Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1649

Tianyou! In eight big entrances scarlet disciple in great Fengshan, the talent in talent. His strength is very formidable. Although this time is participates in Pill Refining. But his cultivation 17 years of sword, the swordsmanship is not naturally low. The people on the scene have very high expectation to him, after is the disciple of big entrance, should have the opportunity. Starts!” Tianyou opened the mouth to say directly. Although this hall is very big, but normal cannot be used to contend in martial arts, after all here facility is quite luxurious, what they compete is the swordsmanship, but is not strength of spiritual energy and element. ! Asked the sword of defeat behind to carry alone orphaned a moment ago, but the flash appeared in his hands, nobody knows how he is a lecture of sword brought a moment ago, because was too quick, flash that the sword presented that direct thorn to Tianyou. This sword very quick. Quick absolutely is not the person, but is the sword. The vision of Tianyou whole person was all passed by the sword attraction. „It is not good!” The Tianyou body pushed backward, high level Spirit Tool in right hand wanted to open out alone asks the sword in defeat hand orphaned. ! The body of Xia Tian now has been poor, but also a little ate fiercely, coughed lightly several. Master, drinks water, slow point eats.” secure hands over one water hurriedly. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. dāng! Sword of Tianyou obviously already bridge, in alone asked on the sword of defeat orphaned, but in a flash alone orphaned asked the sword of defeat to appear under of his sword, compelled into the hopeless situation him once more. Very strong!” All people have all held breath cold air.

This swordsmanship is really unthinkable, said the onlooker is clear-headed, but their these observers have not seen clearly what's the matter. Whiz! The body of Tianyou changed into the empty shade instantaneously, afterward in his hand long sword all, will be alone to ask the sword of defeat to press orphaned. dāng! But in this is, Tianyou discovery sword unexpectedly appeared in his front again. This seems devil is the same the sword, has tied down him stubbornly, the sword is quick, moreover no matter how each time he dodges, gives way to traffic, shuts off, the sword keeps close to him. Very strong, this called to ask the person of defeat alone orphaned really very strong, I perhaps was not his match.” secure says with emotion. His sword probably is the belt track is the same how, regardless of you dodge uselessly.” pill's spirit vision alone orphaned has also been asked the sword in defeat hand to attract, she also felt that alone asked the sword of defeat orphaned simply is inconceivable. How can break his swordsmanship?” Xiao zither looked that asked to Xia Tian. Hears Xiao zither question, the surrounding several people all looked to Xia Tian, because in their eyes, Xia Tian strength very formidable, moreover as if did not have the matter that Xia Tian could not solve. Xia Tian with pointing at has referred to a nearby potted flower: This flowered beautiful?” beautiful Ah! If I all do clutch the green leaf?” Xia Tian said that all clutched the green leaf. Hears the Xia Tian words, several people immediately one startled, afterward they all looked to fought alone sought the defeat orphaned, they understood. Originally is this, originally is this.” On secure face had the joy that is hard to cover. ! Two who fought stopped, because alone sought of defeat to appear on the neck of Tianyou orphaned. I lost.” Tianyou helpless shaking the head. Sought the defeat to take back the sword in oneself hand alone orphaned. Saw that Tianyou lost, on the face of City Lord presented some facial expressions of losing, the elders in great Fengshan are also shaking the head that keeps, this alone sought the swordsmanship of defeat to be too strange orphaned.

secure walked from behind directly. His right hand flings, the weapon of same Advanced Spirit Tool rank appears in his hands. My name was secure, practiced the sword is only the usual hobby, was not Sword Technique Expert.” secure from exploding the main house gate, hears secure words, the person thinks that after secure Zeke can be was worried to lose, does not have the face therefore to say. Suddenly, they also lost the confidence to secure. Sought the defeat rubbish alone orphaned, attacked directly to secure. His sword got rid to lock secure, the sword has selected secure the place of neck sharp. Also is this move, he used this move to win Tianyou a moment ago. Really this move.” secure shows a faint smile, if before is, he also will possibly be confused by this move of institute, but after the direction of Xia Tian, he understood a moment ago. With alone sought the defeat orphaned to war, cannot look at his sword, once were attracted by his sword, that had no place to go. Therefore secure looked directly to alone sought the wrist|skill of defeat orphaned, this time he saw clearly, asked the sword of defeat alone orphaned, although did not seem slight moving, however his wrist|skill was moving. ! A secure sword punctures, the goal alone orphaned sought the wrist|skill of defeat. dāng! Sought the defeat to return to base alone orphaned hurriedly. The secure second sword punctures once more. Was in the driving position directly. Saw that secure came up to take the lead, did obeisance on the face of City Lord immediately one happy, saw each time alone strove for orphaned the defeat and others fought, he thought that special constraining, because of one move, a move that did not change, defeated the match. Moreover is the condition of main attack. However now at this moment, strives for defeating unexpectedly to be compelled alone orphaned to draw back by secure. Great.” Five elder excited saying.

Tianyou lost a moment ago, he also lacked self-confidence, but he has not thought that secure unexpectedly was so powerful. Came up to be in leading position. Really is this, the wrist|skill, the sword all attracted to pass the vision of all people, therefore nobody looked at his wrist|skill.” pill understood Xia Tian spirit finally a moment ago the meaning in words. Xia Tian is quite fierce.” Xiao zither said. You are really a terrifying person.” pill felt spirit Xia Tian is really mysterious and terrifying. Good to compete attractively, Abao must force him to use the real skill.” Xia Tian said. At this time secure has hit more has more been suitable, the swordsmanship by the incisiveness that he displays. At this moment, strove for defeating one to withdraw alone orphaned, afterward a sword thorn to secure pit of the stomach, secure was also once more thorn to his wrist|skill, this time, sought body one revolution of defeat alone orphaned, has staggered secure sword directly, at the same time on secure shoulder had a wound. secure anchored. I lost.” secure said directly. Hears secure words, those present stare, although secure was injured, but absolutely is the body wound, why secure will admit defeat directly. If he did not make way a moment ago intentionally, I died.” secure opens the mouth to say directly. Lost! Everybody favored secure, but unexpectedly Lian Anjie lost now, that really did not have the hope. Yeah!” Does obeisance City Lord to sigh, helpless shaking the head. Although I lost, but the person certainly can win you here.” secure looked that to alone sought the defeat to say orphaned. Who?” Sought the defeat to put out a character alone orphaned callously.