Lingshan all disciples.” pill spirits, your mouth is such fierce, what a pity your abacus has miscalculated, today I must kill him, because he has provoked I.” Abao's goal is clear, not pill's spirit method of goading somebody into action.

Senior Brother, I have respected you, but I do not allow you to kill him absolutely.” Saying of secure coldly, although he called Xia Tian Master is because Xia Tian was helping him pursue pill to work. But after these days contact he discovered that Xia Tian is the person who is worth him handing over truly. Especially previous time, Xia Tian to help pill vents anger spirit, has sealed the matter of Yuanyuan Mansion, this made him see the attendance of Xia Tian to own friend. Therefore he has decided that even if and Abao to, he also refuses to balk. secure, you do not think that you were the honor roll second can be coordinated with me, you can work as this honor roll second are because I have not killed you, otherwise the honor roll second changed players.” Very Abao disdains looks at secure, although secure is the honor roll second. But he second has never paid attention to the honor roll. Death? I also feared, but when must divide, if when protected the brothers dead in battle, I thought that was the glory.” Smiling of secure self-ridicules. Right. Everyone fears death, but similarly, they must look one die is valuable. If spiritless and dies, that does not have any value. But if to protect own family member, the friend and lover died in battle, that is dies is also worth the proud matter. I do not do really clearly, actually a white clothing disciple has where is worth being willing for him dead.” secure shook the head. Senior Brother, if you must kill him, we also can only disrespect to you.” pill's spirit speech expression continuously respectful. I have said that person who I must kill, no one can block, your four are the same, looks in your four is also in the shares of being loyal, I do not kill you, but he must die.” secure hand has aimed at people behind Xia Tian.