Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1673

United, Xia Tian their this arenas united. However is other three entrances unites, they join up to cope with day Lingshan. Day Lingshan obtained five integrals. They do not want to notice that day Lingshan wins once more, otherwise the integral of day Lingshan was terrorist. They do not think that day Lingshan crawls this year, such will upset the balance. Really feared that anything comes anything.” Although five elders have prepared for at heart, but he noticed that these people join up to cope with him , was a little worried at heart. You are hitting first, I rest the meeting.” Xia Tian lies down on the ground directly must open rests. Sees the Xia Tian appearance, several other people very helpless, but also nobody dares to say Xia Tian anything, after all Xia Tian is their saviors, therefore they can only five people study to fighting the method. Crown prince, Tang three, you looks at the help on the line, what is main defends Xia Tian, on him had the wound, cannot injure on in addition to injure.” The black clothing disciple opens the mouth to say. Yes, Senior Brother.” The crown prince and Tang three cup one hand in the other across the chest to say. At this time the black clothing disciples in these three day Lingshan are also ready in full battle array, their three protected directly in Xia Tian and the others the front, at the same time their three have put out their weapon, was the weapons of Intermediate Spirit Tool rank. Come.” A day Lingshan black clothing disciple gives a loud shout. Snort, depends on your three waste also to dare with us to place on a par.” Saying that the black clothing disciple of god mountain disdains. Has any skill to use, here rubbish.” The disciples in day Lingshan are not good to bully. Starts.” The black clothing disciple of god mountain said that has fired into the disciple in day of Lingshan directly, but the disciples in wonderful Danshan were also the earliest possible time followed, the three parties also attacked, three black clothing disciples rushed directly.

Brothers, breaknecking time.” The black clothing disciples in day Lingshan shout loudly. If their three go independent combat with opposite, that will be definitely impolite, various repertoires, various styles on all, but was now different, now they is a person to fighting three people, they need to breakneck. Three people may not have the thoughts and time go to dogfight slowly, comes up is various types of element thing. One enlarges incurs. To war is this, your he is weak, the stance that at this time three people completely are going all out, really compelled to draw back the opposite person all of a sudden, because the opposite person did not plan to go all out, did not plan to resist hardly, they think that this was the aspect of steadily winning, therefore they did not plan that left behind any wound to oneself. Therefore three people opening occupied the crisis. During the normal fight is also this, is the person many people, their exceed feared that has gotten a cut oneself, thinks that has won in any case, hit at will has been OK, but they often were such fraught with uncertainty, more was injured. Three People opens gathers greatly, more hits more is suitable, although consumes regarding their three like this is also big. Bang! Bang! Bang! Three people of compelling gradually have drawn back nine people of opposite party. You , if not put out the real skill, we must be laughed dead, all white clothing disciples also give us to assist, this time takes them at one fell swoop.” The black clothing disciple of god mountain understands, if this time matter cannot handle, Master Xu will not let off them absolutely. Therefore they can only spell. The disciples in wonderful Danshan also think that this way is not good, this will make others scoff their, finally they have won, on that day Lingshan will also end up to turn out the reputation, but they probably are actually giving the entrance to lose face. Suppresses their three to me.” The black clothing disciples in wonderful Danshan rushed directly, the disciples in Kamibayashiyama are also the same time assist . Moreover the white clothing disciples of two big entrances also help in side.

Person many strengths are big, three disciples in day Lingshan were suppressed immediately. Is now.” The disciple of god mountain has seized this opportunity, has fired into Xia Tian directly, their goals lie down in ground Xia Tian, this is also Master Xu gives their mission. So long as they kill Xia Tian, that was they lost the competition, Master Xu will also be covering them, therefore he must first kill Xia Tian that is sleeping there. Went well.” The three black clothing disciples of god mountain must arrive at the Xia Tian front across the day Lingshan three black clothing disciples shortly. Gives up any idea.” A day Lingshan black clothing disciple leaves instantaneously, in the hand the long spear direct thorn to the three black clothing disciples of god mountain, he is metallicity, attack very formidable. gold dragon attacks! The disciples in that day Lingshan give a loud shout, long spear as if gold dragon in his hand is afterward same, bites directly to three people. Bang! Three people are forced retreat. Whistling! Disciple big mouth of that day Lingshan is panting for breath, at this time his consumption is big, unusual overwhelming power that although he hits, but his consumption is also very big, his attack is most formidable, most overbearing these forms of defensive action. Snort, I thought how long you can also insist.” That three disciple of god mountains looks at the black clothing disciple in day Lingshan wickedly. Some things, even if went all out also to protect, because this is we owes him.” The black clothing disciples in this day Lingshan have thought they are owing Xia Tian, because Xia Tian has the graciousness of life-saving to them, if not Xia Tian, then they died in the desolated place. This time entrance big ratio, day Lingshan it can be said that became famous.

White clothing disciple war that from most starts, their white clothing disciples were strength formidable, have shouldered the attacks of three teams the present to the war of black clothing disciple by three people of strength, moreover on their bodies, making others see the loyalty and strength of spirit. This is sounds of nature City Lord most wants to see. This time sounds of nature City Lord nod of slightly, was exaggerated obviously also by the moral courage of day Lingshan black clothing disciple. Good, I make you protect, attacks to me, I thought how he blocks the attacks of six people.” The six disciples of god mountain simultaneously attack the black clothing disciple to that day Lingshan. Black clothing disciple corners of the mouth of that day Lingshan slightly one slanting, afterward light saying: Since cannot block, that did not keep off.” Shenlong is alive! The black clothing disciple direct bayonet of that day Lingshan leaves, his goal has one, that is the black clothing disciple of opposite that god mountain. His these may that black clothing disciple scaring, has dodged hurriedly, but his shoulder was pierced similarly, the black clothing disciples in that day Lingshan do not feel better at this time, other five people of attacks all hit on his body, he fell down directly. Bloody battle. Does not need to manage me, went to kill him to me.” That black clothing disciple of god mountain shouts loudly, at the same time other five people killed directly to Xia Tian. When their five kill the Xia Tian front. No one want to touch him.” The body of crown prince vanished in instantaneously same place.