Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1648

These people alone sought the defeat not to be strange to this orphaned, because in their these families some people lost to alone have sought the defeat orphaned. At this time five elders are clear. Does obeisance City Lord named to give a welcoming dinner for their reception, in fact is asks them to help. Does obeisance City Lord, said that is any situation.” Five elders from doing obeisance the City Lord words heard reluctantly, therefore he also plans to ask. Five elders, I were also actually forced, initially also blamed me to say something offensive, this person arrives at our times, said that own swordsmanship is matchless, will not lose on a Swordsmanship way, as soon as I listen to this person to be so extremely arrogant, said that finds the person and he competes with, 10,000 low grade spirit stone, if he has won, my this City Lord Mansion is casual he to stroll, when till does not want to treat or he lost, on these words says badly, the sole competion swordsmanship, nobody is his match, I in all Swordsmanship tall Shou the entire city. All invited then, but also has requested personally many Swordsmanship Expert outside, finally altogether lost 600,000 low grade spirit stone, actually spirit stone actually next, what is main was the face loses completely.” Does obeisance City Lord worried saying. All people saw his helplessness. Normal, he in the name of that the reception gives a welcoming dinner requested that five elders and the others helped, five elders somewhat will be definitely disgruntled, but listens to do obeisance the City Lord words, five elders have not said anything: It seems like the opposite party also is really Swordsmanship Expert, perhaps my disciples may not win, even if were Abao came him not with the sword.” Why elders in five elder and great Fengshan did obeisance City Lord to come up to ask Abao and jade Xiao finally clearly. Originally he is the hope obtains the help of these two super talents. My in any case is also City Lord of Rank 4 city, must mean what he says, therefore now he simply became a back garden my family belongings, I deliberately considered that can win him, then quickly sent him to walk.” Does obeisance City Lord very helpless saying. Does obeisance City Lord, we also can only say that does everything possible, after all our two mountains cultivation is not a swordsmanship way, the pursue is not the Swordsmanship.” Five elder helpless saying. Listens to do obeisance the City Lord words, he understood, the opposite party strength is not absolutely simple, otherwise is impossible to win one after another 60, does obeisance the person who City Lord finds definitely is Expert, but has lost one game after another 60. Five elders, I also know that does not win easily, but a little hopes always well.” Does obeisance City Lord to say. secure, one will come out to try.” Five elders said.

secure? Isn't this little brother day Lingshan honor roll second secure?” Does obeisance City Lord hears this name time slightly stares, because secure is not the obscure individual. Em, is he.” Five elders nodded. Really is the hero has the youth.” Does obeisance saying that City Lord keeps. Here can only let on Tianyou, he is mainly Pill Refining, but also slightly passes some swordsmanship.” The elders in great Fengshan said. Saw that two big elders all agreed that does obeisance City Lord naturally very excitedly, this finally was also a little opportunity, after all this time matter regarding him was the face issue, he was unable to use force forcefully, in that case, he will be scoffed by the world person. Alone orphaned gentleman.” Came. All people all looked at the vision to the entrance. An appearance exquisite man appears in the appearance of entrance man is not charming, but seems makes the person have a feeling of Expert, a big eye is joined to Jianying eyebrow, perfect. A black clothed adds on his behind black sword again, making the person seem several points of mystery. Alone orphaned gentleman, I gives you to introduce today several matches, don't know the alone orphaned gentleman interested?” Does obeisance City Lord to look that to alone sought the defeat to ask orphaned. I have been seeking for one to defeat my person, so long as has Swordsmanship Expert, I have the time anytime.” Asked defeat callous saying alone orphaned, he gave the feeling of person is callous Expert. That that especially behind him carrying the black sword, making people seem is afraid.

Tianyou, went to please the alone orphaned gentleman to grant instruction several moves.” The elders in great Fengshan open the mouth to say directly. Yes!” That was called the great Fengshan scarlet disciple of Tianyou to walk directly, his right hand flung, a sword of Advanced Spirit Tool rank appeared in his hands. Good sword! The person keeps says with emotion. Quite inexpensive? Who was inexpensive?” Is eating thing Xia Tian to gain ground to ask suddenly. Hears his words, pill spirit and the others a heavy line of face, a moment ago when City Lord and five elders and the others talked, all people all are very earnest is listening, on Xia Tian in the there big mouth is eating the thing. Has not gone to listen completely. Do not eat, that side must contend in martial arts.” pill reminded spirit. They compared with their, have any relations with me.” Xia Tian has not cared , to continue to eat the food in hand, the good food regarding him cannot give up, anything contends in martial arts, Expert contests, he is not interested, he most is interested is the food in hand. Sees the Xia Tian appearance, they also can only helpless shaking the head. At this time scarlet disciple Tianyou straight standing of great Fengshan in alone asked the defeat opposite orphaned. I this year am 42 years old, practices the sword 17 years.” Tianyou light saying. My am 32 years old, practice the sword 31 years.” Sought the defeat expression alone orphaned is still that ice-cold, heard his words, all people all stares, 32 years old, practiced the sword 31 years, in other words, his two years old started to practice the sword, this was also too terrifying, others two years old just now will perhaps walk.

His swordsmanship so will be no wonder strong.” Does obeisance City Lord surprised saying. It seems like this weaponry is not good to hit.” Elder brow tight wrinkle of great Fengshan, when he saw this alone sought the defeat orphaned, discovered that he was not simple, perhaps his strength was not the average person can imagine. His whole person unified whole, seems a sharp knife blade of sheath is different. Master, you said that they who can win?” secure looked that asked to Xia Tian, after such a long time contact, he has understood Xia Tian, the eating thing that although Xia Tian kept there, as if did not care about this time, but he knows that Xia Tian definitely also has been paying attention. This having something ratio, outside a point leaks, a strength is reserved, they completely are not a level.” Xia Tian very optional saying. „? You meant that Tianyou will lose?” pill spirit and the others looked to Xia Tian. My anything had not said.” In Xia Tian continues to eat to begin the thing. Xia Tian each time is this, when everybody came the enthusiasm he does not say. Tianyou was established Swordsmanship Expert, his Pill Refining was a later student, the swordsmanship was his main family, therefore he should not lose.” pill said spirit. Look.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting.