Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1657

At this time Yuanyuan retreats in defeat again and again. Reason that Yuanyuan can become scarlet disciple , because she is in day Lingshan the Formation strongest person, day Lingshan needs Formation Expert, therefore she became the scarlet disciple, after becoming the scarlet disciple, everybody also gives her the face, after all, everyone said that does not permit to use anyone. Moreover her also cohabitant, ranks 16 th in the scarlet list, is a super talent, strength formidable, it is said is also the destiny adds the person of body. Yuanyuan also slightly has the achievement on a Formation way, but he to war was insufficient above the experience, although her Realm was not low, but quick fell leeward. Stops to me.” Five elders give a loud shout. Afterward five elders rushed directly, Yuanyuan will pull back. Snort, the disciple strength of day Lingshan was really more and more bad, similarly was the scarlet disciple, unexpectedly such quickly reveals the defeat.” Saying that the elders of few room of mountains disdain. So long as the situation were individual looks, Yuanyuan is inferior, if were not five elders gets rid, that had more than enough 100 moves, he will end the defeat. She is cultivation Formation, is not cultivation to the war, if you want to hit, can ask Abao to hit.” Five elder expression ice-cold saying. Said real dexterous, cultivation Formation, is meaning i.e. she a vase? Can look, but is unusable, can't hit cultivation to be useful? Fights also wants match to wait first, making you arrange Formation first? Really funny, do not place the mouth Abao all day, doesn't your day Lingshan have a Abao? Besides Abao, getting rid that you also who can take?” Elder very impolite saying of few room of mountains. Hears his words, disciple complexions of day Lingshan are ugly. They may be the talents of day Lingshan, but unexpectedly is said besides Abao now nobody. Is disinclined with you flaunt the rapidness of argument, the competition the time sees the true facts.” Five elders do not know that should say any good. Ha Ha Ha Ha, day Lingshan always so, hits clamps the tail to escape.” The elders of few room of mountains laugh were saying that hears his words, the person complexion of scene is ugly. „To fight? Come, I accompany you, was our day spirit seven child year to year does not begin some people to forget our given name.” In the bodies of five elders erupted the formidable imposing manner.

You also on this skill, the entrance following nobody, can only support the honor by yourself, but I am very curious, where your day spirit are seven child at? The seventh child died \; The second child is a disabled person, the waste that lives to might as well die \; The strength strongest Boss has also been missing after the arm, now remaining four people, directly have only changed name to the day spirit four child to be good, didn't the person have also took the given name to come out, whom frighten?” Saying that the elders of few room of mountains ridiculed. At this time in Xia Tian knowledge sea. Hateful, hateful, irritated me, if I were also living, I must teach this fellow maliciously.” Day spirit second child angry shouting. Was good, do not shout that I vented anger for you.” Xia Tian soon by the day spirit second child quarrelling insanely. I warned you, if you dare to insult our day spirit again seven, I have killed you.” Five elders this time moved really have killed the heart, the day spirit seven child were in his life the most glorious time. Although their seven appear has not been happy, but the second child and seventh child died, dead for big, he does not allow others to insult them again. Snort, I said.” Bang! The long proverb of few room of mountains had not said that complete individual flew, sees such situation, the people stare, everybody has not looked to understand that this is a matter, was five elders begins? But five elders also stand in same place. The elder bodies of few room of mountains knock down to stop the big tree of roadside, saw the tree but actually, nearby city Wei Jun came directly. The sounds of nature city are usually many in the person who on the avenue fights, but little has to touch the scoundrel, once bumped badly the thing, that needs to lose money. Who is destroys the trees?” One team of city Wei Jun walked directly. City Wei Jun wears a silver neat uniform.

Trees, ten efficacious medicines, altogether 15 low grade spirit stone.” City Wei Jun noticed that the destroyed situation said directly. Gives you.” The elders of few room of mountains have not cared about 15 low grade spirit stone, after all he does not want to offend city Wei Jun. Em, has remembered, on the same day in fine double.” City Wei Jun warned. The elders of few room of mountains nod hurriedly. But at this moment, his body flew once more. Bang! Also was a tree is knocked down, was more than ten efficacious medicines is also destroyed. Altogether one trees, 12 efficacious medicines, normal 17 low grade spirit stone, because your day violates a regulation twice, fine double, 34 low grade spirit stone, have remembered, next time also double.” City Wei Jun warned. At this time the people on the scene hoodwinked. They do not understand the elder who few room of mountains is actually doing? Also had not seen that some people get rid to him, is he playing from the oppressive game? Moreover he not only from oppressive, but also is spending spirit stone from oppressively, money many does not need such to waste again. Who is? Has the skill necking not to shrink the tail, leave to me.” Elder angry saying of few room of mountains, his vision took a fast look around on the bodies of surrounding these people at the same time, but who he does not have the feeling to assume the post to have the incorrect place. Bang! At this moment.

His body flew once more, this time flies horizontally, that row of efficacious medicines and trees were all destroyed. Ten trees, 300 efficacious medicines, normal 350, turned two times a moment ago, 700, turn two times again, 1400 low grade spirit stone, I warned you, if you thought that your money many continued to play here, we accompanied you.” City Wei Jun thinks the elder who few room of mountains is goes crazy in this, because nobody noticed radically he was hit. The surroundings do not have the trace of strength of any element. I do not have.” The elders of few room of mountains felt one were too injust, although he does not have, but he money handing over, after all these trees and efficacious medicines was given to destroy by him, he should lose money. Continue, we are waiting in this.” These city Wei Jun simply do not walk. I do not have.” The long proverb of few room of mountains had not said that his body in one time flew, this time hit in his behind store directly, but his behind store jade carving shop. Bang! Store entrance that several counters crush instantaneously, inside expression also falls everywhere is. This must compensate how much money, the rich man is lavish.” Xia Tian very anticipation looked that said to city Wei Jun. At this time five elders and the others all are strange looked to Xia Tian.