Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1654

The opposite party came up right with secure a fist, and they did not know one's place. This explained that the opposite party is also Expert, with secure Expert with Rank 1 section, secure Zeke is day Lingshan scarlet list second Expert, strength very formidable. The opposite party is also a scarlet. All entrance disciples in serious famine defer to red, yellow, blue, in vain these four differentiating grades. Therefore this person is scarlet disciple, in other words he is also in the disciple of entrance highest rank. At this time hears him to ask Xia Tian, all person all doubts looked to him, Xia Tian hoodwinked, he does not know when one became such famous, some unexpectedly also people walked. I heard on him and Abao bar, good . Moreover the white clothing disciple, your three who was?” That man on their three white clothing disciples has swept in Xia Tian. Makes way, impolite.” Five elders have scolded one. Five teacher's younger brothers are good.” The men bow slightly, showed the respect. This time your Mount Qingcheng is who leads?” Five elders are very obviously ripe with this man. Is three elders leads.” The men said. Em, your boy Tiantian do not act like a madman, if you thought that is not feeling well continues to ask Abao to compete with, having a look at this time him to be able again black and blue that you hit.” Five elders said. Volume!” That man hears the words of five elders, slightly is awkward, afterward said: I refuse to accept him.” Refuses to accept him to ask him to hit, nobody is blocking in any case also you.” Five elders said. I cannot hit him.” The men said. Hit takes.” Five elders said.

I cannot hit him, but I also refuse to accept him.” The men played the rascal. We walk.” Five elder helpless saying. Sees off five teacher's younger brothers, I wait for the next wave again.” The men are greeting major entrances Expert with this special way obviously. A moment ago was that person?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Few hosts in Mount Qingcheng, Yelyu Wen.” secure said. „.” Xia Tian nodded. Walks, has a look the Rank 5 hotel also to have the place, but there this most luxurious hotel.” Saying of five elder very atmosphere. Rank 5 hotel? What thing?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Is a facility most entire, the interior decoration most luxurious hotel, various ground facilities have, basin, tea hall, training room wait / etc., but the price is not cheap, the words that we live , a day need 1000 low grade spirit stone.” secure answered. What? A day 1000 low grade spirit stone? Takes by force?” Xia Tian surprised saying. This is the majority needs to live in a room this price, if a person lives in one, we need 3000 low grade spirit stone.” secure said. shit, elder time was under the initial capital, unexpectedly got us to live in such expensive place.” A Xia Tian face strange looks at five elders. You think that is I spends, is the entrance disburses money, Shan Zhu said outside cannot weak the power and prestige of our day Lingshan, therefore lived must live well, ate must eat well.” Five elders said. „.” Xia Tian understands that was any meaning, they also came out in any case within a few days, if also went to the small place, will make the person look down upon, thinks that their day Lingshan was poor. Therefore they come out to the atmosphere.

Lives must live in the sounds of nature city the most luxurious Rank 5 hotel. Xia Tian discovered that in this sounds of nature city everywhere is Expert, the person of binary element everywhere runs, many Expert have hit on the avenue, but they are not the life and death spell absolutely, otherwise city Wei Jun already came out. Delivers goods and guards the door is Expert of first. This is the fierce place of Rank 5 city. Nobody dares to cause trouble here. After arriving at the Rank 5 hotel, Xia Tian discovered that no wonder here expense must be so expensive, under this hotel arranged one to gather spirit, moreover in this hotel interior decoration was it can be said that splendid. At least Xia Tian has not seen the interior decoration so luxurious place on Earth, even if Dubai cannot achieve. Takes five guest rooms.” Five elders said directly. Morning that you come fortunately, remaining final five guest rooms.” Saying of storekeeper. „The day spirit fifth child, final five do give our two to be good?” At this moment Xia Tian and the others presented one team of people, the wear of this team of people they are just the same as Xia Tian, obviously is also the person of other big entrance. Few room of seventh child, we take five, could not let.” Five elders said directly. You live in three absolutely spaciously, leaves behind two not to be good to the gate? At the worst five money we left.” The seven elders of few room of mountains said. We do not care about money, therefore you trade to live.” Five elders said that has given the storekeeper money directly. Good, the day character 501 to 505, oneself go.” The service attitude of storekeeper is not good, however person actually nobody here selects the principle, because here custom is to love. Many thanks.” Five elders cup one hand in the other across the chest.

Snort, the day spirit fifth child, looked how our people this time teach the person in your day Lingshan well, we walk.” Seven elder cold snort of few room of mountains, had the person to leave directly. Few room of mountain and day Lingshan, but old was right. Meets certainly to pinch several each time. Xia Tian and the others have arrived above directly. 501 are Xia Tian their, 502 are my, 503 are the girls, 504 and 505 you divide.” Five elders said directly that the people hear a Xia Tian room, has not said anything, after all Xia Tian little has not rendered meritorious service all the way: Was good, goes back to tidy up, I go to City Lord Mansion, meets me to come back all people to go to 501 to meet.” Hears the words of elder, all people all went to their room. Five elders go to City Lord Mansion mainly to ask the flow and pattern of this competition. Then came back they to say to Xia Tian. After secure and the others have tidied up one simply next, all went into the Xia Tian room, at this time in the Xia Tian room is very lively, besides Yuanyuan, other people already to. secure, what do eight big entrances have?” Xia Tian asked. Happen to the master has not come back, I said that to you eight big entrances have their strength divisions.” secure mainly said to black clothing disciple and white clothing disciple, because the yellow clothes disciple has listened to the matters of eight big entrances more or less. To Yu Dan ling and the others that say nothing, that simply is ripe cannot be ripe. Our serious famine region completely by the Rank 5 city sounds of nature City Lord control, but below can be divided into eight big entrances, our day spirit city ranks fifth, this position is not high, but before our day Lingshan, has arranged first.” secure said. „? Is when?” Xia Tian asked.