Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1652

Hears Xia Tian these words time, sought the defeat to stare alone orphaned slightly, afterward he discovered that the flowering branch was arriving at this time in the place of his heart, but his sword also had several centimeters from the throat of Xia Tian. Why?” Strove for defeated the whole face puzzled looking at Xia Tian alone orphaned. This is the competion, is not preying, therefore I choose the flowering branch time has many people puzzled, thinks that I am supercilious, actually the flowering branch is very light, but your sword is sansishi cattys in weight, between both has very big disparity, next, my flowering branch seems with your sword is almost long, but in fact, were many three centimeters, these three centimeters are the keys of defeating the enemy by a surprise attack.” Xia Tian looks that alone sought the defeat to continue to explain orphaned: What is main, I exposed weaknesses a moment ago intentionally.” ! The scene has broken out the warm applause. All people all are the admirations looks to Xia Tian, has saying that planning of Xia Tian simply is exquisite incomparable, a snap ring point. Now the people know, Xia Tian wins absolutely is not lucky, but he planned from the beginning. Naturally, the Xia Tian swordsmanship also absolutely is one certainly, otherwise is others uses this way fight not to have any use, his forms of combat only then the reality field of force difference not big situation will be useful in the same rank or. I lost!” Sought the defeat to admit defeat alone orphaned at this moment finally. A he lofty character, but he understands at this moment he truly lost, moreover what loses is sincerely convinced. Above battlefield does not have the winner.” Xia Tian said. You called Xia Tian, I remembered you.” Sought the defeat to put out a Chu bag alone orphaned, afterward he threw this Chu bag for directly has done obeisance City Lord: Does obeisance City Lord, this is I wins all your low grade spirit stone, I to meet a match here, today I have met, many thanks does obeisance City Lord these days hospitality.” Sought the defeat saying that alone orphaned direct turn around left. The sword is crazy! Sought the defeat alone orphaned is a sword is crazy, he threw for a moment ago doing obeisance City Lord was all spirit stone that he won recently, 600,000, this was an enormous wealth, but he like this gave back has done obeisance City Lord.

„After City Lord Mansion, momentarily opens for you, when you want to come.” Does obeisance City Lord is also very saying of heroic spirit. Xia Tian turns the head to look that to has done obeisance City Lord: Although we have won, but flaunted the temporary air/Qi a moment ago, therefore bare. Rushes does not use, I was a little tired, first said goodbye.” Comes the person, delivers Mr. Xia.” Does obeisance City Lord to open the mouth to say. Does not use, we delivered are OK.” pill said spirit walked directly. Your three, later treat to me in the family, regardless of there is any situation to come out to participate.” Did obeisance City Lord to look to a moment ago Xia Tian with that three people of finger, although Xia Tian does not investigate. The way that however their three spoke a moment ago truly went too far. Saw that Xia Tian and the others left, City Lord direct said loudly: Friends, everybody's food and drink heartily.” Banquet thorough start. City Lord arrives at side five elders: Five elders, actually this is Xia Tian who? He definitely is not a white clothing disciple, by your special protection?” You have made a mistake, he is a white clothing disciple.” Five elders said. „? Day Lingshan now are the white clothing disciples so fierce?” Does obeisance City Lord surprised saying. He is a special white clothing disciple.” Five elders said. Five elders, I have a female, the talent and talent are superior, does not know whether to subscribe to kiss with Xia Tian.” Does obeisance City Lord to open the mouth to say directly. This I may unable to take responsibility, you asked him, but I looked that the opportunity was not big, because this boy's in matter to sentiment as if did not catch cold.” Five elders answered, how this he possibly could not see all the way Xiao zither and Zhao Yushu was interesting to Xia Tian.

Moreover he also looks that Xia Tian as if there is very heavy concern, does not go to think the matter in sentimental. Good, that obsolete tonight visits.” Does obeisance City Lord not to lose heart. Night, after the banquet diverges. Did obeisance City Lord really to arrive at Xia Tian out of the door. Come.” Xia Tian heard some people to knock on a door to sit. Heard that Xia little brother has been injured, I send some small regards specially, inadequate respect.” Does obeisance City Lord very polite saying, after all because of achievement of Xia Tian, sought the defeat to trade 600,000 low grade spirit stone alone orphaned directly. This was also a small celebration. Does obeisance City Lord not to use politely.” Xia Tian greets. Puts out a hand not to hit to smile the dough figurine, giving a present cannot toward leaving to catch up absolutely. This is the Xia Tian working criterion. Xia little brother, does not know how your this wound does receive?” Does obeisance City Lord to ask. „, On the road has encountered a problem.” Xia Tian spoke thoughtlessly to say. Is these fellows of desolated place, this fellows are truly hateful, I had already applied with sounds of nature City Lord, but recent sounds of nature city there is also very chaotic, has no free time to handle this matter.” Does obeisance City Lord to say. All right, there present should be good to be many, the desolated lord ran away.” Xia Tian said.

Em, but there must tidy up.” Does obeisance City Lord saying with pauses, afterward he looked opens the mouth to ask to Xia Tian suddenly: Xia little brother, I have a matter to want with you to discuss.” Does obeisance City Lord to have any matter to tell freely is.” Xia Tian smalltalk. Under my knee, only then a female, is 28-year-old today, the talent is good, person also long is very attractive, I intend to betroth her to Xia the little brother, how doesn't know under Xia little brother intent?” Did obeisance City Lord one to pick Xia Tian. He discovered that Xia Tian is a talent extremely high person, moreover Xia Tian this person is willing for the friend over, to work also always gives the person to leave some leeways, these may be the merits. Moreover the Xia Tian personnel in these people are also very high. Delivered medicine to look from the elders of these entrances, therefore he wants to marry Xia Tian his daughter. Does obeisance City Lord, many thanks your good intention, person but who I like.” Xia Tian said that he biggest thoughts rescue Brother Xiaoma now. Person who has liking has not related, person who in the spirit world, that has the skill is not three wife four concubines, so long as you can her good on the line.” Although does obeisance City Lord to see only Xia Tian several, but his moral behavior to the Xia Tian favors. Excuse me, does obeisance City Lord, I have many matters to process, therefore this matter is not perhaps good, but many thanks did obeisance the City Lord good intent.” The Xia Tian rejection said that he very resisted to this introduction marriage, say nothing of linked the surface not to see. Reason that Xia Tian likes Lin Bingbing and Bing Xin they , because Bing Xin they have their disposition, has own merit. Bang! At this moment, the Xia Tian gate was trampled directly. What I have not to be good, marries me to put in great inconvenience you?”