Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1659

„„ Goes!” Has not waited for secure to comply, Xia Tian opened the mouth. „Are this brothers?” Hears the Xia Tian words, Yelyu Wen asked. He is Xia Tian.” secure said. Xia Tian? Are you Xia Tian? Are you that dare with Xia Tian that Abao does against?” Yelyu Wen immediately a face worship looks to Xia Tian, regarding him, Xia Tian is the legend. Abao's formidable, that is without a doubt. In the entire serious famine eight big entrances have not known his. Moreover sounds of nature City Lord also gave him to appraise caret-shaped: Young person with outstanding ability, the hero is unparalleled.” This is the Abao fiercest place. His reputation was getting bigger and bigger. When his yellow clothes disciple, stated that has broadcast, after he became the scarlet disciple, has held many important matters, causes a stir in some matters of serious famine. Executes villain day, kills overlord Lu Ying, extinguishes tiger Dragon Zhai, these may be very proud successes. Sounds of nature City Lord is also appreciates to him. Xia Tian unexpectedly dares to do against with Abao, this sufficiently has proven his courage and wisdom and strength, although Xia Tian is only a white clothing disciple, courage and wisdom Yelyu Wen is not that type looks at the person of person from the clothes. He only regards as important the strength. Also do some people pretend to be me?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. I am not that meaning, has not thought that you so are young, was really too extraordinary, such young dares to do against with Abao, initially I heard this news time has not believed that sees today, was really lives up to reputation.” Yelyu Wen said. Has saying that his news is very quick, the crown prince they and black clothing disciples does not know this matter.

Although their this also saw many surprised from the body of Xia Tian all the way, but they hear Xia Tian unexpectedly to dare with Abao to holding is also very surprised, after all Abao regarding them is only a legend. Was right, is the hot attribute treasure that you said where at?” Xia Tian asked. „, In front, I gets you to go, has not come out, it is said one will come out, comes out to auction, price high results.” Yelyu Wen said. Your this group of youngster go, I do not go, has remembered, do not stir up trouble.” Five elder injunctions said. Truly cannot stir up trouble in the sounds of nature city. Because cannot stir up. Looked like were few moment ago room of mountains elder, has compensated 240,000 low grade spirit stone, these many low grade spirit stone that were not coming out that everyone took. Relax, Master, even if stirred up trouble to have Xia Tian, we will not suffer a loss.” secure said with a smile secretly. You, go.” Five elders know that has Xia Tian, that should not have the issue, even if has had an accident, will not suffer a loss absolutely. Although Yuanyuan has not apologized, but she looks at Xia Tian wickedly, she more and more hates Xia Tian now, she wished one could to kill Xia Tian directly: Hateful, when he came back, I must make him help me kill you.” Xia Tian and secure followed Yelyu Wen directly, the pill spirit several females were window-shopped, the woman arrived at this big city, generally that most liked window-shopped. The Rank 5 city is different from other places, here luxury goods are many. All kinds of things are innumerable, therefore here is also the heaven that the woman shops, pill spirits their three is the scarlet disciple, Zhao Yushu, although is the yellow clothes disciple, but her spirit stone are also many, but after all she day Yong city Zhao Family daughter. Other yellow clothes disciples helped to window-shop, the black clothing disciple helped, Tang three and crown princes were walk alone, but they have changed the civilian clothes, after all they also feared that annoyed troublesome. Day lower jaw. Was here.” Yelyu Wen said.

At this time the inside of day lower jaw came many people, because everybody heard that here had the treasure to come out, therefore they all came, in this also the disciples of some big entrances. Symbol Xia Tian from their clothes also guessed correctly the status of these people. That side hammers the scarlet disciple in Jinshan, what although hammers Jinshan to be fiercest is the refiner, but their striking power are also very formidable, in the past Abao swept away invincibly, but defeats, in has hammered in the hand of Jinshan disciple, therefore has only attained second.” secure answered. „? Abao did unexpectedly also lose?” Asking of Xia Tian doubts. Em, strength very formidable of this person, he is double attribute, is the hot [gold/metal] double attribute, belongs to attack the strongest two attributes.” secure said. „Does he name?” Xia Tian asked again. Jiujiang.” Yelyu Wenkai gave an oral account. His side that person should be the recent crest of wave strongest [gold/metal] has ruled by force, it is said his talent not compared with the Jiujiang child difference, moreover he among the relations with Jiujiang is good, he is this year's scarlet disciple following strength is strongest.” secure answered. Bang! At this moment outside clashes one person. Is a scarlet disciple, his symbol Kamibayashiyama. Gold is overbearing, you leave to me, you injure my younger brother, today I must abandon you.” That scarlet disciple shouts loudly, hears his words, all people all looked at the vision to him. Fast returns at once.” Jiujiang child facial color tranquil saying, on his face does not have any fluctuation. Also had not worried, meaning that has not gotten rid to help. Em.” After [gold/metal] Badao nodded, walked directly. Saw that some good plays looked, the surrounding person all followed.

We also have a look.” Xia Tian is very curious, [gold/metal] overbearing yellow clothes disciple, but the opposite party is a scarlet disciple, but why isn't Jiu Jiang worried? Meaning that also has not gotten rid to help. Can the [gold/metal] certainly defeat that scarlet disciple overbearingly? Between the scarlet disciples and yellow clothes disciples are disparities essentially. Who is the scarlet disciple in that Kamibayashiyama?” Xia Tian asked. Is Kamibayashiyama scarlet list 15 th Expert, called the forest village, strength two cauldron Rank 2, was established Expert.” secure answered. „Is that [gold/metal] overbearing?” Xia Tian asked. Gold overbearing is cauldron Rank 7 Expert.” Yelyu Wen said. Such big disparity, cauldrons and two cauldrons disparities between are so big, how does he win?” Asking of Xia Tian doubts. Does not know that we have not seen him to get rid, but heard that he had achieved many great accomplishments recently.” secure shook the head. Really is interesting.” Xia Tian was a little also surprised, if he does not put out the card in a hand that these breakneck, he definitely is unable with two cauldron Expert resistances, but Expert of this [gold/metal] overbearing unexpectedly to fighting two cauldron Rank 2 also such has the self-confidence. Gold is overbearing, you hit to be remnant my younger brother leg, I hit to be remnant today your two legs.” Forest village angry looks that the [gold/metal] said overbearingly. Five moves, since you think being cut off both legs, in my five moves was cut off your both legs to be good.” Gold overbearing smiling saying.