Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1667

The sounds of nature city is in the serious famine an only Rank 5 city. City Lord Mansion is also the unusual style. The City Lord Mansion front door is builds by the black profound iron, even if two cauldron Expert cannot break this front door, the front door two sides have two ominous beast statue nursing, around entire City Lord Mansion has been full of one mysterious strength. Did not need to look, was Rank 4 Formation.” Five elders saw them, when there studies that strength said: City Lord Mansion was covered by huge Rank 4 Formation . Moreover the entire sounds of nature city was also covered by super giant Rank 4 Formation, wants from the words of outside storm, is impossible to achieve.” Such big Rank 4 Formation, how does this is arrange?” Xia Tian surprised saying. Is City Lord spends the high price to invite, at that time entire sounds of nature city all families and merchants all took out money, this large-scale Rank 4 Formation has spent sounds of nature city five years of all trade revenues, moreover City Lord Mansion has also put out all savings, in other words sounds of nature city all people traded this Rank 4 Formation with five years of income, it is said this Formation altogether arranged for three years to complete.” Five elders said. Three years, it seems like are Expert.” Xia Tian says with emotion. That was natural, otherwise impossible value that much money.” Five elders answered. „A super Formation master is really valuable.” Why Xia Tian understood broken day so many properties finally. That was natural, otherwise City Lord so will not care about the Formation master, event that Formation lists as the scarlet disciple, was good, we go , the competitions of eight big entrances in front courtyard, the competitions of other entrances in backyard.” Five elders said. The entrance size is different, the treatment is also different, the competitions of eight big entrances not only in front courtyard, but also has sounds of nature City Lord to watch personally, but the medium entrance and small entrance were different, their competitions in the back side of the mountain, by the steward management of City Lord Mansion. Xia Tian they come early, they do not come time, other seven big entrances had already arrived in full. Day Lingshan can keep up appearances, must last.” Elder mystifying saying of few room of mountains. Time has not arrived, when we are willing to come when to come, how City Lord Mansion did you say considering as finished now? You come this, when Butler?” Five elder very impolite saying.

„The day spirit fifth child, I thought how long you can also be wild.” Elder angry saying of few room of mountains. At this time eight big entrance altogether eight different rest regions, but has one 20 meters to ride 20 meters arena before them, this arena height three meters. On the words of this arena, when can compare to arrive goes?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Met you to know.” Five elders mysterious smiles. Eight big entrances all arrived, the people of including many entrances stare at Xia Tian to look that at this time, vision most cut-throat is the [gold/metal] is overbearing, Xia Tian maliciously made him lose a face. He is will not let off Xia Tian absolutely. Also Master Xu of bright mountain, although on his mouth said that Xia Tian is not coordinated with him, cannot enter his eye, but the previous auction, he also truly lost the big face, he also taunted Xia Tian several, makes own stance is very high. The thing that however finally Xia Tian puts out is he is unable to compare. Compared with the wealth, seat of honor big disciple unexpectedly of his solemn god mountain has lost to a white clothing disciple in day of Lingshan. City Lord came.” At this moment, all people all looked to the place above, at this time one line of three people were walking from there, but what they behind was ten wears the person of silver armor. They are the illustrious secret camps. Is he!” In three people that Xia Tian sees has an acquaintance, three days ago with that Cao Yaqian that he drinks, at this time his unexpectedly follows in the City Lord side. Secret City Lord is not magnificent like former that at this time his cotton garment that did obeisance City Lord to put on, seemed like inferior to the common people on avenue, but on his whole person was divulging the aura of King.

Absolute aggression. Is that type does not get angry from the person of prestige. But a person of his side puts on was quite magnificent, white silk clothes, although cannot look is any material quality, but gives people a graceful feeling. Person who welcome eight big entrances arrives at our City Lord Mansion, this time entrance compared with is managed by the City Lord Mansion nine elders greatly, simultaneously his also body works as referee position.” The City Lord sound is vast, making people feel which angle, regardless of can hear clearly. Expert! Sounds of nature City Lord is true Expert. Eight big entrance nobody spoke. Today I give everybody to introduce that a special honored guest, he is my side gentleman, he is the bishop in Saint virtue palace, everybody can call him for Bishop Cao.” City Lord said that person also bowed, respects. The Saint virtue palace, presents all elders to listen to this name. But they are also the people who first time sees the Saint virtue palace such high position, moreover this person seems so is young. Therefore they guessed that this person is not absolutely simple, can only be on good terms, cannot offend. Everybody does not use too cautious, I am only join in the fun.” Cao Yaqian very friendly saying. Please sit down.” Sounds of nature City Lord said.

They sat in the superior, moreover was the orthogonal seat, no matter generally speaking your anything status, external were a guest, City Lord should sit the seat of honor, the guest sits the inferior position, but at this time sounds of nature City Lord unexpectedly and this Bishop Cao treated as an equal. This was more surprising. „The elites of eight big entrances, I am this time entrance greatly nine elders compared with director sounds of nature city, everybody can call me for nine elders, today we compared with is the white clothing disciples of major entrances, regardless of the formidable entrance, young strength that will not have disintegrated finally, the young disciple who therefore we regard as important the major entrances, then simultaneously carries on the competition on four groups, altogether draws four bamboo slips, to fighting that school looks at the life completely, wins a game on obtaining an integral each time, if at the same time appears person who several obtain four integrals, that these teams. Carries on the ultimate showdown, the first team obtains an integral once more, and obtains City Lord to grant.” The nine elders in sounds of nature city said. Bang! As his words said that his arena separated directly, has been divided into four parts. shit, is so advanced.” Xia Tian was having a moment ago still doubts, this arena ratio? These many people must compare to arrive lord knows when go, now he understood, this super arena can separate. Five ride five. Four arenas are the most standard arenas. Starts to draw lots.” Nine elders said. I draw lots.” Xia Tian proposed directly: You said that first does hit few room of mountains how is it?”