Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1664
Aggressive! Has saying that Xia Tian this time was really too aggressive. This Xia Tian not only does not have the face of buckle day Lingshan, instead for day Lingshan big rose the face. Xia Tian and hammers Jinshan to resist. And big grew the momentum of day of Lingshan. Disciple white clothing disciple unexpectedly of day Lingshan can with obtaining these many treasure and efficacious medicines. We walk.” Jiujiang stands up walks toward outside directly. You are waiting to me.” The [gold/metal] stared Xia Tian one overbearingly maliciously, afterward also left. I am waiting, I certainly will be when the time comes battered to death with the compounded drug you, I pound you after compounded drug picks to pound again.” Xia Tian looks that the [gold/metal] said overbearingly. After [gold/metal] Badao listens to his words, was angry. These people also all by Xia Tian provoking laughter, Xia Tian said such one pounds the law with compounded drug being battered to death [gold/metal] overbearing unexpectedly, pounded to pick with compounded drug to pound again. You.” Xia Tian turns the head to look to Master Xu. I? The boys, you have not matched with me speak coordinatedly.” Saying that Master Xu disdain, regardless in his eyes Xia Tian puts out any Xia Tian is only a white clothing disciple, in day Lingshan, only then Abao can speak with him coordinatedly, other people do not match. „? How does that match?” Xia Tian asked. You sat Abao's that position to speak to me again, the boy, I also you told that two words, you have a look at Jiujiang, has not regarded you are a person, has Abao in the person who our eyes culmination Lingshan can speak only coordinatedly, secure reluctantly is individual, as for you, was too tender.” Master Xu said that complete individual disappeared in directly same place. This is the status. In their stages, they only recognize Abao.

As for other day Lingshan disciples, they will not go to look at one, even if Xia Tian has put out 100 million compounded drugs today, they most also can only think that Xia Tian is a little boy of talent, does not think that Xia Tian has any too big skill. Although Master Xu's words said is very unyielding. But today he has truly planted, moreover plants in the hand of Xia Tian this white clothing disciple. Today's auction normal should be he among competition with Jiujiang, like this they will not lose face, after is existence of same rank, but Xia Tian obtained this treasure to be different finally. White clothing disciple of their unexpectedly in auction compared with day Lingshan. It seems like in this world, depends on the strength speech.” Xia Tian said that walks toward outside directly, although his movement, but injury does not have now, he does not want this place to consume stamina again. secure and the others also followed. After returning to the Rank 5 hotel, Xia Tian turns off the door directly. He must continue to temper the treasure bangle. At this time on the treasure bangle has five to control, above these five controlled has only mounted two beads, but the surroundings had many eyelets, on these eyelets had a bead. Two bead one that on five holes mounts are the wooden spirit beads, one is the earth spirit bead, but on the surrounding auxiliary bead mounts is the air/Qi mercury, is mad the function of mercury is only auxiliary. Might biggest is the middle five beads, five beads are the main attacks. Once five bead collections are uneven, that can play the treasure maximum might. When the time comes in Xia Tian takes is genuine treasure. Treasure, is only the thing in legend, had not heard in the entire serious famine who has treasure, naturally, definitely had, but has the person of treasure all not to dare to take easily. Because the might of treasure is too big, is easy to cause others' coveting.

Ultimate Spirit Tool in the serious famine is the rare treasure, in day Lingshan, only then Shan Zhu has ultimate Spirit Tool. The ultimate Spirit Tool might is big. Xia Tian they saw. The [gold/metal] rules by force by a cauldron Rank 7 strength, the hand can defeat two cauldron Rank 2 Expert with ultimate Spirit Tool unexpectedly, thus it can be seen ultimate Spirit Tool actually terrifying. Ultimate Spirit Tool so was terrorist, that treasure? Today the wrist|skill can have the third element bead finally, does not know that actually it will have what change.” Xia Tian also anticipated that after all he does not know what change three beads in can have together. Day spirit bead that Xia Tian just will buy directly in hand, when he puts out a day of spirit bead, in the entire room has filled the hot element. Afterward he places the front the treasure wrister directly. Starts!” Xia Tian wraps directly the hot element bead with spiritual energy, then pours into the bead to the wrister of treasure rank on. After the bead pours into to the wrister, in the room hot element vanished completely. The wrister of Xia Tian can be reserved the strength of element. Puff! After the bead pours into. Xia Tian felt that the entire wrister had the change, the surroundings of wrister presented the tricolor rays, this tricolor ray presented at the same time, Xia Tian discovered that this treasure rank the wrister presented the first deep meaning finally. Three Yuan attack. Xia Tian started to train a three Yuan attack in own knowledge sea silently.

shit, what thing is this, the attack so is why abnormal?” The day spirit second child looks at the drilling of Xia Tian surprisedly. How is it? Is what kind of by your eyesight feeling?” Xia Tian asked. This was also too terrifying, three types of elements mix are attacking together, do not have the slight repel, this was also too abnormal.” The day spirit second child said. Em.” Xia Tian satisfied nod, he has not thought that three Yuan attack the might can be so big. Had this three Yuan attack, his also finally a little confidence. After all azure pill and in the [gold/metal] overbearing hand may have the ultimate weapon, their strengths are also very formidable, therefore Xia Tian must increase own card in a hand, otherwise radically impossible and they contend. He understands that he wants to have the right of speech, that must show own strength. In spirit world. They looked what the person all looks is the strength, looks like words that beforehand Master Xu spoke, in his eyes, only then Abao can speak coordinatedly, other people even link the person not to be. Your anomaly, in your hand takes the treasure of what rank is? I have not seen the might such big treasure.” The day spirit second child hurried start to talk asked. „The treasure of treasure rank.” Xia Tian said. What? Treasure? Is this possible? How do you probably obtain treasure?” The day spirit second child was much more surprised at this time. This is I refines.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Your lunatic, your anomaly, you are the abnormal additional lunatic, your unexpectedly refines treasure, dark green Heavens!, the earth, why must make me meet this monster, I completely could not feel now one had to exist to feel.” The day spirit second child is shouting in the Xia Tian knowledge sea. Was good, shut up, I must find a place to try the might in three Yuan attack reality.” Xia Tian a moment ago in knowing the sea simulated, was not in the reality uses, he must try might of three Yuan attack now in reality.