Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1634

Our entrance has the custom, cannot take others' compounded drug outside.” Five elder calm saying, on his face do not have any mighty waves, he still remembered a moment ago Xia Tian at the protracted time's matter. „? When day Lingshan presented this strange custom, is not five elders will not trust some.” The desolated lord always likes saying definitely words, words that he such asked that that five elders were not good to reply, if five elders said the trust, he must eat, if five elders said do not trust, but that present here the desolated main card in a hand, no one can guarantee that actually what happened. Five elders, then said: We naturally trust you, will otherwise not come, but the entrance has the custom of entrance.” Five elders were also old Jianghu, his a few words shifted the topic. But other entrances also finally felt that at this time left the incorrect place. Because five elders have been rejecting, probably is intentionally. „Don't five elders, your meaning give me the face?” Desolated main complexion suddenly cold. „If not give you face, we will not come.” Five elders are still delaying time, if the normal condition, he already got angry, oneself with no reason at all was brought by them to here, then must be taken any compounded drug by oneself. This is not looks to fight. We truly can see cleverly.” At this time the elders in opposite great Fengshan opened the mouth to say suddenly. Em, that congratulates you.” Five elders said. Five elders, your this do not give me the face, since you do not give me the face, that feared you unable to go out of here today.” The desolated main sound just fell, gate oneself of main hall closed. Meanwhile periphery walks, over a hundred Expert. „Are you threatening me?” Five long Senior were mad. Five elders, although your strength is good, but I want to know very much that your disciples do have you to be so strong.” The desolated lord smiling looks at five elders.

Has not related, they do not fear death, if our people die here, I can guarantee that within three days, my day Lingshan will send for putting down your desolated region surely.” Five elder angry saying, he endured to be very long, could not bear again. Right? After I have killed you, had the person to leave directly is good.” Desolated lord very optional saying. Desolated lord, what do you mean?” At this moment, the elders in great Fengshan stood, after all their great Fengshan and day Lingshan were the serious famine eight big entrances, how they possibly sat by and did nothing. The people of other middle-and-small entrances have also stood. Interesting, was really too interesting, ha ha ha ha.” The desolated lord laughs saying that afterward he looks to five elders: I give you last opportunity, if you do not eat, you and your person must ruin in the belly of my this spirit beast.” The desolated main voice just fell, the surrounding illussion had the change, periphery that resplendent in gold and jade green main hall, turned into the flesh and blood all of a sudden, when they gain ground looks, discovered that the moonlight shines through. In other words, they now truly in a belly of spirit beast. Hateful, the compounded drug has the issue.” The elders in great Fengshan understood finally, the compounded drug has the issue, he understands why finally five elders are not willing to take the compounded drug. Right, the compounded drug has the issue, after taking this type of compounded drug, the soul will be towed, if no our antidotes, on that day within, your souls will thoroughly be swallowed, will turn when the time comes into the good-for-nothing, fights for me.” The desolated lord said loudly. Hateful, you are mean.” Elder angry shouting of great Fengshan. Mean? Now only then I can rescue your lives, so long as being obedient of your little darling, I can not kill you.” The desolated lord looked that said to these people. How we possibly obey your direction.” Elder angry shouting of great Fengshan. Lives and dies, only then a choice question, I want your lives to be useless, therefore you must complete the choice, do not elect mistakenly, otherwise I feared that you will regret for a lifetime.” The desolated lord said: Now I gave your first order to kill these people in day of Lingshan.” Anything!” Hears the desolated main words, great Fengshan long on shameless is startled immediately.

Kills them, you live, does not kill them, you die.” The desolated lord shouts loudly. Kills them?” The corners of the mouth of great Fengshan elder curl upwards slightly: You also underestimated us, if we were the people of fearing death, our these entrances had already ruined, since you said that we harmed to live for day, that used to do earth-shakingly your here to be good on this day.” Really refuses to be convinced until one is faced with grim reality.” Desolated advocates saying of coldly. Comes, one will have detoxifies for you artificially.” Five elders shout suddenly loudly. Hears the words of five elders, the people of other entrances run hurriedly to the position that five elders are. Snort, in the belly of my spirit beast, the gastric juice can kill you.” Desolated advocation cold snort, on the walls of surrounding these meat meat presented the water-drop same thing afterward directly. Defense!” The elders in great Fengshan shout loudly. Defense? I thought how you guard!” At this time periphery presented several thousand drops of acid liquor. Kill! As the desolated lord issues an order, these several thousand drops of acid liquor shot at them directly. Becoming! Becoming! Becoming! At this moment, Xia Tian drinks three continually. Afterward in the ground raised directly mighty waves layer upon layer.

Puff! Puff! Puff! These acid liquor attack on the light membrane time has not started any mighty waves. Formation! At this time the surrounding talented person looks to understand that originally the surroundings presented Formation, resisted the acid liquor attack a moment ago is these Formation, moreover at this time this Formation unexpectedly defended including the ground. „Is this Formation when arranges?” Elder surprised asking of great Fengshan. Whistling! Was good to catch up, I said the elder, can your next anger the dot, you delay time to be much good much.” Xia Tian very disgruntled saying. At this time the people of other entrances surprised looks to Xia Tian, his white clothing disciple unexpectedly dares to reprove the elder. This is not does. Volume!” Five elder awkward flexure of scratching the head: Has not controlled.” Saw five elders not only have not punished Xia Tian, but also presented this awkward facial expression, these people were more surprised, but also this Formation front this white clothing disciple arranges. The Xia Tian image all of a sudden became mysterious. Now what to do should we? Although we were safe temporarily, but must think that means run out of here.” secure looked that asked to Xia Tian. The people of surroundings these entrances were more surprised, secure scarlet disciple unexpectedly did not ask the elder, but asked Xia Tian.