Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1630

15 days later. These 15 days, Xia Tian one time has not come out, the blood often sends for delivering food Xia Tian not to eat. The Xia Tian gate has not opened. He has closed up for 15 days. 15 days later. In the first institute presented four scarlet disciples, their four entered the 100 th group. Their four secure, pill spirits, jade and Xiao zither. „Hasn't master come out? did not come out to want.” secure anxious saying. Wait / Etc. looked.” pill said spirit. This population are not many, because they are attend the competition, but is not exorcisms the congress, exorcisms the congress greatly compared with later in the entrance, therefore this time participates in the entrance big ratio only then white clothing disciple three people, black clothing disciple three people, yellow clothes disciple three people, with scarlet disciple three people, naturally, secure and Xiao zither with joining in the fun, but is not attended the competition. The participating three scarlet disciples are pill spirit separately, jade and Yuanyuan. But this time scarlet disciple only then secure and Xiao zither, because other scarlet disciples almost make mission outside, therefore cannot watch the fun. The competition between scarlet disciples no longer is to fighting. Because the strength of scarlet disciple is too strong, once they make war, the small arena cannot withstand their attacks, and has any casualty accidentally, then regarding the entrance is the massive losses. Therefore the organizer, Rank 5 city sounds of nature City Lord, the competition between scarlet disciples compares Pill Refining, Formation and refiner. This can manifest the strength between scarlet disciples, can not that the violence. If in an entrance does not have one well, Pill Refining Junior Brother, refiner Junior Brother, Formation Junior Brother, that will be being been looking down upon, thinks their entrance not this talented person in aspect.

Bang! The gate of Xia Tian cave opened. All people all looked to entrance. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” A series of laughter transmit from the cave. Master, you went out finally.” secure excited saying. Whiz! The Xia Tian form fell on secure and the others directly the sides. This Xia Tian promotion was the leap-style promotion, he directly turned into cauldron Rank 4 Expert now, this was he swallows these compounded drugs the effects, moreover his whole body obtained nourishing. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. „Did you break through?” Xiao zither looks at Xia Tian surprisedly. „The present was cauldron Rank 4.” Xia Tian said. Monster, your promotion speed was also too fast, others quickly also took one -and-a-half years of year, your unexpectedly less than one month continually rose Rank 3.” Xiao Qinzhen felt that Xia Tian is a big monster. Living monster. Volume!” Xia Tian awkward flexure scratching the head. You truly is a monster.” In the Xia Tian knowledge sea, the day spirit second child said: Your unexpectedly took that many compounded drugs not to explode the body to perish, instead rose two-level, you know why these compounded drugs were? Why has, but your unexpectedly all gave them swallows directly.” Xia Tian has not gone to pay attention to the day of spirit second child, day spirit second child there already by the Xia Tian uniform, he now looked at Xia Tian looks like looks at the monster to be the same.

Time was up, us, this is my our Master leads, when the time comes you called the elder on the line.” The day spirit said. Person day spirit fifth child of this leading. Xia Tian their several people walk toward the pool directly. Where are our time entrance big ratios to go?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Rank 5 city, sounds of nature city.” secure said. Rank 5 city? What can be?” Xia Tian has also a little yearned, after all he comes out from day Yong city Rank 1 city, therefore does not know that actually the Rank 5 city is what. Big, is very big, the Rank 5 city is the superintendent of serious famine, in the serious famine 80 million li (0.5km) region all turns over to this Rank 5 municipal management.” secure answered. 80 million li (0.5km) range, serious famine unexpectedly is so big.” Xia Tian is surprised. Em, serious famine inside has been full of all kinds of opportunities and dangers, the entire serious famine region, the big entrance like our day Lingshan has eight, medium entrance 20, small entrance more than 100, Rank 4 city five, Rank 3 city 50, below Rank 2 have not counted.” secure said. Such extraordinary, it seems like that this sounds of nature city is really a very good place.” What Xia Tian also a little yearned for Rank 5 city. Em, there everywhere is the good thing, in the entire serious famine can only buy absolutely the good thing place, sometimes will even present nine levels of compounded drugs there, moreover I heard that there also has the treasure emergence in legend, the good thing to be innumerable, but must think you to have that money.” secure said. „Have you gone to the sounds of nature city?” Xia Tian asked. Has gone, several of us have gone, but previous going time, several of us do not dare to wander about aimlessly, therefore radically not in sounds of nature city strolling well, the master said that there should better not to offend there person, because in that said that did not permit you to bump into any rank the old monster.” secure said. Good, this time went to stroll well.” Xia Tian currently also slightly has a wealth, after all these wealth of day spirit second child his here. Nine levels of compounded drugs, treasure. This may be the most precious object in legend.

Nine levels of compounded drug Xia Tian do not dare to imagine, perhaps the compounded drug of this rank could be used to fill to go against, but treasure Xia Tian currently has one, that is that wrister in his wrist|skill. This treasure very fierce. Xia Tian also opened to anticipate other treasure. After having treasure, he quite therefore had has jumped the ranks the ability of challenge. After Xia Tian they arrive at the assembly point, other people arrived. Sees the arrival of Xia Tian, the crown prince has natural qualitative to visit him , the crown prince has wanted to dispute with Xia Tian. But Yuanyuan stared Xia Tian one, she cannot go back her mansion to the present, that Rank 4 sleepy nobody can break, in the black clothing disciple nobody knows Xia Tian. However these yellow clothes disciples know Xia Tian, after all 15 days ago, Xia Tian was too big in the sound of Sanyuanli surface making. Zhao Yushu saw Xia Tian to come, ran directly. Prepared, has remembered, our time distances were not short, wanting the Rank 5 city to sit transmission to the Rank 4 city, therefore we must walk many distances, on the road no one fall behind, in the serious famine everywhere was the crises, moreover recently had the person who the demon taught to appear, once fell behind might die in the serious famine very much.” Day spirit fifth child facial color solemn saying. Yes!” All person respectful saying. Good, we now.” The day spirit fifth child waves, all people all prepare.