Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1636

Served a meal? All people were all given the thunder by Xia Tian these words but actually. In the eye of Xia Tian, as if except for resting eats. What food opened, we now here, here air was sleepily getting more and more thin, what means did you have?” Five elders looked that asked to Xia Tian. Means? Has.” Xia Tian said directly. What means?” All people all looked with vision of anticipation to Xia Tian, They have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly has the means. It seems like this white clothing disciple is not simple. Five elders understand their disciple. Broke a hole not to exit.” Xia Tian very optional saying. „!” Hears the Xia Tian words, all people all is a heavy line of face. If can break, their using did not stand here, now main cannot break. We cannot break, therefore called your.” Five elders said. „, You cannot break.” Xia Tian looked that said to them. We had experimented a moment ago, the internal organs soft looks like cotton of this fellow, moreover invulnerable, the water and fire does not invade.” Five elders answered. Looks my.” Xia Tian stands up directly, afterward walks toward outside, sees the Xia Tian appearance, although some people do not believe that he can break, but also goes to have a look. They do not believe that is also right. The elders who after all links these two big entrances cannot break. A Xia Tian white clothing disciple can be useful. After Xia Tian arrived at outside, looked at internal organs of [gold/metal] toad, afterward shows a faint smile: Except for that two statues, does not have the thing that I cannot break.” Puff!

golden light flashes dodges. All people only saw golden light. Afterward the blood light four shoot. Puff! Also is together the golden light. Puff! Altogether four golden light flash through, afterward a gap of square appears in everybody's front. Broke. Xia Tian unexpectedly has broken this everybody's defense. Sees such situation person is incomparable surprised. What also looks at? Exits!” The Xia Tian body leaps, jumped directly. The desolated lord has been waiting for outside, he is drinking the expensive tea leaves, sits is waiting for there leisurely and carefree, he was waiting for inside person begs for mercy. Puff! ! But at this moment, he heard in [gold/metal] Chan the mouth to exude the pitiful yell sound suddenly. Afterward bulk flesh and blood fell from the belly position of [gold/metal] toad. What?” The desolated lord has stood directly. Afterward these people all jumped from [gold/metal] toad belly that gap, but [gold/metal] Chan is the body in ground different swaying back and forth. ! The pitiful yell sound sends out from the mouth of [gold/metal] toad.

How is this possible?” Desolated lord whole face inconceivable looks at front these people. ! Five elders have sounded praying for rescue model directly, this distress signal is, the people in nearby Rank 3 city and Rank 4 city that day Lingshan is in sole possession of noticed that this distress signal will catch up with the support. ! The elders in great Fengshan have also sounded the distress signal. ! Afterward these medium entrances and these small entrances have all sounded the distress signal. Suddenly these many entrances have sounded all of a sudden the distress signal, nearby Rank 3 city and Rank 4 city all moved, large quantities of Expert start to send out, moreover there is many city Wei Jun also to catch up to this position. Gold blade broken myriad things.” This is the Xia Tian criterion. No matter you defend multi- cow B, so long as you dare the hard anti- [gold/metal] Dao attack not to dodge, that can break your defense finally absolutely. [gold/metal] Dao is the Xia Tian strongest weapon. Naturally, immortal of his also damage, day cold sword. If he can the day cold sword repair of this damage, his overall strength also turn time. Actually do you how achieve?” The desolated lord to the present cannot believe that this is real, his spirit beast [gold/metal] Chan made very big effort to get so far as, he used [gold/metal] Chan fought, has almost not lost, but today, [gold/metal] toad unexpectedly had been broken the belly. Is impossible, unreasonable.” Saying that the desolated lord thought aloud. Snort, disciple who simultaneously intercepts these many entrances, I thought how you die!” Five elders look at the desolated lord angrily. Hateful, your unexpectedly dares to injure my [gold/metal] toad, I want you dead.” Desolated lord angry shouting. Meanwhile periphery presented over a hundred people, over a thousand people, over ten thousand people, entire desolated place all people all gather to here. Desolated place altogether 800,000 people, they completely obey my verbal command now, how I must have a look at you to avoid this tribulation actually today.” The desolated lord clenches teeth angry shouting. 800,000 people.

At this time Xia Tian their here altogether is less than 200 people, but opposite party unexpectedly has 800,000 people, moreover desolated place here person is the devil who some ferocious criminals and kill without batting an eye, the battle efficiencies of these people may not be low. Strives for 30 minutes to me.” Xia Tian looked that said to five elders and the others. Good.” Five elders nodded, afterward orders all people to protect Xia Tian in a low voice. Scene these Expert also understand that Xia Tian is a very mysterious person, today can they live must certainly look at Xia Tian, although they have sent out the distress signal, but distance here recent unit headquarters come the support to take 34 hours, these 34 hours are not good. Even if they are the elites and Expert in major schools, but impossible to have resisted 800,000 people with 200 people. This is the disparity in absolute digit, even if were person of spit can also be drown to death their these 200 people. Therefore they must count on Xia Tian. After all Xia Tian has created too many miracles before them. Gathers spirit! Xia Tian arranged one to gather fast spirit, afterward his both hands started to transform fast, this time, he must breakneck, otherwise he was impossible to live is leaving here. With spirit beast.” Five elders give a loud shout, the elders of major entrances have emitted afterward the spirit beast. Moreover these eight scarlet disciples of two big entrances have also emitted their spirit beast, in the scarlet disciples as for these medium schools altogether has several person having mystical powers beasts, other people do not have. The spirit beast is two cauldron above Expert can control, but is not all two cauldron above Expert having mystical powers beasts. After all wants to catch the spirit beast is very difficult matter, once you have signed the contract with this spirit beast, after that you can only seek for the race of this spirit beast to continue to sign the contract, cannot change. Otherwise the soul will encounter backlash. 30 minutes, even if dies, must insist.” Five elders give a loud shout, at once, their this 200 people of teams all have plenty of fight in one, the morale surges upward.