Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1628

Abao!” Xia Tian slowly walked from several people , the vision looks to Abao. Your unexpectedly also dares to stand, I also think that you will only hide in they several.” Abao contemptuously looks at Xia Tian, he is looking down upon Xia Tian. First Xia Tian is a white clothing disciple. The white clothing disciple does not match him to think highly. Next, over these artificial Xia Tian, to guarantee Xia Tian does not die, but Xia Tian stood in these people a moment ago had not come out, obviously was recognizes instigates. Xia Tian.” pill spirit and the others looked to Xia Tian. What is called the brothers? In you faced with life and death crisis, irresistible Expert also dares to stand the person, has your this group of brothers and sisters, my Xia Tian value.” Xia Tian looked that said to pill spirit and the others: „But how I will let my brother sisters, for I do put together the life?” You said anything, since is the brothers, we will not make you face.” secure said. I only hope to protect my brothers and sisters, does not hope that the brothers and sisters are injured for me, once my good elder brother, was because my strength was insufficient, he to protect my had been seized, this was my this whole life biggest worry, was the biggest shame, I did not allow such tragedy to occur absolutely again, therefore I have said to myself, even if puts together the life, I will not let the tragedy to repeat.” Xia Tian remembers Brother Xiaoma each time time very much hates itself, if he sufficed at that time, Brother Xiaoma will not be caught in the crevice prison. After him the understanding the crevice prison, he knew recently there part of situations, that inside closes is figure of monster rank. The Brother Xiaoma present situation is not absolutely good. „Do you want to go all out with me? Do you also match?” Asking of Abao coldly. „A move, in a move, our two can only live.” Xia Tian stretched out a finger. Xia Tian, do you want to do?” Spirit pill worries looks to Xia Tian. Naturally has gone all out, I had said that will not make rain Shu marry him, that must put out a real skill to come, otherwise he also thinks that I was chatting.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Do not make the piffle, you are not his match, I marry him, I marry him.” Zhao Yushu said hurriedly.

I promise the Seventh Brother to look after your, how also to make you marry him?” Xia Tian patted gently has feared Zhao Yushu head. I do not think really clearly, who gives your courage to with my symphysis die.” Abao is not clear to the present, Xia Tian said that the meanings of these words are anything. The Xia Tian words as if were saying that he was very fierce, has any card in a hand also uselessly to come out to be the same. „The meaning that I said is!” Xia Tian forwarded directly one step, at the same time his innermost feelings were giving a loud shout to the small insect: Small insect, gives back to me the strength.” Meanwhile, he started this hidden essence and blood directly. The flash, his eye turned into the black instantaneously, the white pupil thorough hour, the hair also becomes very black, around his body presented a black aura. Puff! Meanwhile, the latter shoulder of Xia Tian located unexpectedly to grow a wing directly, a black wing. Black wing to air one leaf. pill spirit and the others had been delivered to under the arena by air current directly. Ah! Xia Tian face upwards to give a loud shout, the place of dantian, the small insect has sent out infinite spiritual energy, the small insect has swallowed Xia Tian all spirit stone, spiritual energy that these spirit stone digest is terrorist. Although it only transmitted a strength of small part, but this strength made Xia Tian immediately Berserk gets up. At this time all people all were on the spot shocked. They do not understand that what happened.

The flash, Xia Tian had the so huge change, present Xia Tian unexpectedly grew the wing, black wing under sunlight sparkling. Xia Tian within the body sudden terrifying spiritual energy Berserk, his arena starts shatter, the crushed stone flies in all directions. The present all have shocked all people. Works they including pill, they only felt a moment ago a gentle strength delivers to under them the arena, while they plans to come up again the time, has discovered the Xia Tian present change. Wing. Person unexpectedly grew the wing. How to turn into this, what exactly had?” secure has opened the mouth. „Is his final card in a hand?” pill a little cannot believe his eye spirit. At this time the blood on stand often already thorough could not speak, he also very much wants to come to power a moment ago, although his strength was not strong, but he wants to display the brothers loyalty. But he finally by Abao's imposing manner to control. Therefore he has not dared, afterward he regretted very much, but the opportunity passed, he knows that from now henceforth he can only be the Xia Tian friend, is not the Xia Tian brothers absolutely. What thing is this?” Abao this time also was a little surprised. His experience is not absolutely low, but he has never seen Xia Tian such existence, dorsal unexpectedly grew the wing, moreover at this time strength unexpectedly such Berserk of his within the body. Has stood several old fogies in hidden place at this time also all by the Xia Tian appearance being shocked. His within the body is hiding a very fearful strength.” Day spirit fifth child light saying.

Previous time Rank 4 sleepy, this change, he absolutely was a super talent.” The day spirit sixth child nodded. Two both are super talents, but a mountain does not accommodate two tigers, day Lingshan can only have a master in the future, other people either ups and downs, either...” The day spirit fourth child said. He also is really a variable.” Mountain principal point of day Lingshan nod. If before, then they absolutely toward Abao, because they have regarded the successor to train Abao, even if Abao kills people, they do not stop to let Abao set up the prestige. A mountain does not accommodate two tigers. Abao must work as the words of master, others must submit, this can let the day Lingshan unity. Otherwise in the future will certainly be the big trouble. Abao, you must fight, I then fight, I have said that only then a move, our two must die.” Xia Tian this time imposing manner formidable, each character says, the surrounding crushed stone teases to fly horizontally. Interesting, interesting.” On Abao's face unexpectedly presented the excited expression. He very long has not felt this type to challenge. Meanwhile, his body revolution, around his body presented the tricolor rays, this tricolor ray kept off the surrounding these Beng Fei crushed stones outside directly. Saw they must carry on life and death fought. Stops to me.” Drinks to transmit greatly, afterward the form fell on their middle together directly, this form presented time, under the stage all people also bowed.