Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1672

Saw that everybody's attraction was all attracted by any lamp flower goddess. The crown prince relaxed finally. Is looked by these many people a moment ago, he was a little also embarrassed, his quietly put out the note, then has placed in the decorative lantern the rill, at this time in the rill presented a ship, on the ship sits is this year's chief among flowers. The chief among flowers is sitting in the bow bullet hit qin at this time. Being beautifully attired of chief among flowers appearance. Good of qin ball.” Xia Tian said. „, Cannot compare including my half.” zither Xiao hears Xia Tian to commend that others' qin skill is good, saying that is not very feeling well. „The death aura that in your qin has was too strong, is used to kill people and seize the soul to be good, my slaughtering was not small, listening to your qin to be easy to make me fascinated.” Xia Tian said: However, the death aura of your within the body bringing must govern, otherwise can have the big problem sooner or later.” My this death aura cannot cure.” Xiao zither helpless shaking the head. Her death aura was similar to Zhao Yushu nine Yang Xuan body, but did not have Zhao Yushu nine Yang Xuanti to rule by force. Will have the means.” Xia Tian is also skilled in some medical skill, but after he arrives at the spirit world, these person of obtained sickness are the sickness on physique, this made him worry, he to this sickness not better measure, therefore can only waiting slowly. The Xia Tian vision looks at to the crown prince time, he discovered that the crown prince the eye looked at this time straight, such has stared at that lamp colored goddess to look. This boy, sent spring.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward has arrived at crown prince. „Is she attractive?” Xia Tian asked in a low voice. Attractive!” The crown prince blurted out, when he said that knew to go bad, turned head happen to see at this time Xia Tian a face badly smiled visits him. Bang! At this moment, the crown prince felt suddenly on own back transmitted one vigorously, his whole person flew afterward.

This sudden one made the body of crown prince fly directly to the rill, was good because of his movement, a tuck dive fled directly, but this fled, his body happen to fell on the bow, was lamp flower goddess side. The lamp flower goddess his these was also done to be shocked. He said that he likes you.” Xia Tian stands in the ashore shouts loudly. Hears the Xia Tian words, the crown prince was more awkward, that chief among flowers sees the crown prince time is also on the face one red. Because lamp flower goddess is the symbol of sounds of nature city, therefore everybody respects her very much, although many people admire her, but some people will not go such directly to embark absolutely. Sorry, sorry.” The crown prince apologized hurriedly, afterward must leave directly. Wait / Etc., this gives you.” The lamp flower goddess has given the crown prince a decorative lantern directly, sees this action time, all people were all shocked, this lamp flower goddess has continued as three years of chief among flowers. Pursues her from nobody, but today her unexpectedly initiative has sent out own decorative lantern. This Crown Prince Lian hoodwinked. Also is gawking doing, hugs to chat her slowly.” Xia Tian shouts loudly. Hears the Xia Tian words, the crown prince stares slightly, afterward nodded, held the lamp flower goddess to fly directly afterward. No one has thought that crown prince unexpectedly hugs the beautiful woman to turn over. Lamp flower does not need to look that goes back to sleep.” Xia Tian said directly to returning. Your boy also calculates that has handled a nice matter.” Five elders said. Other people have also been raising up the thumb to Xia Tian, today Yuanyuan has not come out, because she felt that one and Xia Tian and the others could not mix to go together, moreover she does not hope one mixed the same place to go with Xia Tian and the others. Crown prince enough one night has not come back, next morning he came back.

Your boy over the face spring scenery, said quickly that does the misdemeanor, turned into the animal?” Xia Tian badly smiles looks at the crown prince. My anything has not done, I chatted a day with her.” The crown prince said. „, Is the animal was inferior.” Xia Tian shook the head. Good, discordant poor, today was the coordination between black clothing disciples and white clothing disciples has fought, what today main attack was the black clothing disciple, the white clothing disciple helps to sneak attack and protect in behind, understood?” Five elders looked that asked to the people. I am responsible for sleeping.” Xia Tian said. Was good, has remembered, today few room of mountain black clothing disciples are absolutely different, where as for is different I not to know, but you give me carefully.” Five elders have not gone to pay attention to Xia Tian. He early has been familiar with Xia Tian was loquacious. After arriving at City Lord Mansion, other entrances also arrive was similar. Before long, City Lord and Bishop Cao as well as nine elders came. Whiz! The bodies of nine elders fell above the arena. Everybody, after the decision of City Lord, today's competition is going to have the adjustment, the war of each arena from two entrances turns into tangled warfare between four entrances, but the final winner will obtain the Rank 5 minute, the second team obtains four integrals, other team completely integrals.” Nine elders said directly. The person has all held breath cold air. This competition changed is also too big. In this case, this round is going to widen very big disparity, these time has won, that represents will be having the absolute superiority. Meanwhile, the later competition will have the change, concrete will announce on the same day.” After nine elders looked at people, said: Now starts to draw lots, pulls out to the 1st arriving left arena, pulls out to 2nd comes to the right arena.”

How City Lord Mansion announced how everybody carries out. At this time all people all went forward to draw lots. Possibly is the lives of few room of mountains, they pulled out 2nd, but 2nd had drawn out completely, therefore Xia Tian can only take one 1st. Finally result of ballot came out. In the first group of arenas is day Lingshan, a god mountain, wonderful Danshan and Kamibayashiyama. In the second group of arenas of hammers Jinshan, great Fengshan, few room of mountain and Mount Qingcheng. Arena time has not turned into four, but turned into two. The both sides players come to power completely. The tangled warfare, this is unamusing, especially at this time in Xia Tian their this arenas, wonderful Danshan and Kamibayashiyama are the friendship schools, their school must certainly unite, although a god mountain will not unite with these two entrances, but chief scarlet big disciple Master Xu of god mountain ordered. Sees person hitting of day Lingshan maliciously, especially sees Xia Tian. Before comes to power, Master Xu had confessed fortunately well, making them go to cope with Xia Tian specially. But wonderful Danshan and Kamibayashiyama also decide first solving day Lingshan this batch of dark horses, if also makes day Lingshan win today, on that day Lingshan very much might rush in first three, this will break the stable aspect. After on arena, the black clothing disciple of god mountain has arrived at the side of wonderful Danshan black clothing disciple: We must deal with that person, temporarily unites.” The black clothing disciples in wonderful Danshan nodded: Good.”