Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1638

Outside person already, no matter these, they started to launch the undifferentiated attack, the element throws to the innermost. Person two people the strength of element is not anything. Inside these people are Expert, from the start does not care, but tens of thousands of [say / way] elements attack, they must care. Actually five elders have thought Xia Tian is arranging Formation, for example previous time Rank 4 Formation. But he does not know that actually that Rank 4 Formation is not Xia Tian arranges. But is the broken day arranges in that arrogance that Xia Tian within the body only saves. Now makes Xia Tian arrange Rank 4 Formation, Xia Tian definitely cannot achieve. But must arrange the Rank 3 Formation words, that cannot block the attacks of these people, outside these people were really too many, strength of the person of element, any Rank 3 Formation has broken, can only resist a meeting, moreover consumed stamina and spiritual energy. Therefore Xia Tian arrangement is also not Rank 3 Formation. Defense!” Five elders give a loud shout, all people start to defend together. They started to turn from the main attack have defended the condition. Now exited to attack absolutely did not have opportunity. Even if their speeds is quick, the movement is good, is impossible to avoid outside these undifferentiated attacks. Hateful, words that such gets down ended.” Five elders deep frown. Was the time should put together.” The elders in great Fengshan looked that said to five elders. Em!” Five elders nodded, afterward two forms directly flushed. Two cauldron Rank 8 deep meanings! The water deity takes possession! Two cauldron Rank 8 deep meanings!

The local land god takes possession! They used their adept cards in a hand, these two abilities could be said as their strongest cards in a hand, ultimate deep meaning that only then two cauldron Rank 8 can awaken. The flash their body had the huge change. Around the bodies of five elders has covered entirely the water element, his whole person as if turned into one group of water. The elder body of great Fengshan turned into golden light color earth. Bang! The bodies of five elders changed into a current of water to release to go to the surroundings directly directly. These water have formed the shape of waterfall. Continuously! This is the deep meaning that two cauldron Rank 8 can awaken, in not having water place stiffly used the current of water, moreover these current of water as if are going to form a river to be the same, periphery all will embezzle completely. Dirt wall! The elder body of great Fengshan changes into the thick dirt wall directly, dirt wall height more than one zhang (3.33 m), the dirt wall encircles to protect in the middle more than 200 people. Bang! The formidable current of water, all flushed to fly the surrounding enemy. Is the elders of two big entrances, the strength truly is worthily good.” The desolated lord in surrounding said: How long but can they insist?” The current of water that person who surroundings these clash instantaneously please hit washes out, although their large number of elderly persons, the strength of current of water is however big, the front person in surrounding sees presents one zhang (3.33 m) high current of water, starts to diverge to the surroundings. These eased the pressure of people. Whistling!

Elders in five elder and great Fengshan they have drawn back, at this time they all are pant, the complexion is somewhat pale, some big move of outcome big consumptions that thus it can be seen they used a moment ago. But the big move of these two truly blocks the step that 800,000 people went forward. Although has only blocked for several minutes, but also truly blocked. Quite fierce, is this two cauldron Rank 8 Expert strengths?” The people all are incomparable worships looks to them, after two cauldrons , to promote the strength is very difficult, although can enter the step two cauldrons is the super talents. But is the talent also needs opportunity and opportunity has the opportunity to break through Rank 1. Two cauldron Rank 8 only then in these big entrances old monsters have this strength. Worthily is the master, strength unexpectedly so formidable, is not having the water place also to form the so big current of water.” secure from the heart worships, although he is also Expert, but his Realm five elders are not high, moreover he succeeds arrived at Rank 8, definitely could not achieve five elder such formidable. The strengths of five elders discipline after many years. Master is established cauldron Rank 8 Expert, he to discipline this deep meaning does not know that has spent many painstaking care, can therefore have the so big might.” pill spirit is also saying of face admiration. „Are you good?” The elders in great Fengshan looked that asked to five elders. Nonsense, possibly not to be how good.” Five elders stared his one eyes. Good, pays my main attack, you assist.” The elders in great Fengshan have not cared. They were established two cauldron Rank 8 Expert, strength unusual formidable, their water and soil jointly attacked the unusual terrifying, looked like a moment ago, can defend one's own side not injured, but can also the enemy surrounding wash away, this also only then the water and soil jointly attacked to achieve. At this time these super students and other medium entrances, the elder of small entrance all anticipate looked to them. After all such opportunity is uncommon. In the serious famine, two cauldron Rank 8 Expert keep aloof, nobody dares to provoke them radically, therefore they usually little have the opportunity of fight, two people collaborate not more uncommon, at this time the elders in five elder and great Fengshan collaborate, they naturally must have a look to study. Kill! The person in surrounding has killed once more.

Elders after five elder and great Fengshan have looked at each other one, their bodies have shot directly. Two cauldron Rank 8 deep meanings. Water! Two cauldron Rank 8 deep meanings. earth! The water and soil jointly attacks, mud-rock flow! After they use the water and soil jointly attacks, ground becomes soft, the jointly attacking of water and earth, is the putty, half meter deep putty washes away these people directly completely, person who then surface these cannot see also front person living stamping. Has saying that during their abilities in this group fights to play very formidable role. Whistling! They have all drawn back, the ability that at this time they have not fought again, used the might so big style continuously twice, their consumptions were very big. However was good because of the mud-rock flow has killed the front few people, following person speed also slow. Snort, these two old fogies ended, did not have the strength, although died several thousand people, but anything does not calculate regarding this 800,000 teams that they died, we walked.” Desolated advocation cold snort, waved afterward, leading his subordinate to leave directly. Really, mud-rock flow might, although is big, but after there are few people died, the following person steps on the corpses of these people forward to clash. At this moment, the eye of Xia Tian opened. Shouted, the time was just good.”