Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1646

Bang! The Xia Tian words just said that secure on general's family directly closing. Sees Xia Tian their this actions, the elder disaffection of these family juniors and, long has picked honest: Your what meanings?” Also asked that my anything meaning, I do not like, since you also want to find fault, then solved on the present.” Xia Tian most understands these people, you do not hit to take them, they will retaliate you. Moreover now hits certainly be little more troublesome than later dozen, because these people on own initiative visit to cause trouble now, Xia Tian they occupy the principle. But if will hit from now on, that not necessarily is who occupied manages. In occupying the situation of principle, Xia Tian they have hit, these people also can only suffer loss without redress. Snort, you think that we did fear you really?” Before that the person had not already been feeling well by Xia Tian has hit, but a moment ago these people by Xia Tian shaking, therefore he does not have the opportunity. Now Xia Tian has caused the disaffection of here many person aggressively, therefore he has aimed at Xia Tian the spear point directly once more. Idle talk are really many.” The Xia Tian sound just fell. Afterward the under feet of these people start to present the splinter, the person who several dodge is injured directly. Sets on fire to me.” Xia Tian shouts loudly. Saw that Xia Tian unexpectedly can also display the so formidable wood in severely wounded situation is the strength, secure and the others very surprised, but hears Xia Tian said sets on fire, they are also start to set on fire. These people looked that Xia Tian begins, starts to defend hurriedly. Small spirits, does not want parsimonious spirit stone, puts the blockhead to me, the more better.” Xia Tian is not controls the treasure wrister now, but is the spirit is controlling, the spirit supplies spiritual energy with spirit stone, afterward uses the wooden element continuously. Has saying that spirit treasure is genuine treasure. Usual Spirit Tool needs Xia Tian to control, moreover needs own spiritual energy supply.

However had spirit treasure to absorb spiritual energy in spirit stone, then continuous emanation attack, although this consumed spirit stone very much, but Xia Tian difference that spirit stone? Expert of what rank is this?” At this time the opposite these people have hoodwinked, everywhere is the attacks of wooden element, continuously, they have not seen such terrifying match. pill spirit and the others also all hoodwinked, wasn't Xia Tian the severe wound? How can also display so terrifying wooden element attack. Bang! However their flame started to burn at this time. The wood and fire coordination, in the courtyard have ignited the flaming fire immediately. These people were all surrounded in the middle. Water element, fights fire to me.” These person of anxious shouting. Meanwhile, dozens individuals release the water element together. „To fight fire? The father has boiled you.” Xia Tian said that in his wrist|skill spirit launched the earth element attack. The earth element encircled these people instantaneously in the middle, but water element that they released also by dirt wall surrounding. At once, they directly by own water element flooding. Flaming fire combustion. The dirt wall that the earth element forms probably is a cauldron is the same, inside these people at this time by cauldron boiling, the water temperature in unceasing elevation, outside flame is getting bigger and bigger, Xia Tian regards the wooden element is the fuel same has burnt. Heat, was too hot, attacks this dirt wall to me, otherwise we must be boiled thoroughly.” Inside person anxious shouting. Inside person started crazy attack the earth element. But will Xia Tian give them this opportunity?

Spirit continuous reinforces the dirt wall. The temperature is still elevating. Ah! Ah! Ah! Pitiful yell sound continuously. When the sons of the influential and elders of these respected families saw such weaponry, Xia Tian this had understood really wanted while still alive used the boiling water to boil them, their strengths were good, was impossible to resist such strong high temperature. Master, can give to boil thoroughly them.” secure has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly used such means. They do not beg for mercy, boiled thoroughly them has fed the dog.” Xia Tian said intentionally loudly. Inside person hears the Xia Tian words, started to beg for mercy immediately. We have made a mistake, asking you to forgive us.” We do not dare, your Sir did not cross the villain, has forgiven us.” Asked you, otherwise we will die.” Inside begging for mercy sound unceasing transmitting. Remove! Xia Tian gives a loud shout, several people also call a halt, at the same time that close dirt wall disintegrates directly, the boiling water scatters in all directions to go, inside person all jumped, which at this time these people have the style of respected family juniors, changes beyond all recognition, is from top to bottom red. Obviously was boiled by the hot water. The flame is put out gradually, water used element temperature decrease that these people keep. Also made me wait?” Xia Tian looked before that person who stirs up trouble.

Does not let, does not let.” A that person of face panic-stricken looks at Xia Tian, at this time he did not have the beforehand manner again, clothes were boiled till mushy, the body also everywhere was the wound, many place edema, the hair was dishevelled, both eyes were red. Has feared, this time he has feared Xia Tian. That leave to me.” Xia Tian said loudly that hears the Xia Tian words, which these people also dare to stay, outside shapes runs. At this time pill spirit and the others is a face strange looks at Xia Tian, they discovered that since fights after Xia Tian together, many wars became with ease can neutralize, like today's these people, although their strengths not extremely in formidable, but their are many, moreover pill spirit and the others do not dare to kill people absolutely, therefore when the time comes also feared the hand to fear the foot. Perhaps once hits not to take any advantage. But Xia Tian unexpectedly has thought this means that form four square shapes with the earth element the cauldron, then gets angry with wooden element in addition Yuan unglazed pottery cauldron, inside person like this was boiled, moreover his wooden element and earth element probably were continuously. The flame can continue to burn in a place, reinforcement that earth element also keeping, therefore inside person is the attack cannot break, can only worry dry. Whiz! The form fell on the front of people together. Well, here how roasts the pig wool the flavor, your picnic?” Five elders fell on the front of people said. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” Hears the words of five elders, people have all smiled. You smile anything, prepares, tonight City Lord invites us, tomorrow we will walk.” Five elders do not understand that the people smile anything here, when he turns the head to look to Xia Tian is actually the complexion changes: Xia Tian, your face how?”