Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1640

Saw Xia Tian to treasure the life the appearance, the fifth child has thought that form, that great form, that once let them the person who was worth depending upon, what a pity that person afterward had been missing, everybody does not know where he went. That person is also surnamed Xia, but vanished for more than 200 years, he does not think that between Xia Tian and that people have anything to relate. That person is a day of spirit Boss. Life! Present Xia Tian values the life. Although he also kills people. But homicide person to protect oneself and own family member friend. He believes that if these people clash, that this 800,000 will be swallowed by the black fire finally, a person cannot live, but he does not have to do, moreover now he cannot, whatever the black fire is continuing getting down. secure, holds my.” Xia Tian clenches teeth difficult saying. secure nodded, he respects Xia Tian, words that therefore Xia Tian spoke, he will listen, he will do, at this time he helped up Xia Tian to move toward the surrounding these black flame directly, although black flame, only then yellow pisolite that big or medium, but nobody dares to despise these black flame. Because a yellow pisolite size can burn down a person instantaneously. Air current! The Xia Tian left hand stretches out, difficult scattered to gather in together, then the left hand these in the surrounding black fire directly reached the black fire, when everybody noticed that Xia Tian must move the black fire with the hand hung at heart. They noticed a moment ago the black fire is actually overbearing. Swallow!

Puff! One group of black fires vanish in the Xia Tian control directly, afterward Xia Tian also directly fainted. Xia Tian!” Sees Xia Tian to faint, all people ran to him. Five elders have inspected hurriedly, afterward relaxed: He is all right, was body was too weak, possibly escapes the strength.” Hears the words of five elders, people relaxed. Escapes the strength! Heaven Grade later Expert almost little has this situation, most is also spiritual energy exhausts, but Xia Tian unexpectedly escaped the strength, thus it can be seen, the Xia Tian present situation is not absolutely good. Has remembered to me, today's matter no one can the to divulge to an outsider, even if most own person is not good, who dares to pass on, my day spirit fifth child ends of the earth will chase down him.” Five elder vision ice-cold looks to everyone on the scene, the disciple including day Lingshan, this is protecting Xia Tian, after all the Xia Tian talent was really too fearful. Whiz whiz whiz! Dozens forms entered here. Everybody is the friends of major entrances, we are the Rank 3 city come the support.” Expert said that has to say these Expert go all out really very much, less than one hour killed, initially Xia Tian they also three hours. neutralize.” Five elders said. I saw many people a moment ago, was not they will encircle you.” That Expert asked. 800,000 people besiege us, the desolated place should reorganize, this time we saw that sounds of nature City Lord will reflect this matter.” Five elders remember this time matter to think depressed, their unexpectedly was besieged by 800,000 people, that is 800,000 people, although most people have not possibly arrived including Heaven Grade, but this digit is very scary.

800,000 people, you.” First let alone, has helped to escort the front Rank 4 city us, we one by one are wounded now, the condition is not good, needs quickly therapy.” Five elders open the mouth to say. „, Good!” These people noticed that five elders do not want to say that they are also tactful had not asked. secure, you look for a sedan chair.” Five elders order to say. My this goes.” secure said. Hears the words of five elders, these people also think that five elders must keep up appearances, like this must ride the sedan chair, but thinks also right, approaches the five elder their bodies of also to have the wound. Before long secure ran. Five elders held the sedan chair Xia Tian directly, around this these came the person of support to be surprised, they also think a moment ago five elders wanted to sit, but now five elder unexpectedly a white clothing disciple holding. This is any situation. secure, our two is lifting.” Five elders said that five elder unexpectedly must give Xia Tian to carry a sedan chair personally. This all people have all opened the mouth. Master, I come.” pill said spirit. Elder, I come.” A yellow clothes disciple ran hurriedly, he has seen Xia Tian and Abao's such Expert to holding, he quite worshipped Xia Tian, now saw that Xia Tian to save them is injured, he naturally cannot sit by and do nothing, five elders after all are the elders in day Lingshan, although his being impartial in administering rewards and punishments touches these disciples, but he does not hope that five elders lost face. Em!” Five elder nods of slightly.

Afterward that yellow clothes disciple and secure have lifted the sedan chair, the person who afterward they, support together were getting more and more, but they were also sent, quick, these people bump into Expert that the Rank 4 city has caught up with support, therefore the people in these Rank 3 cities all withdrew. When knew that five elders they were besieged by 800,000 people, the people in Rank 4 city are also very annoyed, because they always some people died in the desolated region recently, they have also reported this matter to above, because temporarily the entrance big ratio and exorcisms convention of congress, therefore sounds of nature City Lord does not have time control these matters. However this time heard the elder and disciples who these many entrances were besieged, these people probably must unable to control the appearance, the anger has come up, finally they decided when the time comes impeaches the desolated region with the disciples of major entrances together, thoroughly eradicates this virus. Xia Tian rested for day a night to wake, after waking, he soon collapsed, he felt that he was a sickly person, arranged Rank 4 Formation backlash just now just, now unexpectedly has bumped into such situation. Paternal grandmother, backlash unexpectedly of black fire is so big, is good because of this time does not have the sorrow of life.” Xia Tian still remembers that previous time uses the black fire almost to have the sorrow of life. „Were you all right? You always such like showing off power.” Saying that Xiao zither worries about. Zhao Yushu is also looks at Xia Tian that a face worries. Was good, was good, I was all right.” Xia Tian helpless saying. You exit first, my a little matter wants to ask Xia Tian.” Five elders looked at people to say. Yes, Master!” Several scarlet disciples led them to exit. In this time room only remaining Xia Tian and five elders. First explained that asked too I do not reply.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say directly. „Did you know person who is called Xia Yun.” Five elder faces anticipate looked that asked to Xia Tian.