Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1663

Originally auction well. Became more and more anxious, just started is many people increases price together, finally turned has hammered the seat of honor of Jinshan, the god mountain seat of honor, competition between Xia Tian this day Lingshan white clothing disciples. Everybody also thinks Xia Tian definitely is the clumsy mischief-doer, finally anything cannot obtain, but also loses face. However they hear Xia Tian these words time, all was shocked. 200,000 low grade spirit stone, three Advanced Spirit Tool weapons, 100 million gathering miracle cures. Perhaps these three types of eastern Xidan take to be surprising, perhaps even if the ordinary scarlet disciple cannot take any is the same, but Xia Tian unexpectedly said these many things. 200,000 low grade spirit stone were needless saying that three Advanced Spirit Tool ranks the value of weapon was not low, the value 200,000 low grade spirit stone of weapon of Advanced Spirit Tool rank in the market condition, three was 600,000 low grade spirit stone. Moreover valuably does not have the city. As for the final poly miracle cure, that let present all people unable to say incoming call. Although the gathering miracle cure is only the Rank 2 compounded drug, but its output is low . Moreover the condition that refines is also harsh, but the effect is good, therefore this thing usually is very scarce. The regular price hangs there, but does not have the goods. The value of this thing is high, 100 million gathering miracle cures can say that the price is over more than ten million low grade spirit stone. Hears this digit time, Boss of day lower jaw frightens sat on the ground directly. Too terrifying. But at this time more people are think Xia Tian is boasting, he is impossible to take comes out these many low grade spirit stone, this digit has surpassed their cognition, therefore they do not believe absolutely.

Blows? Where do you work as here are? Your family backyard, your this has lost simply completely the face of your day Lingshan, later the person under entire day all knows that the people in your day Lingshan like boasting, ha ha ha ha.” [gold/metal] Badao laughs was saying. These people also all looked to Xia Tian. They know that perhaps the reputation of this day Lingshan must go bad, Xia Tian such boasted, moreover his side also sits the scarlet list second person, that tomorrow's this matter will spread over the entire sounds of nature city also to have all eight big entrances. „Did I boast?” Xia Tian looked that is overbearing to the [gold/metal]. Your entire day Lingshan adds not to have 100 million gathering miracle cures.” Saying that seat of honor big disciple Master Xu of god mountain disdain. Boss of day lower jaw then catches one's breath, he a moment ago was really too excited, his hurried start to talk mediated: Misunderstanding, misunderstands absolutely, a moment ago the little brothers in this day Lingshan possibly were also the slips in speech.” I do not have the slip in speech.” Xia Tian said. Boss of day lower jaw hears the Xia Tian words, bit the mouth to be speechless, he wants to help Xia Tian, but Xia Tian unexpectedly did not care, he was also disinclined to mind others'business. Does not have the slip in speech, was really funny, your Advanced Spirit Tool? Your poly miracle cure?” [gold/metal] Badao contemptuously looks at Xia Tian. Whiz! The body of Xia Tian vanished in same place. ! Presents again time, he arrived at the day of lower jaw Boss side, sees his movement those present is surprised slightly, because the Xia Tian movement was too handsome. Has not thought that also has real skill.” [gold/metal] Badao said.

secure elder brother, who is he?” azure pill asked. He is a legend.” secure spoke thoughtlessly to say. „Does boy, you jump to stage comes up to do? Brings contempt upon oneself to let your day Lingshan is more famous?” Saying that [gold/metal] Badao disdains, he looked the reason that Xia Tian is not feeling well is Xia Tian white clothing disciple unexpectedly also dares to snatch the thing with his Senior Brother Jiujiang. Xia Tian has not spoken, the right hand flings, big pile of spirit stone of appear near his right hand: This is in 190,000 low grade spirit stone and 100 spirit stone.” Volume!” Saw when Xia Tian has put out these many spirit stone , the people a little have gawked, after all Xia Tian is only a day Lingshan white clothing disciple, which lane everybody is very difficult to imagine him from these many spirit stone. This.” The [gold/metal] also slightly stares overbearingly, but he immediately restored: „Do you have 200,000 low grade spirit stone to be also what kind of?” The Xia Tian right hand flings once more. A long handle, single-handed, a short blade edge appears in the front of people. Sees these three types of things time, the person has all held breath cold air, secure was a little also surprised, although he knows that Xia Tian will definitely not lie, but he has not thought that Xia Tian has three Advanced Spirit Tool. Really was too graceful.” Saying that Yelyu Wen worships. secure elder brother, who is he?” azure pill dumbfounded looks at Xia Tian on stage. Really is three Advanced Spirit Tool!” [gold/metal] Badao thinks a little inconceivable, but he braces oneself saying: Gathering miracle cure? Didn't you say also 100 million gathering miracle cures? Your entire day Lingshan all compounded drugs add not to have 100 million.” Has sufficed, has sufficed, these money were enough.” Boss of day lower jaw said hurriedly. He is opens the door to do business, does not want to enlarge the matter, these things that Xia Tian takes already enough his excited.

What's wrong? Doesn't dare to take did not have? I know that the people in your day Lingshan like boasting.” [gold/metal] Badao aggressive saying. Xia Tian has still not spoken, this all people looked to his hand, when his hand wielded, all people have all been shocked, the compounded drug, the compounded drug of blotting out the sky appeared on the stage. Sees these compounded drugs time, presented all people all shocked, including hammering the Jiujiang of Jinshan child and Master Xu of god mountain. They all are the whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian. Compounded drug in this, or you count.” Xia Tian facial color tranquil looks that the [gold/metal] said overbearingly. This time [gold/metal] reddens all over the face overbearingly, he felt that his face is feeling hot, Xia Tian this really hits his face, he said that Xia Tian did not have money, Xia Tian has put out 200,000 low grade spirit stone, he said that Xia Tian did not have Spirit Tool, Xia Tian to put out three Advanced Spirit Tool, he said that Xia Tian did not have the compounded drug, Xia Tian has put out 100 million gathering miracle cures. The Xia Tian left hand searched fire spirit bead to be received by him directly, afterward he looked said to Boss of day lower jaw: Our transactions succeeded.” Xia Tian most does not love dearly is spirit stone and compounded drug, in his opinion, he needs is that type can promote the strength the thing, spirit stone and compounded drug has affected in a short time for him is not big. But fire spirit bead is different, on treasure bangle many equally spirit beads, that strength will increase a point. I remember that you were said a moment ago probably I did not have these compounded drugs, added that the compounded drug of our day Lingshan added not to have 100 million right?” Xia Tian looked that continues to say to the [gold/metal] overbearingly: My compounded drug enough is battered to death your.”