Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1655

Is previous generation figure exists.” secure silly smiles. Previous generation.” On the Xia Tian forehead is heavy line, the meaning in secure words i.e., since previous generation's Expert from now on a time first did not have. Em, since the day spirit in legend seven child, day Lingshan has not taken first, a best result is second, when that is Abao by the status participation of yellow clothes disciple kills the four directions greatly, attains the second quota.” secure said that although he does not like Abao, but Abao truly has performed very big merit for day Lingshan. Not only second bolstered the momentum for day Lingshan, obtains the treasure that sounds of nature City Lord has granted wait / etc.. Advantage very many. „After entrance big ratio won, what will give to reward?” Xia Tian asked. Normal entrance greatly compared with after achievement, the momentum of that entrance will expand, the super talent of entire serious famine also will gather when the time comes like this entrance, this entrance will be for long getting stronger and stronger . Moreover the entrance compared with later, first will obtain the qualifications of expanding manpower greatly, you also saw, the quota of our day Lingshan is 30,000 people, if obtained first, then we can many 5000 quotas, 5000 quotas be 5000 talents, so long as when the time comes here presents a super talent, that entrance may rise once more, moreover neighbor the authority of city can also. Increases, the spirit stone ore can also divide. Entire serious famine on these resources, who does not want to be many.” secure patient answered. „, Is this.” Xia Tian this time is clear, the entrance such will pay why great attention to this entrance to compare greatly. Moreover City Lord will bestow generally also special granting, may be Spirit Tool, may be the compounded drug, the rare book, the material wait / etc., in brief is the good thing.” After secure looked at a surrounding person , to continue saying: Naturally, this difference, this time involved one to exorcism the congress, obtains the first entrance becomes Chief that exorcisms the congress, when the time comes the momentum of this entrance will be getting bigger and bigger, moreover obtains the time distribution right of treasure and material can also take the lead.” „.” Xia Tian nodded, in the final analysis is related with the benefit.

Eight big entrances separately are day Lingshan, great Fengshan, Mount Qingcheng, few room of mountains, Kamibayashiyama, hammers Jinshan, wonderful Danshan, god mountain.” secure one breath said that surrounding person silently the names of these entrances at heart: This inside hammered Jinshan maintains the first position already more than 100 years, the wonderful Danshan second position, a god mountain was third, few room of mountains fourth, our day Lingshan fifth, Mount Qingcheng sixth, great Fengshan seventh, Kamibayashiyama eighth.” This does rank has not changed?” Asking of Xia Tian doubts. Has changed, but the fluctuation is not big, first three have almost not changed, presents the change only that time is Abao's participating that time, but Abao merely only has also participated such one time, because he joined the entrance first year to participate in the entrance to compare greatly, the second year he was the scarlet disciple.” secure said. Abao in day Lingshan is existence of legend. His has filled leap-style being promoted his entire life. Very is truly fierce.” Xia Tian said. Entrance is not high to our requests, as far as possible maintains the fifth position, if can the fourth few room of mountains making, that entrance also has to the special reward, when the time comes contributed coin that definitely to be needless saying that large bundle was waiting.” secure said. Was right, I thought that our entrances and few room of mountains do not cope, what grievances in this also has?” Xia Tian asked. Naturally had, actually each entrance some small grievances, there is mixing is quite good, for example our entrance is on good terms is great Fengshan and Mount Qingcheng, our entrance mutual hatred is few room of mountains, why as for mutual hatred that must ask that pill worked, she is clearer than me.” secure said.

„?” Xia Tian looked that spirits to pill: Senior Sister? What's the matter?” Reason that our day Lingshan also can only keep the fifth position to the present reluctantly is because the scarlet disciple mortality rate of day Lingshan is very high, beforehand I do not know that but seven years ago that time I personally have experienced, is few room of mountains gives under us to wrap intentionally, final eight scarlet disciple my live, if not secure rescues my, I also died.” pill said spirit. Murder? Doesn't the sounds of nature city manage?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, he thinks is only mumps, but has not thought that unexpectedly is so serious, the scarlet disciple goes to eight dead seven. How to manage? Without the evidence, moreover at that time we do not know is the wraps under few room of mountain, voluntarily goes.” pill spirit helpless shaking the head. No wonder five elders saw the person who few room of mountains so will be impolite.” Xia Tian understands why finally five elders were angry, whose this trades to do is that must be angry: This was unable to speak out about one's grievances we such to eat?” Em, does not eat does not have the means that the school that few room of mountains are on good terms hammers Jinshan, all that they make how hammer Jinshan possibly not to know.” pill mentioned the time mood of this matter spirit also very excitedly. Good, did not raise this matter, since their this, our time must let air vent well in the competition.” Xia Tian hurried shift topic: Was right, the competition is held? What competition way?” Way of competition every time different, what is invariable, the person of small entrance to fighting small entrance, the person of medium entrance to fighting medium entrance, in eight big entrances each other resists, but sounds of nature City Lord also only watches competitions between eight big entrances.” secure answered. Concrete contest rule does not know, but is a little invariable, among the scarlet disciples does not compete the strength, the competion, Pill Refining, the refiner, with Formation.” pill said spirit.

„, For to avoid fighting the time presents the casualties all not to make the scarlet disciple compete with?” Xia Tian very puzzled asking, he does not understand why does not make the scarlet disciple compete with, after all the competition of scarlet disciple most has the quality of being worth looking. Scarlet disciple makes mission outside majority, like Abao, he definitely cannot come back to participate to compete, therefore competes, if lets on the scarlet disciple, that was not fair.” secure said. The scarlet disciples are very busy. ! The gate was shoved open, was five elders comes back: You, few one, you go to call to me Yuanyuan, this time contest rule has very big change, we must study well, this is the concrete rule, you look.” Five elders threw scroll to them. When they saw the rule that on scroll records all has opened the mouth: This plays the person?”