Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1639

Hears the Xia Tian words, all people do not know why relaxed. Although everybody does not know why such believes Xia Tian. But is relaxing of cannot help but. Two big elders almost collapse here. Although two cauldron Rank 8 deep meanings are fierce, but the consumption is also very big. Becoming! Xia Tian both hands pinch, at the same time around his body starts to present the intense air current. Domain Formation. This is breaks Catholicism to give in his Formation most special one, because broken day not domain, therefore he cannot use domain Formation, but he actually firmly this Formation writing down. Happen to Xia Tian saw this Formation. Therefore the Xia Tian plan uses this domain Formation. Domain Formation uses unusual difficulty. Because needs the formidable Inner Strength support, if no small insect, he definitely is unable to complete, moreover this Formation needs the support of domain. spiritual energy, domain, technique, in addition strongest attribute. spiritual energy has the small insect supply, is enough \; The domain, is very scarce in the entire spirit world, is existence in legend, but the Xia Tian meeting, is enough \; The technique, has broken day super Rank 5 Formation master , he technique of meeting is the Ancient hand imprint, is enough \; The strongest attribute, the Xia Tian strongest attribute is the flame, black fire, if not the surroundings has 800,000 people, Xia Tian said that anything does not want to use the black fire, but he does not know this domain Formation might in a big way, therefore he can only put out the strongest skill, the black fire, is enough. Four types added to form domain Formation.

Bang! The formidable air current scatters in all directions to go, at the same time, the Xia Tian surrounding 50 meters have formed a vacuum region, on the enemy who these just approached this region the black fire, the black fire has been swallowing them instantaneously. Less than ten seconds, died over a thousand people. Black fire. Strongest flame. Flame that will never extinguish. This Formation has increased the Xia Tian domain, moreover in entire domain range, so long as has the enemy to dare to rush, that dies. Regardless of any people cannot shoulder the attack of black fire. The temperature of black fire has exceeded the imagination of person, even if the stone can light instantaneously, burning down is clean. Say nothing of person. At this time the front side space is black fire, regardless of comes in many people same, so long as the body moistens, whole person burnt does not remain the bone. Quite fierce, is this Formation? Can Formation of what rank be so fierce?” What that black is what thing? Is the flame? What flame can swallow the person instantaneously?” Was too inconceivable, what is this?” At this time around Xia Tian these people have all been shocked, although Xia Tian makes them insist for a half hour, but they cannot think that absolutely Xia Tian can cause such big stir, momentum unexpectedly that Xia Tian makes can such cause a stir. Stops to me, I do not want to kill you, this type of black fire will never be put out, regardless of comes many people dead, moreover your leader desolated hosts ran.” Xia Tian shouts loudly, if before will be he will not shout these words absolutely. Since that the sage who called Liu Zhi told after him these words, he really does not want to continue to kill these people. They are also ordered to Yu people, reason that does not have what bitter hatred with Xia Tian, Xia Tian kills them to protect oneself.

The person who these do not believe in evil doctrines also uses the element to protect the body to walk to inside, but they discovered that any element can be swallowed by the black flame instantaneously. Desolated lord ran really!” At this moment does not know was who shouted one. These person who flushed to inside all have also been anchoring their footsteps, at this time they discovered the front pitiful condition, anyone, so long as approached that region to die without doubt. I said again, I do not want to kill you, my black fire will never be put out, whoever approaches to die without doubt.” This Xia Tian sound reached in the ears of all people, these people in surrounding also saw inside situation. When they see the pitiful conditions of front these people, starts to scatter in all directions to run away directly. Rapidness that 800,000 people, come, goes also quick. A moment ago was only the flash, died the person here to be over more than 4000 people, this majorities were because wants to run away the person who actually could not escape, because behind all was the person, even if they want to run away unable to run away, but also after some people black fire, has bumped into others, the result was burnt down instantaneously. So long as stains the little, black fire will not cease. 30 minutes. At this time this less than 200 people of teams all relaxed. These 30 minutes they in vain had not really insisted that Xia Tian has not disappointed them, moreover by far has exceeded their imagination. Very strong.” The disciples of other entrances all by the Xia Tian strength deep shock. Snort!” Yuanyuan cold snort, although Xia Tian has rescued her life, but he will still not thank Xia Tian, because Xia Tian harmed miserably her, although was she asks pill to trouble obviously first spirit, but she was this disposition, allowing her to harm others, did not allow others to harm her. Interesting, this method strives to excel.” The crown prince excited looks at Xia Tian, he was really more and more is interested in Xia Tian. Very strong!” Tang three, although has not fought with Xia Tian, but before him, has thought one can defeat Xia Tian, but now looks like, the Xia Tian card in a hand was too simply formidable. That three black clothing disciples understand at this time finally why linked five elders to give the Xia Tian face. Why that several yellow clothes disciples also understood Xia Tian to dare with Abao to holding. The Xia Tian strength really to not having the words said.

secure and the others also all are incomparable worship Xia Tian. Looks at crowd disperse, five elders relaxed finally: Your boy.” Do not move heedlessly.” Saw that everybody must leave, Xia Tian shouts hurriedly. How?” secure asked. Do not bump the black flame, so long as stains little will directly burn down you, will never extinguish.” Xia Tian answered. Actually is this what flame?” pill spirit also controls the hot skilled person, but he has never heard the so terrifying flame. I go to extinguish the flame first, then we walk again, otherwise here ended.” Xia Tian does not think life Tu Tan. Puff! Xia Tian just took a time, a blood spouts from his mouth, afterward his whole person fell down directly. Xia Tian!” The people have fired into Xia Tian. I am all right, the blood were too many, spurts two.” Puff! The Xia Tian words have not said that is also a blood spouts. Let alone the words, I carried you to walk, no matter we this.” secure anxious saying, he no matter here is life Tu Tan. „It is not good, although I to maintain life with it, but I do not hope it ruins here.” Xia Tian vision firm saying. At this moment, five elders looked that the Xia Tian look changed, he as if saw a form on the body of Xia Tian.