Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1661

Sees presents a super talent again, moreover in the hand takes also when is ultimate Spirit Tool, the person all does not know that should say any was good. Today's talent specially are probably many.” Xia Tian says with emotion. Truly, first did not say that you is a monster, solely said that the crown prince in our day Lingshan, this [gold/metal] is overbearing and azure pill, is the super talent . Moreover the strength is one by one terrorist, now does not know that other entrance what, presented the talent that anything goes against heaven's will.” secure says with emotion. This time entrance big ratio, seemed to be more than past many super talents.” Yelyu Wen said. In the past presented several Advanced Spirit Tool to be surprising, but this unexpectedly presented two ultimate Spirit Tool directly, our day Lingshan also only then in Shan Zhu the hand had ultimate Spirit Tool, hammered Jinshan and wonderful Danshan is really filthy rich.” secure helpless shaking the head. „A Pill Refining entrance, an entrance of refiner, according to the truth should be poor must die, which their comes that many resources to give these person of cultivation?” Xia Tian very puzzled saying, he is very curious, each Pill Refining master or the refiner master need to spend the big resources to carry on training, do these two big entrance that many people, they give these person of cultivation? This is not issue, they recruit the disciple are very strict, either you are the super talent, either you must be able to come in richly, therefore the resources majority of these two entrances are the disciple contributes, moreover they just started in the cultivation time entrance only to need them to put out few resources, lets them according to fixed way cultivation, resources affirmation insufficient cultivation that gives, therefore they meet to try to find the solution, therefore these two entrances, but very rich, moreover they refine the compounded drug and weapon entrance that comes out are the recycling, does not give them money, but entrance actually. These resources sell out.” secure answered. Is so black!” Xia Tian says with emotion. Actually this is also very normal, although these two entrances are black to the ordinary disciple, but they look after to these elite disciples, so long as you have the talent, you are willing to try hard, that entrance will definitely look after your, when the time comes ruthlessly pounds the resources toward you on.” secure said. Plunders from the ordinary disciple, is used to train the elite disciple, this is also a positive cycle.” Xia Tian nodded. Visits them quickly, must hit.” At this moment Yelyu Wenkai gave an oral account. Xia Tian and secure looked directly to the front two.

This time [gold/metal] is overbearing and azure pill there to holding. azure pill, you make way to me.” The [gold/metal] received the smiling face on face overbearingly. Does not let.” azure pill shook the head, Kamibayashiyama and wonderful Danshan are always on good terms, azure pill and forest village are also good friends, therefore he naturally cannot look that the both legs of forest village destroyed in the [gold/metal] overbearing hand. azure pill, this time is you have the mistake in first, do not compel me.” [gold/metal] Badao said. This is 10,000 low grade spirit stone, I use these to buy his both legs, if you do not agree, our two put together life and death in this, then no one can call out pitifully to compete, doesn't your goal defeat Abao becomes with your Senior Brother Jiujiang same extraordinary person? If you have missed this opportunity, you should regret.” azure pill threw a Chu bag to the [gold/metal] was overbearing. [gold/metal] Badao a brow wrinkle, stared a azure pill afterward: Not next time.” He knows azure pill's strength, if he and painting to, that finally he won here also possibly is the hard victory, three days later was the entrance greatly compared with day, although the competition of yellow clothes disciple, once he has been injured, that definitely will affect the competition. Won! Wins clean attractive. The [gold/metal] ruled by force by the strength of yellow clothes disciple has defeated the scarlet disciple in Kamibayashiyama, these increased his many reputation without doubt. Well, secure elder brother, you also in this.” azure pill has not gone to the control forest village again, after all he has rescued a forest village life, when he saw secure is direct to greet.

azure pill, your boy presently is an expert, in the past you also after my buttocks runs, now unexpectedly mixed ultimate Spirit Tool.” Saying that secure disguises to envy. secure elder brother, my this is not the luck is good, therefore gets so far as.” azure pill knows to ask about somebody's well being outstanding temperament, has not been serious. Your elder brother now how?” secure asked. How is it? Also such, acts like a madman, he was closed the back side of the mountain by the mountain lord.” azure pill's helpless shaking the head. Yeah, your elder brother's past talent was what a pity high, finally cannot escape sentiment character pass.” secure sighed, saying that very regrets. I have urged him, useless, he now is from time to time normal, from time to time goes crazy, goes crazy everyone not to know that I hit.” azure pill said. Was good, did not say that waits later to have the opportunity we to have a look to look for the rule by people good your elder brother.” secure has patted azure pill's shoulder. secure elder brother, you are also buy that treasure? I heard that this time treasure is good, does not know that is anything.” azure pill too many worries, possibly have not been he have been familiar with this matter. I also only heard that happen to together has a look.” secure said that several people walked directly. In this time day lower jaw the person were more than a moment ago, comes in 4,000-5,000 people, although the conference site of day lower jaw is very big, but 4,000-5,000 people also appeared a little crowded. Everybody, because here population were too many, therefore our Boss decision makes everybody go to the following auction market, that treasure will auction in the auction market, our auction markets can accommodate 30,000 people, therefore everybody did not need to be worried to crowd.” The steward of day lower jaw said loudly.

Hears his words, the people all moved toward the backyard. The auction market of day lower jaw is big. Xia Tian they sat down in middle position directly. Jiujiang child and [gold/metal] sat in the first row overbearingly. secure elder brother, we go to the first row to sit, there looks clear.” azure pill proposed. „, Or front you go to sit first.” secure shook the head, because this position is Xia Tian elects, which Xia Tian sits, he takes a seat. I and secure elder brother sit in this together.” azure pill the relations with secure is obviously good, a secure elder brother was calling. Everybody be please peaceful, I am day lower jaw Boss, below I announced the goods of this auction, although before everybody, heard the news of some auction goods, but everybody does not know was any thing, actually this thing I do not know how should say, because this thing was a bead, had the hot attribute bead, I looked at the bead the appearance to be the natural formation, therefore planned that took to sell, has a look person who had being able to judge the quality of goods, the starting bid price, must first together spirit stone.” The bead that Boss of day lower jaw will auction directly took. When the bead takes, in the hall of entire auction has all covered entirely the hot element. Is it!” On face of Xia Tian immediately one happy: Does not hesitate at all costs I to it buy.”