Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1676

After the dirt wall vanishes. The people saw in the arena a piece in confusion, everywhere have been full of the flame flavor, but at this time that six disciples of few room of mountains long on the ground, the mouth spat the foam, they six common grounds were in the both legs gather together, the mouth was a O shape. Finished. Everybody thinks was an imposing war such finished. Life-saving.” The elders of few room of mountains shout hurriedly. This.” The nine elders in sounds of nature city do not understand that actually a moment ago what happened, suddenly also a little god. Nine elders, you should announce.” The crown prince looked that said to nine elders, this time Xia Tian still lies down in the edge sleeps. Actually that did Xia Tian have to get rid a moment ago? Until now nobody understands that what they can affirm, this dirt wall is Xia Tian puts absolutely, at this time crown prince and the others on the faces is very excited expressions, Xia Tian gave their oxygen cylinder also to be collected by them a moment ago. They have not fought the weaponry that such has satisfied a craving, moreover Xia Tian also made them rise the experience. Originally the fight not necessarily is needs on to go and come life and death, but can also have this way. A moment ago Xia Tian after the dirt wall the space sealed up, the people on the use flame here all oxygen all burn completely, to prevent to injure accidentally itself, Xia Tian gave back to their several to make a dirt wall to protect alone, in the dirt wall was not hot, which lane because Xia Tian did not know from ice. However the person of opposite few room of mountains did not have such good treatment, they by the discomfort that the fire roasted, wanted to break the dirt wall to exit, but how the dirt wall hit cannot break, was quick their oxygen deficit, but they were Expert, but can also insist that at this moment one group wears the person of oxygen cylinder to appear directly to clash to hit. They wanted to use the element to jointly attack.

But in this space oxygen does not have, the hot element cannot ignite, the element demolition could not use, finally they taking a beating stiffly, moreover what was main was whose order these people obeys to be the same probably, only kicked a place, that was their lower parts. That acid is crisp. Only the these black clothing disciple and white clothing disciple of few room of mountains can realize. What few room of mountains are most pitiful is the white clothing disciple, no matter what the black clothing disciple has also installed morning B, but these white clothing disciples may have bad luck, yesterday 31 was punched by Tang, today the person one by day Lingshan is kicked. From now henceforth they should only be able to be sisters. Volume, day Lingshan wins, today's first is day Lingshan, second is few room of mountains.” Nine elders announced. Below announced the overall result, first was day Lingshan, obtained the Rank 5 minute, in addition yesterday's altogether was ten integrals \; Second is to hammer Jinshan, today an integral, in addition yesterday's four integrals altogether were the Rank 5 differences \; Wonderful Danshan, god mountains and few room of mountains post for third, completely is four integrals \; Mount Qingcheng two integrals, great Fengshan two integrals, Kamibayashiyama two integrals.” Nine elders announced, opens the mouth saying: Below I announced that City Lord grants competes today first six person nobody 50,000 low grade spirit stone.” Great writers. Nobody 50,000 low grade spirit stone, this were absolutely many, moreover their here altogether six people, in addition is 300,000. Worthily is sounds of nature City Lord. Gets rid to make people think casually surprised. After all today attended the competition is the black clothing disciple and white clothing disciple, which the ordinary black clothing disciple and white clothing disciple have seen these many spirit stone. Sounds of nature City Lord most regards as important is youth one generation.

Therefore he proposed that makes white clothing disciple every time enter the war, such white clothing disciple can obtain the treasure each time, looks like this time is the same, the first competition each white clothing disciple obtained Intermediate Spirit Tool three. The second everyone obtained 50,000 low grade spirit stone, is just the same as the black clothing disciple. From this point can see that sounds of nature City Lord has pays great attention to the development of youth disciple. Day Lingshan this time absolutely is the bumper crop. Although the competitions of eight big entrances do not make the bystander watch, but their competition schedules outside live transmission, will obtain the first team name to hang in City Lord Mansion outside, this name will also pass to the entire serious famine by the quickest news. Fight first between first white clothing disciples is day Lingshan. Now fight first between second black clothing disciples is also day Lingshan. Entire day below talent juniors must turn toward day Lingshan at this time. Because in their eyes looks like, so long as a day of Lingshan, that will have a Tiancheng is the super talent. Tonight five elders do not have the celebration, because he understands that now day Lingshan has brought to the attention of all entrances, everybody very much might then find the way to cope with day Lingshan. Wooden show in Linfeng must destroy it! At this time their day Lingshan was extremely dazzling, even has blocked has hammered the point of Jinshan, they will not sit by and do nothing absolutely. Moreover next was the competion between yellow clothes disciples.

This is the genuine war, this war is concerns the destiny a war. The yellow clothes disciple is the elite in genuine elite, in the major entrances the strongest elite strength, they and scarlet disciple are different, the scarlet disciple is the backbone of entrance, but the quantity of scarlet disciple is limited. Therefore genuine elite yellow clothes disciple. At this time in Rank 5 hotel. All people are all centralized in the Xia Tian room. You won one after another two, this news first fed in the entrance, the mountain main affirmation knew at this time, everybody will feel for you proud, but your challenges also came, tomorrow was the big showdown between yellow clothes disciples, the elite in yellow clothes disciple genuine elite, in our entrance, the yellow clothes disciple separately was Zhao Yushu, Qian Fengyu and Li Qiankun, this inside Li Qiankun strength was strongest, but other entrance inside disciple strengths were not weak, this inside present strongest three people are hammer the [gold/metal] of Jinshan to be overbearing separately, he. Strength formidable, moreover in the hand has the weapon Fang Tianhua halberd of ultimate Spirit Tool rank \; azure pill of wonderful Danshan, his Kungfu is good-looking, moreover in his hand also has ultimate Spirit Tool several times of weapon fickle swords \; Last is a female, Fang Ailing of god mountain, in her hand also has ultimate Spirit Tool to direct a stick.” Five elders 11 said. When everybody hears three ultimate Spirit Tool, the brow wrinkled. Xia Tian has seen the ultimate Spirit Tool terrifying. Gold overbearing Fang Tian draws the halberd, attacks formidable, overbearing incomparable \; azure pill's fickle sword, moving clouds and flowing water, outwardly submissive but inwardly evil-hearted incomparable \; Fang Ailing directs a stick early prepare Formation to display instantaneously, moreover can increase the lineup the speed.” Five elder patient saying, he looked afterward to Xia Tian: Tomorrow's what to do fights you to decide?”