Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1650

secure defeated makes all people see alone asked defeat brand-new Realm orphaned. Before they also think that alone sought the defeat possibly only to meet this sword orphaned, after secure received alone strove for defeating that sword orphaned, alone orphaned seeks the defeat finally to put out the true strength, but they do not understand that actually a moment ago what happened. What alone orphaned actually strove for defeating to use was any swordsmanship. They cannot look completely. Saw that secure lost, the person mood of scene is all different. However after hearing the secure following these words, all people all looked to secure, secure unexpectedly said that some people can win alone seek the defeat orphaned, these made everybody feel that was surprised, after all sought the swordsmanship of defeat alone orphaned is really too fierce. Has won streak 60-70. Moreover his match is also these super talents. Does not know that is which friend has this skill?” Did obeisance City Lord one hear of secure words to come the interest, after all secure Zeke was only one forces to ask the person who the defeat used the real skill alone orphaned, the person who therefore he said perhaps really can win alone seeks the defeat orphaned. Reason that I can just start to occupy the situation, because of the prompt of this person.” secure said. Hears secure these words time, all people were all more surprised, some unexpectedly people have prompted secure one, in the fight that secure can just start occupies the situation, this was also too fierce. What old monster rank isn't? That is not good, although in our city also nobody can win him now, but I do not hope the person who old monster rank gets rid, because in this case, will appear we will bully the person.” Does obeisance City Lord to open the mouth to say. Naturally was not the person of old monster rank, but I said also useless, he should not get rid.” secure knows that on Xia Tian has wound, moreover Xia Tian little for this matter over. „, Does not have this person, you arrange, the person of big entrance is also mediocre, could not lose says cannot lose, but also said a fabricated person.” Is, has the skill you to ask him to come out to hit, hits has known that now the person does not come out, you said that anything was good.” Fight by skill, words that by the mouth, did not speak with the mouth, my also unmatched in the world.”

Surroundings these person very discontented saying, they think that secure is boasting, is backing down to oneself. Shuts up to me.” Does obeisance City Lord to give a loud shout, nobody dares to say anything again: secure little brother, do not care, that several people who spoke a moment ago I will handle.” The secure present complexion is a little ugly, after all who by a person such saying, mood definitely. ! At this moment several coughed from the vision of people lightly attracted the past, this time Xia Tian was repairing a flower, he colored leaf and have picked, only left behind a finger to be so thick, one meter flowering branch. All people all do not understand that he must do. Xia Tian, your wound did not have, this time considers as finished.” Five elder hurried apertures said. Heard the words of five elders, these people understood, originally that person in secure mouth was he, he was also the disciple in day Lingshan, what made those present curious was, what the Xia Tian body put on was only the white clothing. The scarlet disciples lost, the white clothing disciple can have any skill. „!” The Xia Tian complexion is not good, all people can visit him definitely to receive the internal injury: I, most could not look some people bully and insult my brother, does obeisance City Lord, here also a little money, if I lost, I lose 190,000 quick low grade spirit stone, if I have won, then he , he he, must around the room bare. Rushes for one hour, how is it?” Xia Tian had three people with the finger, secure who these three people said a moment ago. Hears the Xia Tian words, the people on the scene all stare, his unexpectedly must with alone seek the defeat really orphaned compared with the sword, moreover this gambling stake was also too big, his white clothing disciple unexpectedly had 190,000 low grade spirit stone. Volume!” Does obeisance City Lord to stare immediately. Considers too little? Then on additional 1 million gathering miracle cures, if also considers too little, that 10 million gathering miracle cures.” Xia Tian looked that to doing obeisance City Lord said. 10 million gathering miracle cures.

Hears this digit time, the people are all startled. Xia Tian unexpectedly so many poly miracle cures and spirit stone. This.” Does obeisance City Lord to look to five elders. Does obeisance City Lord, if insufficient, I add 200,000 low grade spirit stone again.” Five elders said directly. Did obeisance City Lord to seek help five elders, but five elder these words his words filling, have done obeisance City Lord to understand, his person has enraged the group of people in day of Lingshan. Day Lingshan after is in the serious famine one of the eight big entrances. Naturally attaches importance to face. His person such saying, obviously did not give the person face of day Lingshan a moment ago. Good.” Does obeisance City Lord to nod, but he has thought that even if Xia Tian lost, he cannot want Xia Tian spirit stone and compounded drug, otherwise they thorough offended a day of Lingshan. „Are you all right?” Spirit pill worries looked that she stared secure one eyes to Xia Tian afterward. Master, I.” secure arrived at Xia Tian side awkward flexure scratching the head. Let alone, you is a my brother, how I possibly looked that your was bullied.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. ! Xia Tian coughed lightly several, the complexion appeared paler. Xia little brother, my today looks at therapy with the compounded drug, you first under clothing.” The elders in great Fengshan walk up directly, regarding him, Xia Tian is the savior, therefore he should thank Xia Tian.

Here has also prepared some therapy compounded drugs, Brother Xia, you look to take.” The elder of several other medium entrance and small entrance has also prepared the therapy compounded drug and so on thing. Their this to thank Xia Tian, although this compounded drug cannot compare their life, but their this is also chats shows the regard. Xia Tian rescues their benevolence, in they already kept firmly in mind. Sees such scene, these people a little hoodwinked, how did the people of these many entrances on own initiative show good will this white clothing disciple? Does obeisance City Lord is also doubts of face. Many thanks everybody.” Xia Tian 11 received these compounded drugs, afterward took the compounded drug of great Fengshan elder. Sick person? Does not hit.” Sought the defeat to look at Xia Tian, alone after orphaned must walk. „, Don't you want to lose? Has missed today, you could not bump into me.” Xia Tian expression light saying. Hears the Xia Tian words, sought the defeat to stop own footsteps alone orphaned, he was a sword is crazy, was strong to the comprehension of sword, he was also studying simultaneously diligently the swordsmanship his entire life, therefore he does not want to miss any with Swordsmanship Expert to the opportunity of war. Puts out your weapon.” Sought the defeat to say alone orphaned. It.” Xia Tian looked at flowering branch in the hand to say.