Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1631
One line of people descend the mountain directly. After they descend the mountain, the person under mountain is the incomparable worship visits them. These people also here study to climb a mountain. At this time Xia Tian looked that these people thought really very interesting, here studies to climb a mountain to the present, but also after vainly hoping for was ascending the sky Lingshan to be what kind, they do not know, if before them, climbed up a day of Lingshan, their final fates have one, that died. The day spirit second child is will not let up any opportunity absolutely. If not the appearance of Xia Tian, that will crawl dead. However although now will come up not dead, but day Lingshan will not be good to mix. Do not say that is a white clothing disciple, even if the scarlet disciple is impossible to guarantee one can save the life absolutely, once bumps into Abao such person, that possibly faced the death at all times. „The floor person's dream is to crawl above, in their at heart, above is their lifelong goal, but they do not know that has unbearabl chill in a high position.” Xia Tian light saying. This world is this, in the superior eyes, we are perhaps same as them, but everyone said that which person will not permit in them to be able to aspire to seize the peak in the future.” On secure face were also many a sorrowfulness. Do not think that many, we only need well diligently, protects itself, protects the person who oneself should protect to be good.” pill comforts to say spirit, she said right, regardless of you are any strength are unimportant, more importantly you can protect itself, protects these people who oneself should protect. The day spirit fifth child of leading has swept Xia Tian one, has not spoken. Their first station is a day of spirit city, after arriving at the day spirit city, the surrounding person is visits them who envies.

At this time day spirit city has declared martial law. To greet the appearances of these people. City Lord and big figure of day spirit city stand outside the city specially greet, escorted them to enter transmission, transmission has transmitted a Rank 3 city them, [gold/metal] earthen city wall. We here have not rested today, the time is limited, goes out of town directly, but the limelight, outside the city was not the desolated region, do not take off the clothes, did not fall behind.” The day spirit fifth child opens the mouth to say. All people nodded, moreover on their faces presented the dignified expression. Where is desolated region?” Xia Tian looked that asked to secure. Desolated region is an unwatched region, there mixing of good and bad people, anything has, they have a common ground, that is likes doing some matters of killing a person and taking his possessions, moreover any method has, before had the disciples of many major entrances dead here, the man is good, dying also calculates to have the dignity, if the woman, that loathsome appearance is you are unable to imagine absolutely.” secure answered. „The words that nobody manages, that here person won't fight with all might mutually?” Xia Tian is very curious, generally speaking does not have custom not Cheng Fangyuan, the chaotic place most at least should also have one here balanced. „, Not to have how the rule in the desolated region, without law, who so long as is looked who will not be feeling well will kill, here will have from Expert far apart, there are offended the criminal of big entrance, they, the person of that big entrance generally do not dare to be what kind of them here, person who here person is not willing to offend the big entrance, especially a team person, so long as we wore this body clothes, the team did not separate, that on will not have the matter.” secure said. You said right, but the present desolated region changed, hears for one year ago suddenly presents a big influence, this big influence unified the desolated region, the present desolated region no longer was a place of unmanned control, but was a big influence, moreover this big influence has also submitted the influence application to the Rank 5 city, but has not passed.” The day spirit fifth child said that saw his unexpectedly spoke with Xia Tian on own initiative, own clothes disciples were somewhat surprised, here did not know Xia Tian also only then black clothing disciple. They were still having doubts before, how around a white clothing disciple to gather round these many scarlet disciples. This solely did not express that Xia Tian knows these scarlet disciples.

Because the ordinary understanding also definitely is the white clothing disciple flatters the scarlet disciple, but these scarlet disciple unexpectedly gather round Xia Tian now, moreover Xia Tian has any issue they to reply. Five elder unexpectedly of this leading started to speak with Xia Tian on own initiative. Words that some people manage, that order should be better.” On the face of Xia Tian does not have any joyful facial expression, normal, if an elder initiated a talk with a white clothing disciple, that this white clothing disciple was certainly wild with joy. The mood is hardata-titleo-control. But Xia Tian not only does not have slight performance, even also thinks that this was natural. Order really had, the person who communicated was still careful, because here order did not turn toward the outsider.” Day spirit five elders said. People after this Rank 3 city forward has walked, they very careful, because front was that desolated region, there environment was bad, because of such environment, therefore has raised such one crowd of bloodthirsty fellow. Sees Xia Tian their this line of time, the surrounding person all hides distant watching. Because symbol on their clothes is the symbol of day Lingshan. But day Lingshan in the serious famine one of the eight big entrances, are famous, although they do not want to stir up trouble, but they are not afraid of getting into trouble absolutely, therefore the average person does not dare to offend absolutely their. To the road in desolated region on, there are many highway robbers, but does not have the highway robber to catch up to take by force them. The group sat about three hours horse-drawn vehicles, arrived at the desolated region, after desolated region, they have gotten down the carriage, afterward walks toward inside directly.

Desolated region is not too big, so long as we crossed to be good, after passing through, tonight should be able to arrive in the opposite Rank 4 city.” Day spirit five elders reminded. Quack! The cry of crow. When they step into the desolated place first foot feels here gloominess. !. The brow of Xia Tian a wrinkle, he looks down immediately afterward, the bone, is the bone of person, the bone of person he stepped on a moment ago. Did not need to look, this was very common.” Day spirit five elders said: Here was scattered anti-corrosion raw material for medicine, will therefore not present any disease and plague, some people were killed, nobody processes radically, therefore directly was stepped on finally in the underground, entire desolated region, everywhere is the bones of the dead.” The region that is built by the bones of the dead. It seems like we should unable to pass here today safely.” The Xia Tian vision looks to the distant place.