Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1665

Xia Tian went to develop the practice grounds, afterward he has used the deep meaning. Three Yuan attack! Bang! Three color element attacks twine directly a giant stone, afterward this giant stone was shelled the powder directly. Good terrifying, drilling in unexpectedly in knowing sea is more terrorist.” Xia Tian incomparably surprised saying. Monster, your monster.” The day spirit second child shouts loudly. Ha Ha, I am happy today, exits to drink.” Xia Tian de-archived the strength of treasure officially, now presented the first deep meaning, this first deep meaning three Yuan attack might Xia Tian was satisfied. You injure is so serious, unexpectedly must drink, wasn't insane?” The day spirit second child very much cares about Xia Tian now, he with Xia Tian binds together now, if Xia Tian has any matter, he also ended. Can he regain a good body also to need to look at Xia Tian. Has not related, has been injured in any case, does not care, I was very happy today that exits to drink a liquor.” Reason that Xia Tian happy is because his treasure drew close in more and more is complete. He also rescued Brother Xiaoma to be getting more and more near on the distance. His desire is to rescue Brother Xiaoma, he believes that so long as cultivate this treasure well, he sooner or later can cultivate one to the strong treasure, he also can definitely the day cold sword repair, when the time comes be the storm, he must enter the crevice prison, rescues Brother Xiaoma. After he since arrives at the spirit world, the spirit of whole person was too tight, does not have well relaxes. Therefore today he planned relaxation well, drinks a happiness. Although the hotel has the liquor, but the Xia Tian fear bumps into secure and the others, therefore he went to outside, if secure and the others saw him to drink, definitely will be worried his, when the time comes he does not drink well. Liquor tomb. Sees this name time, Xia Tian decides to go to have a look, he had heard sword tomb, is the grave of sword, is that liquor tomb the liquor grave? Enters to the shop, Xia Tian discovered that here also really has many people, this shop is very big, at this time here guest has 200-300 people.

Buildings and two buildings the place of connection has hung a big signboard. Most drinks nine bowls, drinks us not to manage.” Ha Ha, interesting, is really interesting.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Gentleman several?” Small two ran over hurriedly. „, Looks for two buildings to me by the place of window.” Xia Tian said. Happen to remaining, but two buildings sit down by the position of window most little need to spend 20 low grade spirit stone.” Small two answered. Gives you together spirit stone.” Xia Tian threw in one directly spirit stone. Sees spirit stone time, small two were shocked, although exchange between spirit stone and low grade spirit stone is 1 : 100, but in the normal condition will be some people will not trade absolutely, because spirit stone will be very scarce. black market even fried 1 : 200. Gentleman I cannot look.” Small two said that he cannot look, does not know how should look, if according to 100 calculates that Xia Tian definitely owes, according to 200 calculates that Boss is not competent. Did not need to look, gave me to come several adept vegetables, on then liquor, remaining all turned over to you.” Xia Tian said. Thanks the gentleman, thanks the gentleman.” On the small two faces has been full of smiling face, was thanking Xia Tian there. Xia Tian went upstairs directly, sits in that by the position of window. Quick small two give Xia Tian to deliver a vegetable of big table, full, then gave back to Xia Tian that the Xia Tian table suspends to bring wine pot: Sir, this jug is nine bowls, you drink fully, vegetable insufficiently you told that I momentarily add to you.” Small two this time regarded Xia Tian is God is the same. This table vegetable entire also less than 30 low grade spirit stone, that jug liquor altogether also nine low grade spirit stone, in addition is less than 40, but in that in his hand spirit stone, he can trade to about 150 casually, looks for several wishes even can trade to 178. It can be said that this time gained greatly.

Vegetable does not use, I could not finish eating, the liquor comes again.” Xia Tian said. Sir, you are drinking first, is not I do not give on you, is our liquor is very fierce, nine bowls is a ridge, after crossing nine bowls, can want the human life, you are drinking first, when you drank up nine bowls of you definitely not to drink.” Small two answered hurriedly, he does not want to harm his God of Wealth. „? I try.” Xia Tian takes up wine pot directly, poured in oneself front large bowl. Thump. Xia Tian liquor gets into the stomach, a burning feeling directly from his throat class to stomach. Nice wine!” Xia Tian excited saying, afterward but actually one bowl. That small two see many alcohol capacities to be good, he guessed from Xia Tian this action, the Xia Tian alcohol capacity was not absolutely bad, the average person has drunk their here liquor, if direct one bowl, that definitely were the facial color big change, but Xia Tian unexpectedly not slight change, moreover must drink the second bowl directly. Thump! Xia Tian has killed the second bowl directly. Satisfies a craving.” Afterward Xia Tian but actually the third bowl. Person who can drink one bowl of being without turning a hair are many, the person but who drinks like Xia Tian continuously are really not many. Thump! Thump! Xia Tian this one after another has drunk. When saw Xia Tian shouted to clear the way continuously the fifth bowl, on that small two face presented the surprised look finally, the vision of surroundings these people also looked to Xia Tian, Xia Tian drank was too quick, was really too surprising. Crisp!” Thump!

The sixth bowl. This. This will not have an accident.” That small two have a little been afraid, he had not seen fire Xiong Jiu who some people such drink his family, Surroundings these people also all looked. Can drink the ninth bowl of people to be many, but majority drank to drink nine bowls from the morning in the evening, but the Xia Tian unexpectedly one breath has drunk six bowls now, moreover he was still continue drink. Thump, the seventh bowl. Sir, do not drink were so quick, will have an accident.” Small two console to say hurriedly. Has an accident? Has an accident? Takes the liquor to me, so long as for me to drink, I again give you together spirit stone.” Xia Tian excited saying, he very long has not drunk such opened, this time he must drinking well. Sir, is not the matter of money, I feared that you have the danger.” Small two said. „A person drinks does not have the meaning, I accompany you.” Again this was a man walked from side, at this time his in the hand was also taking large bowl liquor. Thump. Drinks. Small two, this is in three spirit stone, you are responsible for giving us two to take the liquor today.” That man sat in the Xia Tian opposite directly. Xia Tian has taken up own eighth bowl of liquor. At this time all people looked to him.