Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1656

Saw time all people who contest rule were shocked. This year's contest rule is this.” Five elders are also very helpless saying. At this time what on scroll writes is this entrance greatly compared with custom, this custom and old times disparity were too big. This entrance greatly compared with custom is: Integral system. White clothing disciple three people carry on group war, defeats a round match to obtain an integral. Each entrance can carry on four times random to the war, each time is the ways of ballot, wins one time an integral, if appears has several groups simultaneously to obtain four integrals, then the final several groups will carry on a time tangled warfare, the person who finally wins will obtain an integral once more. Then carries on the black clothing disciple to the war, most abnormal is not the black clothing disciple to the war, but is the black clothing disciple to the war is the black clothing disciple and white clothing disciple resists together, six people of competitions. Custom or random ballot system. However one time wins is two integrals, if several groups in these round simultaneously obtain eight integrals finally, that will place in an arena to carry on one time always to fight a decisive battle once more, the team of achievement obtains two integrals again. Then is among the yellow clothes disciples to war. Yellow clothes disciple to fighting is the yellow clothes disciple + black clothing disciple + white clothing disciple nine people together and opposite party to the war, one time wins to obtain three integrals, altogether four rounds. Finally is the showdown between scarlet disciples.

The showdown between scarlet disciples is different from the old times, Formation that although competed, refiner and Pill Refining, but this Pill Refining, the refiner, the Formation middle can change players, this can make up for on spiritual energy to be insufficient, moreover can cooperation Pill Refining, so long as were a disciple, no matter yellow clothes disciple, the black clothing disciple or was the white clothing disciples can help, but one time most can only have a person to help, showdown time ten integrals between scarlet disciples. Has saying that today's competition changed greatly, what sounds of nature City Lord this regarding as important is the team match, in the past was personally to the war, but this unexpectedly were least is three people to the war, most was nine people. In this case, that must look at the coordination. Although black clothing disciple and yellow clothes disciple to fighting inside white clothing disciples can enter the war, but everybody only thinks that the white clothing disciple is only serves as a stopgap, will not have the major function, after all the yellow clothes disciple waved to defeat the white clothing disciple casually. Therefore and nobody favors this team match. This time competition was serious, coming the outlying hill main to tell, you obtained an integral, that entrance on reward 10,000 contribution coins, if can few room of mountains getting so far as under us, a that person can obtain 5000 contribution coins, if can attain the first three quotas, then the reward turned time.” Five elders encourage to say. This reward mechanism has the function regarding these people. Below especially yellow clothes disciple. The white clothing disciple usually wants to obtain 100 integrals is very difficult, so long as now wins, three people can obtain 10,000 contribution coins, this has saying that must get rich . Moreover the integral that more in the future fight will obtain will be higher, that contribution coin also will be naturally more. No wonder that many people want to participate in this time entrance big ratio, this reward was also too rich. At this time on -the-spot these people all one's blood bubbles up to the brim.

Competition is three days later, prepared, over the two days do not fight with others as far as possible, preserves stamina.” Five elders have issued the order, afterward he looked continued to say to Xia Tian and the others: Was right, I you told first an ability of eight big entrance, like this you to war can also have a psychology to prepare.” Hears here time, scene the meeting by chance person all looked to five elders, besides the scarlet disciple, other people did not understand that several other entrance Expert abilities, they happen to can listen now Our day Lingshan was needless saying that said that great Fengshan, great Fengshan recruited the disciple time, the main attribute was earth water different attribute, therefore the forms of defensive action of their this entrance majority of keeping to be famous, their entrance strongest was called defends absolutely, was the earth water double attribute defense \; What Mount Qingcheng is fiercest is Leg Technique, their carriages are exquisite, speed incredibly fast, moreover on leg Kungfu unusual \; The people of few room of mountains are mixed, but not fine, but they often can exit not to be easy to catch off guard \; The Kamibayashiyama entire mountain is wooden attribute, their forms of defensive action are quite unitary, the Realm higher person strength is stronger.” Five elders patient answered. Hears five elders to say here time, everybody understood, the climax must come. Because the remaining three entrances were the strongest three entrances, these three entrances were the past top three. Hammers the Jinshan strongest skill on the refiner, every year refiner these ten integrals are their, nobody can rob, moreover their Spirit Tool are many, therefore usually to war the method will appear will emerge one after another incessantly, why this also will be they can maintain the first reason \; The wonderful Danshan strongest skill is Pill Refining, every year the Pill Refining ten integrals are their, way unusual violence that they attack, because they do not care about the consumption of compounded drug, has the consumption to take the compounded drug \; A god mountain, their attacks are not too strong, but also has many Expert, what they are strongest is Formation, every year the Formation ten integrals are their.” Five elders all explained the fierce places of eight big entrances. These people silently all at heart, because everybody who he said understands, this concerns their following to the war, what match bumps into on the use what ability. Has remembered, although the entrance puts out the reward, but if the you fifth position has not preserved, that entrance all rewards all cancel.” Five elders said. Relax, five elders wrap on us.” At this time they have plenty of fight in one.

Good, I looked your, was right, Xia Tian wound did not have, to war you protected to select him as far as possible, moreover he can also defeat the enemy by a surprise attack.” Five elders look that the people on the scene said. I am not vulnerable.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Attention security.” Five elders reminded. Elder, is not good, Yuanyuan Senior Sister fought the people of few room of mountains.” At this moment challenged the enemy to battle Yuanyuan's black clothing disciple to run a moment ago. What?” Five elder brows immediately a wrinkle: This Yuanyuan, how can stir up trouble at this time, the fellows of that gang few room of mountains will definitely look for trouble, now was good , the intermediate total, walked, we had a look, cannot make others bully our day Lingshan nobody.” Five elders wave, the people followed directly. When they arrive on the avenue, discovered that Yuanyuan has fought a scarlet girl student at this time, but obviously Yuanyuan radically is not the match of opposite party.