Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1629

Shan Zhu! Shan Zhu appeared. See Shan Zhu.” All person all respectful saying. Only then Xia Tian and Abao still there to holding. I said that stops.” The mountain advocates coldly looks to Xia Tian and Abao. Bang! Xia Tian single Xigui on the ground, but Abao also withdrew oneself imposing manner. Abao, I have mission to give you, mission content on this scroll.” Mountain commanding general mission scroll threw to Abao. After Abao received mission scroll, opens directly. Goes to Yong Zhou?” Abao sees the time brow of mission scroll immediately a wrinkle, this mission goes to Yong Zhou, Yong Zhouke is not near, although there is transmission, but back and forth one most little requires more than one year of time, in addition makes mission, at least two years. Right, this mission is very important, besides you, others goes to me not to feel relieved.” The mountain main start to talk said. Abao clenched teeth then to stare Xia Tian one: Makes you live some time.” Whiz! Abao's body vanished in same place, even did not tease with the mountain main farewell. However Shan Zhu has not said anything. Turns the head to look along with the back side of the mountain lord to Xia Tian: Xia Tian, your this time contradicting scarlet disciple, I punish you to go back to face the wall blatantly for 15 days, 15 days of heel teams walk together.” Faces the wall for 15 days? Does this also calculate the punishment? Mountain main this is obvious toward Xia Tian, said that is faces the wall for 15 days, 15 days also with facing the wall? Moreover is goes home to face the wall, this absolutely does not have any difficulty.

Moreover Shan Zhu also intentionally opened Abao a moment ago, is prevents Abao to kill Xia Tian. Main has turned toward Abao by the outlying hill, but the mountain advocates unexpectedly to start toward Xia Tian today. Snort, will resort to these small methods, Xia Tian, do not think that he is turning toward you.” The Xia Tian knowledge into the sea day spirit second child reminded. What meaning? He has truly guaranteed my life today, otherwise I most perish together with Abao.” Xia Tian said. He prevents you and Abao's fight is the talent that because you display gained his attaching great importance , the so-called mountain did not accommodate two tigers, you and Abao were two Fierce Tiger, you were doomed only to leave behind a person, but your Realm was too low, now lets you and Abao blood spells, cannot use your potential obviously, therefore he sent Yong Zhou Abao, Yong Zhou came for one least more than one year, the middle added on again makes the mission time, on was two years, these two years was he gives your development time, two years later Abao returned., Is your two Fierce Tiger final showdowns.” The day spirit second child answered that Fierce Tiger that finally can live is the day Lingshan future master, but they can free and unrestrained cultivation.” Originally is this, but this was very good, most at least he has given me two years, if he does not give my these two years time, I also difficultly run away die.” Xia Tian said. By your talent, two years should have the huge change.” The day spirit second child highly believes that Xia Tian talent, after all Xia Tian is he has seen the talent strongest person. Em, two years, should have many changes.” Xia Tian said. But you also leave worry, Realm is higher, the strength is more difficult to break through, that needs the accumulation of time, but does not reach the sky in a single bound.” The day spirit second child reminded. Since the day spirit second child had understood after Xia Tian true talent, he started to care about Xia Tian, actually because he wanted to have a look at Xia Tian to have the great achievement. Moreover Xia Tian also promised him, will look for body resurrecting for him. Therefore he quite anticipates. Xia Tian not casual looks for a body to him. Competition continues, your several, send back him.” Shan Zhu said that the form disappeared in same place. Yes!” secure ran hurriedly, held Xia Tian. When he helps up Xia Tian, Xia Tian directly has fainted, secure has to carry to think that Xia Tian the position of first institute walks. Although Xia Tian passed this tribulation, but his loss is not low. Has very big side effect with the small insect taking advantage of spiritual energy.

Xia Tian this time only rested for several hours he to awake. After awaking, he saw secure and the others defended in his bedside. Master, are you all right?” Asking that secure worries about. I am all right.” Xia Tian cracks into a smile. Is all right well, was worried dead we.” pill relaxed spirit finally. Thank you.” Xia Tian in contained very big significance thank you, because their several also dare to stand at that time facing Abao such person. This was not friend's relations. But is the brothers. Abao's strength, without a doubt, immeasurably deep. Even if their four adds is not Abao's match, but is so, their four stood, must live and die together with Xia Tian. Although Xia Tian does not want to implicate them. But who does not want several life and death brothers. Their several are the Xia Tian life and death brothers. Added anything to thank to us, if you want to thank me, married me.” Xiao Qintou said with a smile. Ha Ha!” Several people have smiled, the atmosphere was also better. This mountain main to protect you, opened Abao specially, recently you should be safe . Moreover the mountain penalty kicks you faces the wall for 15 days is only symbolic to make you raise to heal from a wound, good to participate in the entrance big ratio.” pill said spirit. I know.” Xia Tian nodded. The matter that he wants to handle now as far as possible once more promotes own strength.

Was good, you were also tired, we did not disturb you, 15 days later several of us will attend the competition, when the time comes we looked for you again.” The jade said. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. After several people leave, Xia Tian took out him the compounded drug that obtains from day spirit second child there, afterward he has opened the mouth. Swallowing. Xia Tian has directly used swallowing. He knows that he takes definitely very stodginess these compounded drugs normally, but he used to swallow was different, after using has swallowed, he can absorb in these compounded drugs the purest strength. Lunatic, you is a lunatic.” Saw that Xia Tian has taken that many compounded drugs directly, the day spirit second child shouts. That many compounded drugs swallow directly, normal person directly from exploding to perish, now Xia Tian unexpectedly swallows these compounded drugs directly completely. After the Xia Tian use swallows, he felt that an incomparable terrifying the strength enters to own body, this strength started to moisten his body. Each of body obtained perfect moistening. Quite comfortable!” The use swallows unexpectedly not any side effect, does not have that type to tear the feeling, does not have the exciting feeling. Why Xia Tian understood the small insect that to be willing with swallowing finally. Because this swallows to use quite crisply. However Xia Tian also felt that he has had very full feeling, obviously he has swallowed the limit, therefore he needs to digest these compounded drugs now slowly. „After I had digested these compounded drugs, my strength should obtain very big promotion.” Xia Tian is filled with saying of anticipation.