Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1641

Xia Yun?” Xia Tian has opened the mouth. Right, is Xia Yun.” Five elder faces anticipate looks to Xia Tian. Did not know.” Xia Tian tranquil saying. „, Did not know exaggeration that you said does do, entire I one's blood bubbles up to the brim.” Five elders noticed a moment ago Xia Tian that exaggeration the expression also thinks the Xia Tian understanding, Xia Tian said finally did not know. Truly did not know.” Xia Tian said. „Does your ancestor have to call this name?” Five elders asked again. My father is called Xia Tianlong, my grandfather called Emperor Jie, as for Xia Yun, has not listened.” Xia Tian shook the head. It seems like was I wants to be many, you rested well, we must treat for several days in this Rank 4 city, I must visit here old friend.” Five elders said that left the Xia Tian room. In Xia Tian knowledge sea. „The day spirit second child, who Xia is Yun?” Xia Tian asked. Is day spirit Boss in your mouth.” Day spirit second child ill-humored saying, how Xia Tian said that is also his Junior, all day such day spirit second child's name he, this also really makes him not be familiar with. „? Is he very fierce? Said this person to me.” The Xia Tian a little interest, after all this person was also surnamed Xia, perhaps before 1000, was one.

Boss is a legend, although I have said my talent is very high, but compares me also directly to admit defeat with the Boss, why we had not gone to the main shrine in the past, only made him go to the reason of main shrine.” The day spirit second child said. Including the person who you such extremely arrogant people automatically admit defeat, that truly is very fierce.” Xia Tian nodded. You, if taunted me again, I do not say.” The day spirit second child said. Well good, you continue, I do not say.” Xia Tian is greeting with a smile. Boss not only strength, but also the moral behavior is extremely good, this is also several of us takes his reason, his all things advocate to peace is precious, does not kill is his pet phrase, generally speaking he little kills people, at least I have not seen the homicide to be excellent, even if the person who these demons teach, he also waste goes to Martial Arts.” The day spirit second child said. unexpectedly also has such odd person.” Xia Tian also thought that very interesting, unexpectedly will have such person, does not kill people, enemy anything. He is very good to everyone, is also very good to us, because has his existence, therefore at that time we seven not any contradictions, although I vie for supremacy to try to outdo others, but I also understand, so long as there is an Boss, I will not go with their several struggle anything.” The day spirit second child also acknowledged one truly like viing for supremacy to fight the victory, for this reason, therefore he among relations with several other brothers is not very good. Also only then his such person can suppress you.” Xia Tian nodded. Boss' talent is high, he is single attribute, the wooden attribute, several of us are the double attributes, only then his wooden attribute, but he actually displayed the limit the wooden attribute, he used the wooden attribute time was all of us envies, you also saw the fifth child are two cauldron Rank 8 Expert, actually this point cannot be surprising, because our seven in the past were two cauldron Rank 8, crossed for 200 years, was two cauldron Rank 8.” The day spirit second child said. What?” Hears here time, Xia Tian is surprised, haven't 200 years broken through? This is unlikely, if two cauldron Rank 9 breakthrough tripods, 200 years cannot break through to be reasonable, but two cauldron Rank 8 broke through two cauldrons nine to use for 200 years, this little was inconceivable.

Because this is old Confucianism our methods, you should notice that fifth child's two cauldron Rank 8 deep meanings had much, actually the normal two cauldron Rank 8 Expert deep meanings linked he 1/10 might unable to display, why we do not break through, but two cauldron Rank 9 reasons, even if we broke through two cauldron Rank 9, was very difficult to break through the tripod, the tripod was a threshold, if did not have what big opportunity, was the breakthrough does not pass, therefore between two cauldron Rank 8 and two cauldron Rank 9 we have chosen two cauldron Rank 8.” The day spirit second child answered. „Can you treat for a lifetime in two cauldron Rank 8 the Realm?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Reason that naturally not, we stable two cauldron Rank 8, solely to not let the deep meaning were stronger, moreover to break through tripod, we are to belong now are laying the ground, when the ground hit steadily, can exceed the tripod, this was a shortcut, was the Boss tells us.” The day spirit second child said. Words that you spoke, the day spirit Boss also truly is unusual extraordinary figure.” Xia Tian also has to admire the day spirit Boss. My more curious issue, where day Lingshan your did these elders go to?” Xia Tian does not believe day Lingshan strength strongest was these people. „The elders in day Lingshan either went to the place outside serious famine, either died, after your this generation of some can replace Shan Zhu the position, their several old fogies will also think the means breakthrough tripod, they will leave when the time comes the serious famine, after all serious famine here has limited their development, although here also has the opportunity, but wish made the person break through the opportunity of tripod to be too few.” The day spirit second child said. Originally is this.” Xia Tian nodded. Em, but the back side of the mountain of day Lingshan also pass confinement, there should be desolated, because the third child frequently was closed there in the past, therefore he after the gate main definitely will cancel shutting tightly of back side of the mountain, there environment is bad, not suitable cultivation, there pass confinement is a very painful matter.” The day spirit second child answered. In other words, some there people will not go generally right?” Xia Tian asked. Em!” The day spirit second child nodded. This Xia Tian understood, this place he likes, if later encounters any danger, or his Pill Refining refiner fear causes the stir, that went to the back side of the mountain to be good, in any case back side of the mountain also nobody, some people will not go.

Xia Tian has rested one day later, he could not lie down finally, although his internal injury was very serious, but he is not really willing to continue to lie down. „Can you exit?” Hears the Xia Tian words, secure and the others all stare, because Xia Tian walks now is a little not convenient. Em! Isn't here the Rank 4 city? What I have not looked at Rank 4 city, therefore I want to take a look.” Xia Tian nodded, he has many spirit stone in any case, can look wash some treasure here. Good, we together go with you.” Xiao zither and the others said. secure accompanied me to be good, your several women also well strolled, the interest hobby of our man and woman was different, does not stroll to go together, you accompanied me definitely is very bored.” Xia Tian said. ! The Xia Tian gate was shoved open. Xia Tian, I want to challenge to you.”