Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1660

Smiling face on [gold/metal] Badao the face appears some rude and unreasonable. Hears his words, the people on the scene think his boast shamelessly. Yellow clothes disciple unexpectedly said that takes the both legs of five moves of interruption scarlet disciples, this is really the joke. Although hammers Jinshan is in eight big entrances the strongest entrance, but this did not represent his yellow clothes disciple the scarlet disciples with Kamibayashiyama to contend. Say nothing of anything five incurred. You, if five moves can break my both legs, I commit suicide here.” The forest village is self-confident to own strength, he had also heard the [gold/metal] is overbearing, naturally also knows the [gold/metal] overbearing strength. Is disinclined to waste the time with you.” [gold/metal] Badao said that has fired into the forest village directly. He gets rid, in the right hand presented Fang Tianhua a halberd. ! Fang Tian draws that moment that the halberd presents, the surrounding [gold/metal] element vanishes instantaneously. Ultimate Spirit Tool.” Person who develops this condition all surprised looked that draws the halberd to Fang Tian in [gold/metal] overbearing hand, this Fang Tian draws halberd unexpectedly is ultimate Spirit Tool. What?” What the forest village sends in the cash overbearing hand is ultimate Spirit Tool time is also startled. But ultimate Spirit Tool most precious object. Say nothing was the weapon of ultimate Spirit Tool rank. That is the rare treasure, obtained a weapon of ultimate Spirit Tool rank, that can definitely jump the ranks to challenge, regardless of anybody, so long as he obtained ultimate Spirit Tool, that can jump the ranks the challenge, do not say that is ultimate Spirit Tool, can obtain Advanced Spirit Tool also to jump the ranks to challenge. The weapon of Advanced Spirit Tool rank is no one can have.

In the scarlet disciple also only then some strength opportunity good talented people have. In forest village takes is the weapon of Intermediate Spirit Tool rank. The weapon and between the weapons of ultimate Spirit Tool of rank Intermediate Spirit Tool rank the disparity is not the tiny bit. unexpectedly is the weapon of ultimate Spirit Tool rank.” Xia Tian and the others all surprisedly look that in [gold/metal] overbearing hand draws the halberd Fang Tian, Xia Tian thinks own luck was very good, but do not have the weapon of ultimate Spirit Tool rank, now the Xia Tian strongest weapon is [gold/metal] Dao, but [gold/metal] Dao in sharp degree invincible, is not suitable usually to the war. Although the day cold sword is immortal. But it now is condition of damage, is used to the words of war, besides the above cold attribute, without any superiority. Can say Xia Tian Xia Tian is used to fighting strongest the weapon from day spirit second child there lane the weapons of three types of high-grade goods Spirit Tool ranks. Although he has the wrister of treasure rank, but this is not a weapon, moreover now this wrister is also not the complete body, otherwise suppresses this ultimate Spirit Tool not to have any difficulty. Has not thought, his unexpectedly has the weapon of ultimate Spirit Tool rank.” secure surprised saying. „The weapon of ultimate Spirit Tool rank has own special attribute, does not know that this draws the special attribute of halberd Fang Tian is anything.” Yelyu Wen looks at the Fang Tianhua halberd in [gold/metal] overbearing hand curiously. Is from out of the blue!” Xia Tian saying slowly. From out of the blue? What is that?” secure puzzled asking. Simple point said that disregards the defense, most at least can disregard by his Realm to two cauldron Rank 1 to the defense of Rank 2.” Xia Tian answered. What? Such abnormal? No wonder he dares to fighting forest village.” secure surprised saying. Ultimate Spirit Tool, although is good, but he is not simple, he should be the sole metallicity physique, although is only the single attribute, but his metallicity very formidable, in addition this ultimate Spirit Tool, his strength very formidable.” Xia Tian said.

! [gold/metal] Badao has gotten rid, he was direct to divide in the flash of getting rid to the head of forest village. The surroundings of forest village start to present timbo. These timbos have formed a giant encirclement ring, protects him in the middle. Bang! ! The timbo blasted out directly. What?” On the face of forest village immediately one startled, his move of defensive power formidable, ordinary two cauldron Expert want to break this defense to need to spend very big Kungfu, but [gold/metal] overbearing unexpectedly only used one move to break his defense at this time. Snort, collapses at the first blow.” Saying that [gold/metal] Badao disdains. Hateful, your unexpectedly dares to despise me.” The anger of forest village has also come up, the long sword in right hand flings. Wooden peg sword! Dozens wooden stakes have encircled the [gold/metal] instantaneously overbearingly. Before me, all attacks and defenses is invalid.” [gold/metal] Badao hand Fang Tian in draws the halberd to open greatly gathers greatly, periphery that more than ten wooden stakes all will strike directly to fly, at the same time, the [gold/metal] has killed the front of forest village overbearingly, Fang Tian in right hand has drawn the halberd to sweep to the both legs of forest village, these, if were hit, the both legs of that forest village abandoned. Gold overbearing attack is vigorous and resolute, without any fancy, this style usually is suffers a loss to the war, but [gold/metal] reported at this time the weapon in hand is ultimate Spirit Tool, therefore not only has not suffered a loss, but also gives back to the feeling that person one type is unable to contend with. Meets hardly? Can't catch, defends? Cannot defend, dodges? Too near, cannot shunt.

The forest village hurried own body covers entirely the wooden stake around, at the same time the long sword in his hand also draws the halberd to keep off to Fang Tian. dāng! When the sword and Fang in Tian his hand draw the halberd to hit in together, the sword in his hand cut off directly, moreover his defense also directly disintegrates, the whole person was collapsed to fly directly. Really was disappoints me, three moves.” Saying that [gold/metal] Badao disdains. „The attack of good formidable, his aggressinogen was sharp, in addition ultimate Spirit Tool, that was invincible.” secure says with emotion. „, His person is truly most formidabe.” Yelyu Wen said. How to fight such match?” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, during his following competition will run into this person, because during the competion between yellow clothes disciples Xia Tian they definitely to this person, by the strengths of day Lingshan these disciples, absolutely nobody can catch Fang Tian in his hand to draw the halberd, even if Xia Tian cannot catch. This time [gold/metal] rushed to the front of forest village overbearingly once more, Fang Tian in his hand drew the halberd to cut directly to the both legs of forest village, the forest village has dodged at this time without enough time. Rao Renchu and circles the person, the [gold/metal] is overbearing, cultivates the behavior should not be too overbearing.” At this moment the sound conveys together, afterward a green long sword blocked Fang Tian to draw the attack of halberd directly. This person is also yellow clothes disciple. The sign from his clothes can look, he is the disciple in wonderful Danshan, but the weapon in his hand is also ultimate Spirit Tool. azure pill, your what meaning?” [gold/metal] Badao looked that asked to azure pill. I do not have any meaning, [gold/metal] is overbearing, he lost, lets off his one time.” azure pill said me lightly. „It is not good, is he provokes on own initiative my.” Gold overbearingly very aggressive saying.