Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1645

Xia Tian took the treasure wrister of left hand, afterward also took down the small sword. Sword spirits, I must prepare a new Su body for you, do not revolt, that Su body is treasure, is more suitable you.” No matter Xia Tian also the sword does hear spirit, opens the mouth to say directly that afterward he uses Spiritual Force to wrap the small sword directly on, he now also only then Spiritual Force is not weak, is good does not need spiritual energy anything because of the motion sword spirit, only needed the formidable Spiritual Force hauling to be OK. Otherwise Xia Tian could not have completed this set of working procedure. The day spirit second child has been unalarmed by strange sights, Xia Tian can make the matter that keeps him from believing every day, therefore regardless of now Xia Tian makes anything, he thought normally. The sword has not resisted smart, follows the thought of Xia Tian to go out of the main body of small sword directly, when Xia Tian pours into the sword to treasure in spirit. Bang! Treasure suddenly presents the intense tricolor ray. The sword has made smart also a happy sound. Here should be the stage that it displays. Before placed in it that small sword seems like closed is the same in the prison, it will think unusual was uncomfortable, but enters to Xia Tian treasure inside after now, it thought that was perfect. Because it is treasure spirits, should treat in treasure. Became. All as if are successful are the same, Xia Tian has only made a hauling. Xia Tian discovered after wrister injector spirit, the strength of wrister has stiffened all of a sudden, moreover discovered that has the spirit, he has not needed to control the wrister, so long as at this time he casual thinks that the wrister can play the might automatically. This wrister can display the part finally the might.” Xia Tian incomparably excited saying. Although his wrister is the treasure rank, but this wrister cannot display the treasure rank now the might, after waiting for Xia Tian in several other element bead crustifications, will send out the strongest might. On the present wrister, there is a wood, the earth, two species beads, although the air current abacus calculation is the third type, but the air/Qi mercury is only the auxiliary bead, truly what Xia Tian wants the collection to be uneven is [gold/metal] Mushui fire clay five lines of beads.

After will pour into to treasure in spirit, Xia Tian walked. At this time outside has many people. Xia Tian heard their quarrel a moment ago. Was these person looks for the gathering place by secure has hit, the elder and elite of juniors their family came, to beg a view. Today the people of these big entrances do not give us a view the words, we do not walk.” The juniors of these families shout. What view do you want?” Behind Xia Tian walked to walk slowly. Saw Xia Tian to come out, secure and the others resigned a channel. „A white clothing disciple, dares to speak, do you match? Share that here some you spoke?” Very the opposite party disdains has sized up Xia Tian one, in their eyes only then the scarlet disciple can be coordinated with them. Xia Tian has not spoken, the left hand extends forward. All people do not understand that he must do. Technique of Third Layer deep meanings eight Qi. Seizes dragon! Left hand of Xia Tian one curved, the neck of that person directly fell in the hand of Xia Tian, saw that such aspect all people were all shocked, this was any situation, a Xia Tian unexpectedly curved finger, that family juniors oneself flew, moreover did not have any revolt. ! When all person gods, a clear palm of the hand sound transmits. „, Now do I match?” Xia Tian coughed lightly two, his physique is quite weak.

What technique of Third Layer deep meanings eight Qi look is Spiritual Force, but is not the meat stamina quantity, otherwise Xia Tian really could not have used now, Xia Tian Spiritual Force also wants formidable compared with common two cauldron Expert, therefore this move deals with a person of cauldron ninety percent sure. That person at this time panic-stricken of face. Lets loose him quickly.” The surrounding person then responded, angry looked to Xia Tian. Listened to me, the people in our day Lingshan arrived at your Rank 4 city come the guest, you were the masters, but the appearance of your a little master? Finds fault on own initiative, joint city Wei Jun wants to bully the disciple in our day Lingshan, now unexpectedly also has a face to walk, you think really our day Lingshan had feared you are inadequate? If you want to hit, we momentarily accompany, but we have a custom, either does not hit, either signs the life and death contract to go to the arena to hit, you are not look for trouble? Who comes?” Xia Tian vision ice-cold looks to front these people. At this time opposite these family juniors all by the Xia Tian words shaking. Has.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout suddenly, this drank to frighten the opposite these people to jump greatly. ! This also gives Xia Tian to bring not the small burden, he coughs to bleed directly. At this time opposite these family juniors surprised, the Xia Tian body has the wound, but this white clothing disciple unexpectedly can in having the wound situation so relaxed trigs that family juniors. This has made very deep impression on them. I asked again, had to dare to stand?” Xia Tian looks once more to the opposite these people. Scene still very peaceful, spoke without any person. Since does not dare, that T. M leave to me, I look up three integers, does not roll, we begin.” The words that Xia Tian spoke are coarse . Moreover the unusual violence, he understands, son of the influential who copes with these respected families, you are weak he to be strong, the more weakness that you display, his exceed bullies you, you want to settle a quarrel and make peace with the parties involved, he must enlarge the matter. But in turn, your he is weak, they are afraid of getting into trouble. Now these people by the Xia Tian imposing manner shaking. One!

When Xia Tian looks up one, he directly that person in hand throwing. ! Xia Tian coughed once more. Three! Volume!” Hears Xia Tian not to look up two, looks up three directly. These respected family juniors and elders were also shocked. Begins!” Xia Tian shouts directly, hears Xia Tian to shout begins, secure and the others flush away to the opposite directly. Stops, we walk, we walk.” An elder hurried start to talk of family said. They looked, Xia Tian this line are not truly affable, therefore they can only acknowledge that the punishment is deserved, otherwise Xia Tian they began, that suffers a loss absolutely is their this group of people. Their are many, the strength does not have disciple of day Lingshan, moreover they visit to find fault, even if were hit, City Lord definitely will not respond their. secure and the others all stopped. Snort, you are waiting to me.” That respected family juniors cold snort one is said by Xia Tian has hit a moment ago, he is these person of inside lead goats, strength cauldron Rank 8, was considered as on is very strong, but he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly hit his face, making him lose completely the face. Is waiting?” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting: secure, closes to me.”