Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1651

Flowering branch! Sees in the Xia Tian hand to take flowering branch to with alone seek the defeat orphaned to the war. The people is a face strange facial expression. Others use Advanced Spirit Tool, Xia Tian unexpectedly to use the flowering branch. This was also looking down upon the person. White clothing disciple unexpectedly of his day Lingshan dares to be so extremely arrogant. Alone orphaned sought the defeat is also a face strange looks at Xia Tian. „! Competion sword, does not compete strength of spiritual energy and element, distinguishes not in a big way with anything.” Xia Tian coughed lightly two, now he felt that is more comfortable, obviously is the medicine effect of great Fengshan elder is good, is helping him therapy. Hopes that do not disappoint me.” Sought the defeat to say alone orphaned. He also takes the weapon to be extremely discontented to the Xia Tian use flowering branch. Five elders, matter.” Did obeisance City Lord to arrive at the sides of five elders to say anything. matter settled, does obeisance City Lord do not renege on a promise is.” Five elders broke have done obeisance the City Lord words. If Swordsmanship Expert, that Yin Nie and Wei Guang are considered as on are, they a sensibility on Swordsmanship way are many, Xia Tian already used technique of plagiarize eight Qi their swordsmanship, moreover Xia Tian also has the day to strike the technique. These three swordsmanship are the incomparable terrors. At this time his opposite alone asked the defeat and Xia Tian orphaned hears that on Earth alone to seek the defeat duplicate orphaned, therefore Xia Tian thinks that the past sword demon sought the defeat certainly to fly upwards to here alone orphaned. In front of Xia Tian the alone sought the defeat orphaned in the past that sword demon alone orphaned asked the successor of defeat. The Wei Guang sword, is quick sword, unparalleled quick sword. The Yin Nie sword, is the sensibility, he is Xia Tian only one sees has been able to achieve the person who the person sword unites. The day strikes unparalleled strongest is the domain. Three each has its strong points.

But opposite alone asked the sword of defeat to trace orphaned, the heavy sword did not have the front, greatly skillful non- labor. „!” Xia Tian coughed lightly two, afterward his gently to alone strove for suffering defeat and fleeing orphaned, the speed of walking was not fast, the flowering branch in his hand was also very light, this making unusual was dexterous. A such sword seems cannot cause the damage to the person very much. In flowering branch distance strove for alone orphaned the head of defeat also had less than half meter distance, the Xia Tian sword instantaneously changes into the empty shade, this was does not dope any spiritual energy empty shade, because the speed of flowering branch was too fast. ! A sword. Strove for defeating a sword to puncture alone orphaned, wanted to alleviate Xia Tian to attack to his flowering branch. ! A clear sound transmits. Asked the hand of defeat to pull out by the Xia Tian flowering branch alone orphaned maliciously. Has hit, his unexpectedly by Xia Tian hitting to come, to see such scene, surrounding person all very surprised, because they had not seen alone strove for defeating orphaned is hit. Was alone a moment ago asks that sword of defeat to be obviously quicker than the Xia Tian flowering branch orphaned, but Xia Tian actually hit alone sought the defeat orphaned. Attractive.” secure excited saying. Em?” Sought the defeat doubts alone orphaned looked to Xia Tian. Hit.” Does obeisance City Lord surprisedly looks at Xia Tian. He saw Xia Tian before is a white clothing disciple time, but also is not serious, even is a little also looking down upon, but hears Xia Tian can put out that many thing gambling, he is a little surprised. Moreover five elders also put out spirit stone to make the gambling stake, afterward, the people of other entrances on own initiative showed good will Xia Tian. This made him discover the difference of Xia Tian. But he has not thought.

Until he discovered at this moment that this white clothing disciple is not simple. A flowering branch to fighting alone sought the defeat orphaned, unexpectedly can also strike to go well. This time alone asked on defeat face also to present some surprised expressions orphaned, afterward these surprised turned excitedly, he was a sword is crazy, can run into Xia Tian such match he possibly not to be how excited. Now he must do defeats Xia Tian, like his Swordsmanship can increase. A Swordsmanship way is this, besides day and night cultivation, must challenge other Swordsmanship Expert, only then this can enhance own Sword Technique. ! Xia Tian coughed once more suo. Xia Tian, are you good?” Five elders worry looks to Xia Tian. All right.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, but his pale complexion betrayed him. I can come a war with you another day again.” Sought the defeat also to see alone orphaned the Xia Tian condition was getting more and more bad. Do not waste the time, I was a little sleepy, fires off me quite to sleep.” Xia Tian very optional saying. ! Xia Tian attacks once more, asked the sword also same thorn of defeat alone orphaned to Xia Tian, but Xia Tian did not pay attention to his sword, genuine Swordsmanship Expert was this, I only hit my, how to use the sword I not to care as for you. If there is been staring at the sword of match, that will lead by the nose by the match, once the match changed the way of sword, that will be injured. Why this also alone orphaned seeks the reason that the defeat can go smoothly everywhere. But Xia Tian does not look at his sword, even does not pay attention to his sword, the Xia Tian goal is very simple, that is attacks alone seeks the defeat orphaned. !!! Asked the body of defeat to be hit three times by Xia Tian alone orphaned. Xia Tian sword very quick.

This swordsmanship is the Wei Guang swordsmanship. World Martial Arts only quickly broken. If Wei Guang does not die, then he will arrive at the spirit world also certainly became super Expert, what a pity he died in the subordinate of corrupt wolf, moreover death unusual was aggrieved, was coveted the wolf to kill in the severely wounded situation. One generation of Swordsmanship Expert like this died in the hand of corrupt wolf, the fate was pitiful. Asked the sword in defeat hand alone orphaned is also quicker and quicker, but he how, regardless to attack does not hit Xia Tian, moreover his sword was half beat behind compared with Xia Tian throughout, compared with the quick sword, that Wei Guang swordsmanship first had the superiority. Flowering branch that next Xia Tian takes, but asked the sword in defeat hand little saying that alone orphaned also 30-40 jin (0.5 kg), both compared, Xia Tian had the superiority on the contrary. At this time on -the-spot people are shocked by the swordsmanship that Xia Tian this was dazzled. Asked the body of defeat to be stroked more than ten times alone orphaned, but he has still not stopped attacking, because his vital point had not been attacked. „!” At this moment, Xia Tian has heard the fierce cough sound, afterward his body fast retreat, sought the defeat also to seize the opportunity to rush alone orphaned directly, although his such forms of defensive action were a little shameless. But in true life and death preying, nobody will sympathize with you, therefore and nobody said anything. dāng! The right hand wrist of Xia Tian one knocks directly, in alone asked on the sword of defeat orphaned, but this time alone sought the defeat not to call a halt orphaned, but was the direct thorn to the throat of Xia Tian. If alone seeks the defeat to leave the speed of sword orphaned now is nine, that Xia Tian is 11, among them speed, although has the disparity, but is not very big, now seeks the defeat to seize the opportunity alone orphaned, counter-attacks directly. Saw that his sword had three centimeters from the throat of Xia Tian. You lost.” At this moment Xia Tian opens the mouth to say.