Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1647

Hears the words of five elders, people look to Xia Tian. This time Xia Tian face is red. „Are you all right?” Xiao zither worries looks to Xia Tian. I am all right.” Xia Tian nodded, causes to affix the imperial seal bangle, although has the spirit control, but his body some do not adapt, after all he needs with carry on the communication spirit. , The Xia Tian complexion returns to gradually normal. Xia Tian, are you several species?” Endured half-day pill to ask this question spirit finally. One type, hot attribute.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Hears the Xia Tian words, shaking the head that the people keep, said that Xia Tian is species, kills them not to believe that but Xia Tian, since does not want to say that they do not have any means. Xia Tian was really too mysterious, made them think mystically, regardless on Xia Tian what happened being insufficient to make them surprised. Is all right well, your several tidy up, in the evening we in the past.” Five elder injunctions said. Your monster.” pill said spirit went back to own room. Truly is a monster.” The jade looked at Xia Tian one also to walk. We tidy up first.” Xiao zither and Zhao Yushu also all left. Night. Five elders led them to go to City Lord Mansion, other these entrances also went, they saw when people in day Lingshan went forward to greet.

Everyone saw Xia Tian time also slightly signals by nodding. The City Lord banquet hall is very big, today arrived here person is in this Rank 4 city celebrities, the person of respected family, this large-scale banquet to entertain the people of these entrances. At this time here 200-300 people, these people in all directions were talking in this banquet hall. Elders in five elder and side great Fengshan many people are also exchanging with them, side the elder of that several medium entrance also gathered many people, but around the elders of these small entrances appeared quite lonely. This is the reality. You are the big entrance, everybody naturally is willing to entertain you, you are the small entrance, that all people all do not like responding you. Side secure their these scarlet disciples also gathered many people, but also merely is some scarlet disciple people of big entrance comes the conversation, as for the yellow clothes disciple and black clothing disciple and so on, that nobody responded. But the scarlet disciples of these medium entrances do not have what good treatment. However everybody has been used to this treatment, has not said anything. City Lord came.” At this moment some people shout. The vision of all people all centralized on stage. Wore the man of sky blue long gown to walk from behind, this man seemed the sansishi-year-old appearance, naturally, his physical age will not have been lower than 200 years old absolutely. He is a typical country character face, seems very dignified, one type does not get angry to the person from the feeling of prestige. Saw City Lord to come, the scene was peaceful immediately.

Today I hold this banquet to entertain the elites from major entrances, they are our honored guests, therefore everybody must entertain well, naturally, the elite juniors of these big entrances are some super talents, is deeper the true line of much entrance, you have the issue on any cultivation to ask them to discuss the discussion.” City Lord expression light saying. Many thanks does obeisance City Lord.” Five elders said. Five elders were polite, I heard the first talent Abao who your entrance is going to go out, does not know that this time has?” City Lord asked directly. Abao's reputation is resounding, he not only becomes famous in day Lingshan, knows him in some outside also many Expert. Abao this time was sent to make mission, therefore he has not come.” Five elders said. That has been a pity, I also want to see this super talent.” Saying that City Lord regrets. Since does obeisance City Lord to see him, that he came back me certainly to convey his, making him come to visit to visit personally.” Five elder smalltalk. Good, I also just want to become friends with super talent in the Abao this legend.” City Lord nodded. Afterward he looked at to the great Fengshan elder once more. Seven elders, won't your jade Xiao young master have come?” Jade Xiao is still closing up, naturally cannot come, moreover entrance greatly compared with general ratio is the Pill Refining refiner and so on, the jade Xiao he does not understand these.” The elders in great Fengshan answered. „The scarlet disciples who that i.e. this time comes are skilled in the [say / way] of Pill Refining refiner?” The City Lord brow selects, asked directly. Em, the present entrance only competes Pill Refining compared with the scarlet disciple greatly, the refiner and Formation these three types, this can also avoid injuring friendly.” The elders in great Fengshan said. In our these city did not have these anything to compare greatly, heard greatly compared with the reward was also very rich . Moreover the entrance that this time won finally can also become probably this time exorcisms commanding of congress.” City Lord said.

Does obeisance City Lord, what do I hear in the Rank 4 cities not to pursue the moon/month to move?” The elders in great Fengshan asked. Pursues the moon/month to move for ten years one time, each Rank 4 city intelligence chooses ten super talent participation, the age must be under 30 years old, finally only then a person can join the secret camp of sounds of nature city.” City Lord answered. Can join the secret camp is the super talents, lives in sounds of nature City Lord person, the future development definitely will be cannot be underestimated.” Five elders said. Was right, do five elders, how this time exorcisming congress you see?” City Lord asked. How can also see that since old times evil did not coexist, since cloudy Yangzong was extinguished, in the serious famine has not presented the person who the demon has taught, now suddenly presented this colossus, naturally must destroy completely him directly.” Five elder very impolite saying. Five elders were really aggressive, hear the past years, was day spirit seven child first of your day Lingshan crashes in cloudy Yangzong, and finally has destroyed completely entire cloudy Yangzong all Expert.” Saying of City Lord appreciation. Was the past matters.” Five elders do not want to mention this matter obviously, although at this matter, day spirit seven child reputations big chirp, but also because of this time matter, day spirit seven child only remaining four people. Was right, five elders and seven elders, my this came an odd person, the swordsmanship to be equal recently, all our with the people of sword is not his match, therefore the disciple of expensive mountain comes out to help, saves a face.” City Lord said: „The disciple who naturally, I will definitely not have let the expensive mountain is busy at work in vain, the gift I have prepared, how regardless of the result, I to deliver.” Good, since competes the swordsmanship, that don't with strength of spiritual energy and element, our these disciples must attend the competition after all.” Five elders said directly. That is natural.” City Lord nodded said to a famous artisan under afterward: Alone strove for losing to me to call orphaned.”