Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1658

This time was shocked on priceless Wei Jun. Their this time has determined, the elders of few room of mountains are not look for trouble for oneself absolutely. Because the elder of this few room of mountains owed in a big way. This.” City Wei Jun does not know that at this time should say any was good. Fellow Sirs, should calculate that money, all right, you're welcome, these several times of several times, they are the people of few room of mountains, the big entrance, is not short of money.” Xia Tian looks the person who these city Wei Jun said. At this time the disciples in five elder and these days Lingshan all look at Xia Tian, they think that this time matter is absolutely related with Xia Tian. Visits me to do, although my long is very graceful, leads compared with the crown prince, but you think so me, I will be also embarrassed.” Xia Tian very shy saying. Hears his words, the people once more is a heavy line of face. The tree does not want the skin, must die without doubt \; The people are not concerned about face, unmatched in the world. Realm that Xia Tian is not concerned about face is unmatched, even can be said as the unparalleled in the world. The Xia Tian appearance is truly graceful, but if compares with the crown prince, that also really has no way to compare, the charm of crown prince broke the human conventional commander-in-chief, but Xia Tian after the baptism of years, his body were more a charm of mature man. One type can give people security sense the charm. At this time Boss of jade carving shop also ran, saw after own entrance broken jade carving, looked at city Wei Jun: This.” Calculates, they now are eight times, four times turn over to you, another four times turn over to City Lord Mansion, moreover you must come out the detailed list row.” City Wei Jun said directly. Does not need to consider as finished, that two counter inside jade carving altogether value 40,000 low grade spirit stone, the cost price is 30,000 low grade spirit stone, since they are the people of few room of mountains, that presses the cost price to walk.” Boss of jade carving shop said.

30,000 eight times, are 240,000 low grade spirit stone.” City Wei Jun looked that said to the elders of few room of mountains. 240,000. 240,000 low grade spirit stone. Hears this digit time, all people were all shocked. 240,000 low grade spirit stone, moreover this is Boss walks according to the cost price, otherwise is 320,000 low grade spirit stone, hears this digit time, the people know finally the public security in sounds of nature city so was why good. Because this number sibilant is not the ordinary person could bear. However is few room of mountain big enterprise has lots of assets, these 200,000 low grade spirit stone their also anxiety. 240,000!” The elders of few room of mountains have held breath cold air. We do not want to feel embarrassed you, but this is the custom, you make a payment, otherwise we have the right to catch you, when the time comes was not the matter of money, must from get the person by your mountain marriage go-between.” City Wei Jun looks the elder who few room of mountains said. Hateful!” The elders of few room of mountains clenched teeth, afterward a face angry looks to five elders: I know that definitely is the ghost who you do, I will certainly make you pay the price.” Price? Really fearful, 240,000 low grade spirit stone.” Saying that a Xia Tian face badly smiles. The elders of few room of mountains saw Xia Tian badly after smiling, understood: Brat, is the ghost who you do, I will certainly not let off your.” This is only a lesson, later spoke the time limelight, others family in this you and a grandson are equally honest, others, you did not start to bluff and bluster.” The Xia Tian expression transfers suddenly coldly. Brat, I have killed you.” Hears the Xia Tian words, the elders of few room of mountains must erupt instantaneously.

He enough was angry, compensated the anger of these much money also finally to erupt. Few room of seventh child, your left half. Did the stock also hurt?” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say suddenly. Hears these words time, the elder complexions of few room of mountains suddenly change, his face strange looks to Xia Tian: Actually are you who?” Is slices off you partly. Stock that person of friend.” Xia Tian ridicule smiles. At this time the vision of all people looked to the elders of few room of mountains, but the elders of few room of mountains similarly have also covered themselves, although others definitely were anything could not notice that but he as if can feel the vision of others that taunt. Hateful, you told that disabled person, sooner or later I must make him not seek livehood, asked unable.” The elders of few room of mountains clenched teeth, threw own Chu bag to city Wei Jun directly: Low-grade goods spirit stone is definitely insufficient, but in also has some spirit stone and compounded drugs also has Spirit Tool, in addition the affirmation was enough.” Good.” After city Wei Jun received Chu Wudai nodded, afterward looked said to Boss of jade carving shop: Tomorrow takes the money.” Troubled.” Boss respectful saying of jade carving shop. Compensated. Elder time of few room of mountains was to compensate has sent greatly, he felt that he has compensated to spit blood, these many years savings, such all of a sudden all did not have, he has not dared to say anything, after all here was the Rank 5 city. If he dares not to give money, that these city Wei Jun will begin to make an arrest, but if he dares to revolt, that will bring in many Expert, when the time comes has brought in the secret camp accidentally, that troublesome was big. When the time comes was not issue of losing money. Therefore this time can only eat this to be unable to speak out about one's grievances. We walk.” Few room of mountains saying of elder face darken, his just before leaving time stared Xia Tian one maliciously.

The elders of few room of mountains this time compensated the madame to fold the soldier. Qian Pei, the face also lost completely. Five elders look at Yuanyuan very seriously: You clearly know that now immediately remains to participate to compete, your hasn't unexpectedly in this time intermediate total, you known few room of mountains the goals?” Is they provokes first my.” Saying that Yuanyuan is not convinced. You are the scarlet disciple in day Lingshan, cannot get rid casually, if you have the assurance that wins steadily to be good, you do know that you will lose the honor of day after tomorrow Lingshan also to lose, this was the opposite party goal.” Five elders reproved: This time , if not the Xia Tian help, our day Lingshan this time person lost in a big way, in the past thanked Xia Tian.” I do not go.” Yuanyuan has rejected directly, she has a grudge with Xia Tian, her mansion is stranded by Xia Tian now, moreover she thinks that own today was taught is related with Xia Tian. Therefore she looked that Xia Tian was not feeling well. secure.” At this moment, a person ran over. The people know him, he is Mount Qingcheng little advocates Yelyu Wen. Yelyu Wen, must compete immediately, how you also everywhere run.” Five elders said his one. Five teacher's younger brothers, you also know that I am a person who cannot idle.” Yelyu Wen said that looked said to secure: secure, I had discovered a good place, there today will it is said sell Top Grade hot attribute Spirit Tool, goes not to have a look?”