Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1671

That moment that the crown prince stands, all people all looked to him. Today starts from the first competition is the Tang 31 people fights, Xia Tian with the crown prince probably is watching the fun is the same, but day Lingshan unexpectedly had the second person to get rid at this time. Hammers three disciples in Jinshan see Tang pantingly three, killed directly to Tang three. Their three this was wants to abandon Tang three. Three Intermediate Spirit Tool must puncture shortly on the Tang three legs, their this was plans to abandon the Tang three legs. Bang! Three people of bodies have simultaneously flown upside down. Crown prince, thank you.” Tang three grateful saying. If not the crown prince gets rid, his both legs must abandon. Thanked anything, we were a team.” The crown prince shows a faint smile. What?” That three hammer the disciple complexion of Jinshan immediately changes, the matter that because had a moment ago in a flash was too terrifying, their three obviously are simultaneously the thorn to Tang three, but their three were actually trampled to fly by a crown prince foot, the speed that flies to draw back is exactly the same. This is the size of effort is different, can therefore create such effect. However this need very strong controlling force. „A head, two heads, three heads.” The crown prince with pointing at has referred to hammering that three white clothing disciples in Jinshan. You court death.” Disciple angry shouting.

His words just said that his body directly departed the arena: „A head.” Bang! Afterward was second the body of person also flew the arena: Two heads.” Bang! The third person departed the arena similarly: Three heads.” Finished. Everybody thinks can be a war, but like this with ease had finished at this time, day Lingshan disciple Lien Chan four, the total victory, the second disciple gets rid, defeated directly has hammered the white clothing disciple in Jinshan, moreover won was so relaxed. This made those present have to be surprised. Quite fierce, do the disciples in day Lingshan take the stimulant today?” The people of other entrances all are surprised saying. Below I announced that this entrance greatly compared with the war in white clothing disciple, the champion is day Lingshan, they altogether obtained five integrals, as the reward, City Lord bestows three people of everyone three types of Intermediate Spirit Tool, separately is the long handle, single-handed and short weapons.” Nine elders said loudly. Great writers. Regarding the white clothing disciple, the weapon of Intermediate Spirit Tool rank is the treasure, City Lord unexpectedly also bestows their three types. „The war of white clothing disciple, day Lingshan obtained the Rank 5 minute, hammers the Jinshan four integrals, the wonderful Danshan three integrals, the god mountain three integrals, a Mount Qingcheng integral, a great Fengshan integral, the Kamibayashiyama 0 integrals, the few room of mountain 0 integrals, today's competition ended, tomorrow will carry on the showdown between black clothing disciples, asking everybody to arrive on time.” Nine elder light saying. Sits sounds of nature City Lord and Bishop Cao in chairman's podium has sat well there, no one has spoken.

Until after the competition ended, they all leave. You are waiting to me, tomorrow will want you to be attractive.” Few room of mountains saying of elder coldly. Good, we came a grand opening today, I give you celebration, in the evening we exit well eats.” Five elder excited saying, their this times may be showed off. Five integrals, five total victory, hammered Jinshan to lose to them, moreover hammered Jinshan also to lose unusual was miserable. The crown prince has only used three moves, all has made outside three people, very relaxed. Had these five integrals, then, they should have to preserve the rank the opportunity, after all also has two one point of no teams. So long as behind them wins again, scarlet disciple there was not deducted points, that absolutely can maintain the quota, even can also promote. Night, the people and five elders exited to finish eating, everybody all exited to take a stroll. To the lamp flower festival of sounds of nature city, I got you to look at the decorative lantern quickly.” Five elders proposed: Has reached an agreement, no one is good falls behind, cannot annoy troublesome.” Good.” The people hear to exit to watch the fun, that naturally is very excited. Normal, five elders will definitely be confined to barracks them, does not allow them to exit, but after all over the two days crucial phase, if has any condition not to be good, this was also I any five elders said that lets reason that they cannot fall behind. Lamp flower festival is a sounds of nature city quite famous holiday, this is for the holiday that the lamp flower goddess of commemorating sounds of nature city establishes, it is said the lamp flower goddess is the first-generation City Lord wife, at that time they in Xiaoxibian knew, the lamp flower goddess played a stringed musical instrument to sing on the ship of rill at that time, attracted City Lord of sounds of nature city, finally they become the couples, but lamp flower goddess in an urban fight to let more refugees entered the city dead in the hand of enemy, to be commemorative this day, therefore the sounds of nature city has established the lamp flower festival.” Five elders answered. Also is really a very formidable love story.” Xia Tian says with emotion.

„A time long time, this lamp flower festival turned into among men and women the blind date holiday, on this day the men will arrive by the rill, if the woman bumps into the man who oneself like, own name, the address and material will write in the lamp flower, generally will have some specially, if the man will think good, that can pursue this man, naturally, there are directly delivers lamp flower anything not to give, that was the female student scene has wooed, if the man will not like on being able the decorative lantern in note to take to come out to tear up, then the decorative lantern will place in the river.” Five elders said. Hears here time, all people all think very interesting. This lamp flower festival unexpectedly can also achievement these many good deeds. Ai ya mother, is not good, elder, by I such graceful appearance, if to there, that had not been snatched by others insanely.” Xia Tian has covered own chest directly, serious saying. Volume, I believe that crown prince will be snatched by others insanely.” Five elders said. You could rest assured that several of us encircle you in the middle, does not give others the opportunity.” Xiao zither said directly. This is not good, actually I thought that although I am very charming, but you should also give others an opportunity, if they must woo, finally you are blocking, for my you hit not to be good again.” Xia Tian said. On the faces of all people is the heavy line. Self-confidence of Xia Tian really not. Really the person arrives by the rill in the presence of everyone time, crown prince first received the decorative lantern, the crown prince appearance is charming, after the young miss looked, how possibly not to like. Has a look quickly, has a look quickly, above has written anything.” Xia Tian looks at the crown prince very curiously, several other people also urged. What to do when the crown prince does not know should. You looked quickly that the lamp flower goddess came, she has taken three years of chief among flowers continuously.” At this moment suddenly some people shout.