Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1670

Volume, should be good.” Tang three are still and his words not necessary, the expression is optional, but words content actually probably very reluctant appearance. Because only then two teams obtained four points, therefore does not need to merge the arena, if presents three teams, that will merge the big arena. Today's talent are really many, day Lingshan became this year the biggest dark horse, below makes us come to see is the dark horse of day Lingshan hammers Jinshan this established Expert team.” Nine elders said loudly. Afterward the both sides team comes to power directly. Hammered on three member faces of Jinshan to fill self-confidently, although day Lingshan was a number of dark horses, but, the team of day Lingshan was only the luck is in their eyes good, after all the day Lingshan three wars won all was few room of mountains. Finally few room of mountains even also surrendered. They believe that if they hammers Jin Shan to get rid, can create such effect. Moreover in hammering the eyes of native of Jinshan, they only regard a god mountain and wonderful Danshan is a match, the people of other entrances do not match to be their matches, the day Lingshan past result was very bad. Therefore they have not placed in day Lingshan the eye. Prepared? We must begin, perhaps one do not lose blames to arrange.” Hammers person very impolite saying of Jinshan, meaning that as soon as they open the mouth to provoke is full. Wait / Etc., I sit down the preparation.” Xia Tian shouts hurriedly. Em?” Hammers looks to Xia Tian that the disciples in Jinshan have doubts. Sees only the Xia Tian both legs to sit cross-legged on the ground, both hands is taking two big safflowers: Tang three keep it up, Tang three keep it up.” Volume!” These disciples in day Lingshan have all covered their face, disgraced, Xia Tian was really too disgraced, his unexpectedly was swindled the cheering squad in stage, but also was taking two big safflowers there keep it up. The opposite hammering Jinshan disciples also hoodwinked, they think Xia Tian must make the combat readiness, finally Xia Tian anything has not done, unexpectedly has put out two big safflower keep it up. His unexpectedly can such old-style fan device, why I not think.” The crown prince looks that the Xia Tian old-style fan device overran directly, has snatched the big safflower in Xia Tian hand: Tang three keep it up, Tang three keep it up.”

Xia Tian enough has let, now unexpectedly that five elders collapse were also many a Tang three, then five elders really do not know that should say anything. The people of other entrances also titter. After all their also too Top Grade, insufficient of keep it up, another also came up keep it up, Xia Tian saw that own scarlet perianth crown prince has robbed, lies down on the ground directly opens rests. You have been supercilious, today I must teach you well.” Hammered the disciples in Jinshan to be really angry. „To teach them, that first passes my this pass.” Tang three blocked directly in three people of front, he did not allow these three people to cope with Xia Tian, cannot make the crown prince get rid, the strength of crown prince he understood, once the crown prince has gotten rid, he represented his limit. As for Xia Tian. That is the most mystical person, therefore he cannot make Xia Tian get rid. Depends on you also to think that a pair three, is really boast shamelessly.” Hammers saying that the people in Jinshan disdain. Life is everywhere challenging, I want to try.” Tang three light saying. Courts death.” Three people said that attacked directly to Tang three. !!! The flash, in three people of hands presented the weapons of three Intermediate Spirit Tool ranks, has saying that hammers the disciples in Jinshan to be filthy rich, gets rid is the weapon of Intermediate Spirit Tool rank. Kills!” Three people fire into Tang directly three. Tang three both hands grasp, two short edges appear in his hands, is the weapon of Intermediate Spirit Tool rank, this was Tang three today first time has put out the weapon. Before reason that he can win one after another three is because he just started unexpectedly, in addition he in the opposite party has cast the shadow at heart, therefore he achieved, was the present was different, now his match was known as that the serious famine first entrance hammered the disciple in Jinshan.

The strength is naturally outstanding. Moreover is one pair three, therefore he must be more discrete. Although crown prince time sits on the ground, but he has actually been observing, so long as Tang three have the situation of not beating, he immediately gets rid, he does not believe Xia Tian that falls asleep will get rid to help. ! The Tang three instantaneous sneak attack, killed directly to one person, has to say the skill that he sneak attacked was very strong, on the face of opposite party immediately one startled, could not shunt Tang three these, the other two have gotten rid at this moment, three compelled to draw back Tang directly. Was a pity.” Tang Sanming is white, if a moment ago were independent combat, he has won absolutely, what a pity the opposite party three people, three people together got rid, truly can prevent his sneak attack. Kill! Three people also get rid, they have blocked Tang three all escaping route directly. dīng dīng dāng dāng! Tang three fast resists three people of that is just liking the violent storm general attack, three people of attacks are orderly, a person one, the attacks between such three people do not have the cushion, Tang three does not dare to have slight relaxation. The flash, he occupied the inferiority. If the opposite party is independent combat, he can win absolutely, even if two people, he also has the confidence to win, but three people add, he was strenuous. For all that but the person actually is also very surprised, after all day Lingshan now only then a person gets rid, a person gets rid to be able with hammering the Jinshan three disciples makes into this, if three people all do get rid? Saw that Tang three can retreat in defeat again and again. Hateful!” Tang three body fast retreat, his whole person jumped suddenly at the same time directly, the body fell in the midair.

Courts death!” The Tang three movements are courting death simply, although Heaven Grade Expert will fly, but is only the leap-style flight and glide, cannot achieve the airborne free swivel, therefore now only then three people attack him, place that he has not dodged. When three people fire into Tang three. Tang three bodies have sent out several hundred ray of light glow, these several hundred ray of light glow project at the same time, directly by flame package. Flowers showered on the earth below by a goddess of the sky! Tang three gives a loud shout, afterward that several hundred groups of flame are getting bigger and bigger, has shot at that three people directly. grown man, uses is the name of woman, all flowers blooms together, flowers showered on the earth below by a goddess of the sky.” Xia Tian sat directly got up very helpless saying. Bang! Bang! Bang! The intense flame scatters in all directions to go, three resisting that hammers the disciples in Jinshan to keep, although three people somewhat are thrown into confusion, but has not had the injured situation, was quick their three keeping off the Tang three attacks. Whistling! Tang three big is panting for breath, obviously he already to limit. This I got rid.” The crown prince has stood directly.