Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1662

Although everybody does not know that this bead is any thing. However the cultivation hot attribute people understand, this absolutely is a treasure. Because this bead just started by day lower jaw Boss with the box attire, when he opens that flash of box, the hot attribute instantaneous full house, in the entire room is the hot element. These was a fool also understands. This thing absolutely is hot element treasure. But Xia Tian when saw that this bead is also two shines. Really lacks anything to come anything. Fire spirit bead. Xia Tian currently in had the wood spirit bead and earth spirit bead, he does not have to think one quickly have such met the fire spirit bead, these spirit beads are the crystallization of world, does not refine artificially. Therefore this treasure may with not be possible to ask. Also because of so, therefore day after day lower jaw Boss this experienced person does not know this bead. This time arrived here person majority is the cultivation hot attribute people, they see this bead time, is two shines, although they do not know that this thing is any gadget, does not know how should use, what they can affirm, this thing definitely has the big use. 1000 low grade spirit stone.” Some people shout directly, gets rid is 1000 low grade spirit stone, has saying that this treasure has caused the ebullition of these people. „Does this treasure depend on 1000 low grade spirit stone also to buy? I leave 2000.” 3000.”

4000.” Price unceasing is increasing. 50,000 low grade spirit stone.” At this moment, sits opens the mouth to say in the first row of person suddenly. All people all looked to the first row of person, a moment ago started talking was not others, hammered scarlet disciple Jiujiang of Jinshan, looked that was he has bid, the scene many people gave up immediately directly. First because of the status and strength in that pendulum of Jiujiang, everybody is not wanting to offend him because of this time. Second is the price that because he opens was too high. 50,000 low grade spirit stone are not anybody leaves. The scene was all of a sudden peaceful. Boss of day lower jaw hears 50,000 low grade spirit stone this prices time is also unusual satisfaction, after all this price has gone beyond his expectation, he thinks before this bead can sell to 20,000 to 30,000 is the good price. At this moment. 200,000 low grade spirit stone.” This sound broke directly tranquilly. This sound conveys from the middle, the vision of all people all looked to there, because this price leap was too quick, from 50,000 flew upwards directly 200,000. Was implicated in the first row of Jiujiang child and [gold/metal] also turns head to look overbearingly to that position. secure is smiling looks to Xia Tian, sits then notes Xia Tian this person in his azure pill, although he has followed in secure side, but he had not gone to look at Xia Tian. What because Xia Tian puts on is a white clothing, therefore he thinks that Xia Tian is only a secure personal servant or the little brother.

Dares worthily with the person who Abao resists, is really graceful.” Yelyu Wen worships looks at Xia Tian. Boss of day lower jaw hears 200,000 the number wordata-titleime also to stare, he estimated is 20,000 to 30,000, but has not thought that some unexpectedly people bid 200,000 low grade spirit stone. „Can boy, you take?” [gold/metal] Badao looked that asked to Xia Tian. Snort, the name of our day Lingshan continues these 200,000 low grade spirit stone.” secure cold snort said that he most could not look is others is looking down upon Xia Tian. secure, you did not fear that the wind dodged the tongue greatly, who when you you are? Did you regard as yourself are really Abao? Abao a few words value money, perhaps but you are unworthy.” Gold overbearingly very impolite saying. „Does Boss, need me to take now money?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Boss of day lower jaw. Does not need, name absolute value money of day Lingshan.” Boss of day lower jaw is also a bright person. At this time the people sized up Xia Tian, although the [gold/metal] said overbearingly, but everybody understands, a secure such saying, that Xia Tian definitely with obtaining these 200,000 low grade spirit stone. Xia Tian also relaxed, this is his complete family belongings, although also has in these spirit stone, but spirit stone he must be used to exchange, after all he has 190,000 low grade spirit stone now. 300,000 low grade spirit stone.” At this moment the person opens the mouth to say once more. The first row, but is not Jiujiang, is not the [gold/metal] is overbearing. Master Xu.” secure sees the time brow wrinkle of this person. Xia Tian hears this digit time, on the face also presented the look of worrying. Has not thought that Master Lian Xu have also joined in the fun, normal, this time should not use, a god mountain sends out a scarlet disciple to be able after all casually to attain Formation first.” Yelyu Wen is also very curious saying. Not was only he came, the seat of honor of our wonderful Danshan also came.” azure pill's light saying.

Master Xu, are the god mountain seat of honor. 400,000 low grade spirit stone.” After secure looked at Xia Tian one, shouts directly. Hears secure to shout propaganda, Xia Tian strange looked to him. Your there has 200,000, here also has 200,000, just right 400,000.” secure shows a faint smile. Xia Tian does not know at this time really should say any was good, secure unexpectedly puts out his complete family belongings to help itself buy the fire spirit bead, he not artificial, after this favour him, certainly will give back to secure: Many thanks.” 500,000.” Jiujiang said. At this time Boss of day lower jaw could not say completely incoming call, shouting out the price of these people have gone beyond his expectation completely, he has a dream has not thought that this bead unexpectedly was sold such high price. Increases price? Don't you like increasing price? We hammer are the money that Jinshan most does not lack.” [gold/metal] Badao looked that said to Xia Tian and secure. Truly so, hammers Jinshan day Lingshan be wealthier, moreover at this time shouted out the price with them hammered the seat of honor big disciple in Jinshan, Jiujiang. Does not have money to come out to shout out the price on other student family.” Master Xu are also saying of coldly: 550,000 low grade spirit stone.” Sorry, my these many.” secure helpless shaking the head. Snort, secure, has remembered, too should not be serious oneself, even if Abao has no way to compare with my Senior Brother, say nothing of your this trivial scarlet list second.” [gold/metal] Badao spoke somewhat aggressively. The Xia Tian complexion was getting more and more ugly, he can tolerate others to say him, but he cannot tolerate others to insult his brothers: Your T. M. Is D very rich? The father leaves 200,000 low grade spirit stone, the sur- three Advanced Spirit Tool rank weapons, add on 100 million gathering miracle cures again.”