Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1637

30 minutes. Although five elders do not know that Xia Tian must do, but he knows that these 30 minutes should be the keys between life and death. His unconditional trust Xia Tian. Because Xia Tian arranged Rank 4 Formation. Moreover Xia Tian is the person who links him unable to completely understand. If here, only then he, he can definitely round trip free, nobody can block him, but he cannot walk, otherwise here these days spirit disciple remained to die without doubt. 30 minutes, Xia Tian do not disappoint us.” Five elder innermost feelings secretly thought. This time Xia Tian both hands fast striking ground, probably in lineup, probably is not. The spirit beasts of five elders is a crane, Manchurian crane Changming, flies the spirit beast. This is the rarest spirit beast. It is not all two cauldron Expert can obtain the spirit beast, because the spirit beast is very difficult to catch, moreover a bigger spirit beast is more difficult to control, therefore they will catch the spirit beast young son to train generally. Flies the spirit beast is rare. Because obtained a flight spirit beast quite therefore to have the maintaining life qualification of going forward or retreating depending upon circumstances, even if could not hit the escape not to have the issue absolutely, which match can also fly the sky to chase down you to be inadequate. ! Manchurian crane Changming, five elders jumped carrying on the back of Manchurian crane afterward directly, at the same time, five elders and Manchurian crane entered in the crowd directly. ! The spirit beast of great Fengshan elder is a cheetah, the speed swift and violent cheetah. Kill! The elders in great Fengshan also flushed.

Other people have not flushed, because they must protect Xia Tian. These two elders get rid to resist the impacts of surrounding these people. secure spirit beast is big, more than one zhang (3.33 m) high, its appearance flushes away to the front directly, the front one jumped the linear number ten people patted to fly by it directly. diamond! This is secure pet, the giant beast diamond. pill's spirit pet is the Fire Cloud rabbit! It seems is not big, but its function truly pill spirit hot attribute enhancement, making the pill spirit attribute obtain the addition. Fire wooden combustion! pill gives a loud shout spirit, big flame shoot to the surroundings, these Expert transport the element to resist in abundance. The fire spirit bird, gives on me. The jade gives a loud shout, her spirit favors is the fire spirit bird, the fire spirit bird after appearing, killed directly to the crowd of opposite party, the fire spirit bird seemed one group of flame is the same, hit maliciously on the bodies of these people. beautiful Dusha, the eye of death. zither Xiao the pet is the snake clan variation variety, beautiful Dusha. Hands down beautiful Dusha to have an eye, regardless of sees any thing, by truth, but the fact is not so, Xiao zither beautiful Dusha that formidable ear strength, its beautiful Dusha has not been earth attribute. By person who he attacks by grit gradually swallows. Also quite therefore finally turns into the stone. At this time on -the-spot these people may be the elder and super disciple of major entrances, their strengths strive to excel compared with these general Expert on many. Although the person of desolated place majority is ferocious, but they all are not Expert.

Therefore more than 200 people displayed the formidable strength at once. But they also understand that their strong trends for a while, this very intensive eruption, how long they could not continue, but at this time outside person was inexhaustible, even if were kills them to be lenient, they could not kill. Saves stamina.” Five elders have killed, he has at least killed more than 100 people. ! The elders in great Fengshan also came back, the person who he killed a moment ago not only does not compare five long whole families, but also are more than five elders, he has killed more than 300 people, his spirit favors is the cheetah, has very big superiority in the fight. Naturally, the cheetah may be never able to overtake flies in the heavenly spirit crane, therefore is unable to determine the strong and weak of spirit favoring from many of murder. War in continuing, on the Xia Tian forehead is the sweat. After ten minutes! At this time on -the-spot these people some people have been injured . Moreover the surrounding person has been away from them to be getting more and more near, even if no injured person also to pant. Such does not get down good, outside person will not stop the footsteps, the front person will be pushes also to be pushed, like this will have more than enough for 30 minutes we to be stamped.” Five elders deep frown. Elder, we attacks collectively, the hot attribute main attack, the metallicity sneak attack, the wooden attribute helps the fire, the water attribute broken guards, earth attribute defense.” The pill spirit start to talk said. Em, now also only remaining this means.” Five elders nodded, although this means will make their attacks be limited, but they better means that only have not been able now like this: Converging attack.” All people all stand starts the converging attack. Walls with flues for heating appear in the surrounding, the wall with flues for heating presents the time, has swallowed the front these people, these people dodge on nowhere radically, because they want to think that retreat cannot draw back, following person all escape routes blocking. Ha Ha Ha Ha, the death, gives me dead.” The desolated lord laughs loudly. Master, we were the time should leave.” These green clothes disciples open the mouth to say. Waits, does not worry, I must look at this good play again.” Desolated lord at this time very excited, although this time he discarded desolated place place, but he does not care. The person who he coerces these entrances to control them goes to the Rank 5 city to ask for leniency.

But looking back now, obviously cannot succeed. He before such does has thought the worst plan, the desolated place he cannot have a liking for in any case, that does not want. After 20 minutes, Xia Tian is the streaming with sweat. Surroundings these people are also the situation unusual is not good, besides five elders in elder and great Fengshan, the bodies of all people have all been injured, on secure also received several knife wounds. However is good not to have the deceased person, under nursing of two big elders, so long as some people could not insist that these people will be pulled back. Here is injured few is not secure this super Expert, but is the crown prince. The strength of crown prince made the people shock again, the people of other entrances simply soon were been surprised, why the white clothing disciples such monstruous talent on day Lingshan? First did not say Xia Tian this big monstruous talent. Solely was the crown prince has made them be speechless. The crown prince is three branches of the family Expert. Three species, in entire day Lingshan, only then Abao has, now on this crown prince unexpectedly also presented three species, sees such situation five elders is also somewhat surprised. Finally ten minutes. Insists that only took the final ten minutes.” Five elders shout loudly, this as if again increased the imposing manner of team. The surrounding person were but getting more and more . Moreover the person in surrounding already, no matter inside person, the strength of element everywhere horizontally flew.