Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1666

The one breath has drunk seven bowls of liquor continually. The person who the surroundings come were getting more and more. At this time Xia Tian has carried the eighth bowl. Thump! Drank. Saw Xia Tian unexpectedly this drank eight bowls of times, the person all gave the thumbs-up, at this time they all admired looks at Xia Tian, simultaneously they also anticipated looked to Xia Tian. Because here slogan is: Most drinks nine bowls, drinks us not to manage. The Xia Tian one breath has drunk eight bowls. Drank one bowl again is nine bowls. Moreover is the one breath drinks. At this time the Xia Tian opposite that person also looks at Xia Tian. Thump. The ninth bowl enters the stomach. ! The scene has heard the warm applause, here everybody admires is not Expert, person but who can drink, because here is the liquor tomb, here everybody only admires the alcohol capacity good evil person. Good, great.” The Xia Tian opposite that person said: Brother, do you name?” Xia Tian!” Xia Tian said. I called Cao Yaqian, Brother, but can also drink?” The men asked. Hearing can drink this issue time, the surrounding person also looked to Xia Tian, because here liquor was different, most nine bowls, after drinking, within the body like is will burn down. The normal people drink here time has feared, definitely does not dare to drink, but some hit the person who the courage was drinking also to pay the price, some people drank directly, some people drank up the later severely wounded rescue. Naturally does not have the issue.” Xia Tian said.

Good, our two ratio how is it?” The men asked. Good, but.” Xia Tian spoke of here time surrounding person to think that he had possibly feared wanted to renege on a promise. What?” Cao Yaqian asked. I do not like drinking with bowl, our two use the jug directly.” Xia Tian said. Jug? Good.” Cao Yaqian also came the interest. Hears their words, the surrounding person thinks that they definitely were insane, unexpectedly said that must drink with the jug. Moreover now Xia Tian has drunk nine bowls. They have taken up the jug of ground directly. Dry!” They have been drinking afterward to the jug directly, at this time all people in two buildings all encircle watch here, they looked silly, these two people simply were the heavy drinkers, this alcohol capacity has shocked all people completely. Bang! They have thrown down and broken spatial wine pot. Happy.” Didn't take the liquor?” Cao Yaqian looks that small two said. Goes, my this goes.” Small two ran hurriedly, at this time the surrounding these people all look at these two people with the vision of worship. Brother, looks at your clothes is the white clothing disciples in day Lingshan?” Cao Yaqian asked that now does not have the liquor, waited two to take slightly, therefore he and Xia Tian also chatted. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. What entrances immediately was your greatly has compared, you did not fear that drank was unable to attend the competition?” Cao Yaqian asked. Drinks many? Probably does not have.” Xia Tian did not remember when matter one drank many are, he drinks now, only then drank had the stimulation of that flash, then the liquor entered the belly all swallowing by the small insect.

„? Right? Our two are not drunk today does not turn over.” Cao Yaqian said. Quick, small two were called the helper, they lifted more than ten jug liquor. Liquor came.” Xia Tian has taken up wine pot, then has drunk directly. Bang! Bang! A spatial wine pot of jug jug child was then thrown down and broken, surroundings these people all stand there look that they have not dared to drink, does not dare to boast that own alcohol capacity was much good. Finally when under drinking the ninth altar, Cao Yaqian directly but actually. He was drunk. How is worrying in Xia Tian he sends back, two person who wears the silver to fight armor from side walked, this silver fights armor not to wrap of whole body, but only protects that simple war armor of key position, but the material quality of this war armor is actually very good. „Are you?” Xia Tian doubts looks to these two, although these two seem must look after his, but Xia Tian must ascertain. Secret camp!” One of them has put out these three characters. Hears these three characters time, surroundings all people were all shocked. Secret camp. Sounds of nature city best special troops. The population are few, but each is the elite in elite, the talent in talent, they only obey a sounds of nature City Lord person's instruction. At this time these two unexpectedly is meets Cao Yaqian. „.” Xia Tian nodded, he has also listened to secret camp name, he believes that dares to pretend to be the person in secret camp in sounds of nature city nobody absolutely, therefore he also felt relieved: I should also walk.” Surroundings these people resigned a channel. They admire dead Xia Tian. Drank that many hot bear liquor unexpectedly to walk can also be so steady, the condition was so good, this simply was non- humanity.

However the Xia Tian naturally impossible matter not to have. After he goes back, sleep has rested for two days. Finally is secure awakens him. Master, today was entrance greatly has compared, do not rest.” secure said. „.” Xia Tian sat. You are really a pig, such can rest.” pill said spirit. „The world, he is a pig, you have a look at him, Tiantian except for eating rests, absolutely does not have other hobby, moreover unexpectedly Xiao zither such big beauty does not dare the interest.” The jade said. All right, when he wanted, when I marry him.” Xiao zither never evades to this matter. Zhao Yushu is actually very sensitive, although her father has given this engagement, became engaged with Xia Tian, but truly speaking, she can look, Xia Tian her, when Little Sister, she also really embarrassed said anything. Have not made, tidies up, the preparation, today is the fight of white clothing disciple, should be four fights continuously, well displays.” Five elders looked that said to Xia Tian and crown prince as well as Tang three their three. Relax, could not win us unable to lose.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Fuck! hears his words, five elders have not borne scold, but he to this fight felt relieved that because he knows that has Xia Tian, this fight should the issue not be big. The integral that although the fight between white clothing disciples can obtain are not many, but these integrals put together finally may affect to be very big, therefore he compares to attach great importance to this first competition. Which ratio goes to?” Xia Tian asked. City Lord Mansion, there biggest, best arena.” Five elders said. Finally must start.” The crown prince has gotten hold of his fist, although Xia Tian has not accepted his challenge, but he has not changed his lifelong goal, he must become existence that exceeds Abao.