Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1675

Day Lingshan and few room of mountain times were on the bars. The white clothing disciple talent of day Lingshan was outstanding, had a super nova crown prince. But the black clothing disciples of few room of mountains presented three people jointly to demolish the attack. Both sides have respectively strongly. Although day Lingshan also has other people, but on that three black clothing disciples has the wound, moreover consumes very in a big way, the battle efficiency has been not much left, last Tang three, although the talent is extremely high, but he has not looked like the crown prince to go against heaven's will, can in the elite resistance with black clothing disciple. Although he can also jump over step challenge, but this time match is also the elite in elite, therefore he can only help in behind. At noon rests time, the servants in sounds of nature city delivered the food, here only then the people in day Lingshan were eating meal, because was Xia Tian eats meal they to accompany, other people also sit there including City Lord and Bishop Cao. Standby period. The person who the person most admires now is not a crown prince, but is Xia Tian. Xia Tian comes to power to rest, Xia Tian eats, whom this really did not have. What is main, these disciples in day Lingshan very much maintain him probably, before that several sneak attacks, the disciples in day Lingshan were the shed fate rescue. Afternoon competition otherwise gives up, we do not need, for an integral goes with their internecine strife, after all will have the tomorrow's competition.” Five elders do not want to allow everybody to attend the final competition obviously. After all jointly attacking of few room of mountains looked like too terrifying. Elder, cannot admit defeat, such our day Lingshan will be being been looking down upon.” The crown prince said hurriedly. I know your moods, but this does not admit defeat, but is the strategy.” Five elders directly have not issued the order like other entrances, but has any matter together to discuss with everybody.

Like this everybody also respects him. Xia Tian Senior Brother, did you say?” The crown prince looked to Xia Tian, other people also looked at this time to Xia Tian. After all here most has the speech right has is Xia Tian, but those who make the decision is five elders, but five elders also very much listen to the Xia Tian words generally. Hits, integral that gives in vain why does not want, moreover we want is not only the integral, the first this title, the fight of white clothing disciple first, fight between that black clothing disciples must be first.” Xia Tian said directly. But the elements of few room of mountains jointly attacked are really too terrifying.” Saying that five elders worry about. Regardless of any Martial Arts, anything jointly attacks, in does not know in the situation of principle seems is invincible, so long as knew the principle, he is not mystical.” Xia Tian said. „Do you have the means to cope with this element to jointly attack? But our here has the water element were too few, moreover cannot use many by your water element foundation of basic skills in this place.” Five elders are not a little clear. Hot spate little finally can only encourage the flame, because after the water was burnt, what appears is the oxygen, can increase the flame the combustion degree, but the flame burns , if no oxygen, how he does burn?” Xia Tian asked. Your meaning is.” Five elders want to understand immediately. In all oxygen the arena all lights, did not have oxygen hot element Expert is a living target.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. But the oxygen is the circulation.” Five elders do not understand that Xia Tian must do. Was not good the arena seal . Moreover the person who cloudy person matter looks are too many are not good.” Xia Tian said that lies down on the ground directly opens rests. Afternoon competition must start finally. Five elders do not understand that Xia Tian must do, however other white clothing disciple and black clothing disciple may confidently have stepped onto the arena.

„The fellow in day Lingshan, I must make you regret today that regrets and our few room of Shan Weidi, your talents are doomed to fall from the sky in our hands.” Black clothing disciple very extremely arrogant saying of few room of mountains, although above the arena cannot kill people, but had not said absolutely cannot offend somebody. During the competition will be injured unavoidably. Your several, put on to me this.” Xia Tian threw to their oxygen cylinder. Although the people do not understand that this is anything, but Xia Tian said that makes them wear, they can only put on. Below I announced that the competition starts.” Nine elders said directly. Listened to his words, both hands of Xia Tian to place above the arena. Has not slept. This Xia Tian unexpectedly has not slept, sees such situation, all people all vision centralized on his body, after all he has been raising Sir from start to the present, except for resting eats. All people do not know that actually he is any rank . Moreover the scene includes the black clothing disciple specially to maintain him. Pledges to fight to the death the protection. This made Xia Tian turn into above arena most mystical existence. This most mystical existence must begin at this time finally, the black clothing disciple of opposite that several few room of mountains is also a face vigilantly visits him, does not understand that he must do. „Does this boy want to get rid personally?” Five elders also want any medicine that actually has a look in the Xia Tian bottle gourd to sell, because Xia Tian can give his different surprised each time. azure pill had also thought that Xia Tian is very strange, moreover he sends respects, secure did not tell him, this made him to Xia Tian more curious: Actually does he have what strength?”

Snort, actually do I want to take a look at you to want but actually to play what trick?” Xu Master cold snort. This boy, rich extraordinary? Does not have the skill also to come out to install, now finally must unable to install, reason that the black clothing disciple of their entrance maintains him, definitely was bought by him.” Saying that [gold/metal] Badao disdains. The eye of Jiujiang narrows the eyes, vision locking stubbornly on the body of Xia Tian. At this time Xia Tian on arena, both hands place above the arena, afterward the wrister of his left hand slightly one bright. Meanwhile all people all saw inconceivable one. The dirt wall, four sides the edge of dirt wall from arena raises, the dirt wall is very thick is very thick, around this dirt wall has encircled the arena directly, moreover following one is most shocking, dirt wall unexpectedly directly the upper extreme of arena blocking. Such large-scale dirt wall uses not to have any function simply, a match attack broke through. Everybody does not understand that Xia Tian this is doing anything, but was quick they to discover, inside person probably in attack dirt wall, but a dirt wall unexpectedly matter did not have, moreover in automatic repair. Outside person all hoodwinked, nobody knows that actually inside this time what happened. Enough after ten minutes. Inside sound thorough vanished, these people who outside watches the fun all have also stood, they want first to see at this time the situation on arena, the dirt wall started to vanish gradually. The vision of all people all centralized above arena.