Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1653

The door stiffly was opened trampling. Sees suddenly appears in entrance person, does obeisance City Lord to stare immediately: Girl, how did you come?” Father, you make way, I must teach this not to know the profound fellow today well.” That female enraged saying, she does obeisance City Lord daughter. In this Rank 4 city oldest daughter young lady. Before she heard the disciple who major entrances came not to care, in her eyes the disciple of big entrance did not have any extraordinary, afterward heard that alone strove for defeating orphaned has been defeated, this made her very surprised. Who therefore she wants to have a look at this to be defeated alone asks the person of defeat orphaned is. The result one with, heard her father to arrange this wedding to her, she just started is was a little not happy that but has not said anything. After all for these year of her father her wedding, but **** many hearts, her temper was too wild, had not received the heart, if before were not her mother at the point of death, called on her to marrying well, she will not consider this matter. However she does not have to think own this daughter young lady delivered the entrance to come unexpectedly also to be rejected. Volume!” Xia Tian does not know that outside has person, by a lane that opposite party this rushes suddenly a little hoodwinked. Girl, do not make, Mr. Xia is our honored guests.” Does obeisance City Lord to say hurriedly. I what honored guest, no matter he is, I have not seen such person, I had said can marry him? He is booing, but also dares to reject me.” That female felt that was such refused not to have the face matter by Xia Tian. Excuse me, I am well-meant, if injured to you, I gave you to apologize.” Saying of Xia Tian apology, he has not thought very does obeisance City Lord daughter outside, he also knows that this matter daughter surely very much does not have the face. Volume!” Sees the Xia Tian so sincere apology, the female suddenly does not know that should say any was good, moreover Xia Tian is a sick person, but she is the vitality, she stared Xia Tian one maliciously, afterward left directly. Excuse me, Xia the little brother, was I spoils to her.” Does obeisance City Lord helpless saying.

All right, I have the incorrect place.” Xia Tian said. Your is not healthy, I did not disturb you, early tomorrow morning I will see off for you.” Does obeisance City Lord to open the mouth to say. Walks slowly.” Xia Tian is not healthy, does obeisance City Lord not to make him deliver. After having rested one. Next day Xia Tian felt that own body was much better, possibly takes the functions of these therapy compounded drugs. Next morning. Does obeisance City Lord early delivered Xia Tian them. The ostentation of seeing off is not small, normal will not have such big ostentation, but the Xia Tian gang did obeisance City Lord to win alone sought the defeat orphaned, this it can be said that was solved has done obeisance a City Lord big worry, moreover alone asked the defeat orphaned also hundreds of thousands of spirit stone. Everybody, later had the opportunity to come here not to forget to be a guest to our City Lord Mansion.” Does obeisance City Lord to open the mouth to say. Many thanks does obeisance hospitality of City Lord.” Five elders said. Does obeisance City Lord, this is we use a transmission expense.” The elders in great Fengshan hand over a Chu bag directly. Seven elders what do you mean, looks down upon my Bai? Quickly receives.” Does obeisance City Lord to say. Does obeisance City Lord, one yard normalizing code, this is the custom, use transmission must result in gives the expense, your transmission opening also needs the spirit stone support.” The elders in great Fengshan said. „It is not good, I cannot receive absolutely, if you make me receive, I yesterday alone orphaned will ask that several hundred thousand spirit stone that the defeat trades to give Mr. Xia.” Does obeisance City Lord to open the mouth to say.

Yesterday he has wanted to give Xia Tian spirit stone. After all was Xia Tian wins alone sought the defeat orphaned, asked the defeat alone orphaned spirit stone. Does obeisance City Lord, spirit stone I am definitely cannot want, the gentleman is avaricious, takes being correct.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say. Your spirit stone I cannot want, quickly walks, did not walk me to catch up with you to walk.” Does obeisance City Lord saying that disguises to drive away. Good, our time occupied does obeisance the City Lord small advantage.” The elders in great Fengshan open the mouth to say. After saying goodbye has done obeisance City Lord, Xia Tian they enter in transmission, transmission of Rank 4 city is truly convenient, a time can ride 20 people, will not have the feeling of dizziness. bo! Transmission moves, Xia Tian they from same place disappeared. Presents again time, they arrived in the Rank 5 city sounds of nature city. Just entered the sounds of nature city, Xia Tian felt spiritual energy that the store front came, the sound of happy talks and laughters, workman, cool breeze. Also has such pure land in spirit world unexpectedly.” Xia Tian has opened the eye slowly. „The Rank 5 city, felt that truly be better than other places, comes to here to be completely relaxed each time.” The elders in great Fengshan said. Cozy nest that yes, the Rank 5 city, all people yearn.” Five elder light saying. Here, although seems, to safeguard here peace, helping here person have the auspicious day, many people in payout silently, even many people die nobody to know their names for here.” The elders in great Fengshan say with emotion.

„The pursue of person and person is different, more people in the Rank 5 city lives for the honor, fights for the honor, but is not the benefit.” Five elders said. „Can you wait saying that again, we are delaying the following person in this station.” Xia Tian has interrupted the feelings of these two old people directly. Hears the Xia Tian words, on several people of foreheads is the heavy line. Elders in five elder and great Fengshan here sigh with emotion life, directly have been pulled back the reality by Xia Tian. Good, we find a stopping over place first, City Lord of sounds of nature city may not have the time to entertain us specially, day also three days of competition, three days later is to carry on the competition time, when the time comes City Lord of sounds of nature city will appear.” Five elders nodded. Was right, reminded your several, the sounds of nature city was the military, but cannot bully the old , weak , sick and disabled, damaged the surrounding flowers and plants trees to need to lose money, damages the business also to need to lose money, therefore you, fought before others carefully first thinks in one captured spirit stone enough to compensate, here thing price may not be cheap, damages trees to compensate five spirit stone.” The elders in great Fengshan reminded. Is so expensive.” Xia Tian says with emotion. Was good, we walk.” Five elders nodded. Whiz! At this moment, a scarlet disciple appears before the body of people directly, afterward his body shot at secure directly, secure fast has also made the response. Bang! Their fist docking, have flown upside down completely. secure, you really came, was right, your here who called Xia Tian.”