Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1644

When pill spiritual energy must begin. One team of city Wei Jun walked. Who can begin? I heard the person who big entrance does bully the person here? Who was bullied?” The person of city Wei Jun lead comes up to say directly. Has saying that his performing skill was too bad. Comes up to reveal him on the county with these people are one group. Is they, was their several moment ago bullied us, they depended themselves are the disciple of big entrance must hit us, if were not we hides quickly, now has been injured.” That female said directly. pill spirit right now was looks to understand. These people clarify are planning them. Although here does not let begin, the hat that but they will begin directly first buckles in pill spirit and the others the bodies, this they were begin also to have the reason, moreover city Wei Jun here, if pill worked their several revolts, that will also put the blame on victim by them. On has the policy, below has countermeasure. For City Lord did not make the aristocratic family juniors come out to bully the person to decide many customs, means that but these aristocratic family juniors have also found out dealing. Snort, is you, no matter I you are the disciples of any big entrance, here is the Rank 4 city, here begins, is the same crime, now hands over your weapons to follow us, if revolts, do not blame us not being impolite.” The city Wei Jun leader said. pill knows spirit these people must lead then to besiege them them to a nobody's place. Finally decides a charge to them again, like this they won also wanted secondary processing pill to work their several, if lost has been able to issue a warrant for arrest pill to work directly their several, said that pill worked they to resist the law enforcement. Has saying that this move is very poisonous.

pill spirits their four definitely not to lose, the key is, pill worked their four to win will have made lots of trouble. When pill knits the brows spirit, the black form has crashed in opposite party that several people of middle together directly. I hit!” The incisive sound appears together, afterward that several aristocratic family juniors by him were knocked down instantaneously. What person? unexpectedly dares to attack the aristocratic family juniors, grasps to me.” These city Wei Jun have fired into black-clothed person directly. But their strength and black-clothed person strength differed was too big, but round completely was knocked down, saw such scene, that city Wei Jun leader has sounded the distress signal directly, saw that nearby this signal all city Wei Jun and Expert will catch up. I hit.” That black-clothed person has fired into the front of that city health/guard armed forces leader afterward directly, a fist him knocks down. Afterward he still maliciously trampled several feet to leave on the body of that several aristocratic family juniors. Volume!” Saw that this sudden black-clothed person fired off the person to walk, the pill spirit several people were a heavy line of face, that form also was too a moment ago familiar, although has changed the clothes, but their eyes recognized. Is secure. Hee hee, this definitely is the idea of Xia Tian.” The jade titter was saying. Em, cannot find out such idea by secure disposition absolutely.” pill understands secure spirit, if secure own idea, secure will directly flush absolutely to hit, which will also change any clothes. Vanished!” At this moment, Xiao zither said suddenly. Hears Xiao zither words, several people look to that position that they noticed a moment ago obviously secure ran to that direction, how to vanish suddenly. Vanished.” pill also looked spirit, has not discovered secure.

At this moment some large quantities of city Wei Jun and Expert have caught up. What's the matter?” A famous city Wei Jun Advanced leader asked. They, were they begin to hit us.” Shouting of aristocratic family juniors whole face blood. Is the hand that you move?” That famous city Wei Jun Advanced leader looked that asked to pill spirit. Your in any case is also Expert, you had not discovered that we hadn't moved? Moreover do you have a look on several of us to have spiritual energy to fluctuate?” pill asked spirit. Hears the pill spirit words, that city Wei Jun Advanced leader nodded. Truly so, pill spirit several people of any spiritual energy fluctuations, in other words they a moment ago definitely had not gotten rid, afterward his coldly looks to that aristocratic family juniors: If you dare to speak at a venture again, that do not blame me not being impolite, is who hits?” That aristocratic family juniors have also feared, at this time because leads, but Advanced leader, he cannot offend: Who hits? Probably is black-clothed person, what was long I not to see clearly.” Who hits?” The Advanced leader looked that watches the fun the person who to ask to surroundings these. Is black-clothed person, that black-clothed person suddenly appears, then gave to hit them, had nothing to do with these women.” The person who surroundings these watch the fun may, no matter speaks at a venture, because they know that lies with the city Wei Jun Advanced leader must pay the price. „Were you in front of my to be unfair to others a moment ago?” That famous city Wei Jun Advanced leader looked that asked to that aristocratic family juniors. I. I.” That aristocratic family juniors want to explain anything. Leads to me him, the stick responsibility 50, cannot therapy, other people bring therapy, the entire journey arrests black-clothed person.” That famous city Wei Jun Advanced leader shouts loudly. Yes!” All city health/guard armed forces scatter in all directions to go.

matter was embarrassed, several can walk.” That famous city Wei Jun Advanced leader looked that said to pill spirit. Also calculates that you is a person of impartial law enforcement.” pill said spirit turns the head to walk directly. In dark corner: First is leaving whipping, when they walked.” Em.” secure moves now does not dare to move. He has not thought that Xia Tian also had such mysterious method, the unexpectedly stealth, he has not understood a moment ago Xia Tian was any meaning, when he rushed to here, he was held by Xia Tian suddenly, just started him also to plan to revolt, looked that was Xia Tian gave up the revolt, stood with Xia Tian there is motionless. Master, what skill are you? Teaches me, after me, can go to the female bathhouse.” secure very evil saying. Could not teach, inherent.” Xia Tian to uphold justice, safeguards world peace, planned that did not teach secure. Within a half hour, the person were exposed, secure received in exchange that clothes, they returned to residence directly, just returned to residence, they by four females blocking, Xia Tian said one are uncomfortable, left directly, but secure had no reason to leave, was worked they to stop up by pill directly in the corner: Said that black-clothed person is you?” black-clothed person? What black-clothed person? Don't I know?” secure said directly that he mixes a truth that the time grew understanding with Xia Tian, that was something cannot tell anybody. Doesn't incur is?. Hey.” Returned to Xia Tian in room to put out the small sword directly. Finally can start.”