Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1678

Xia Tian just and [gold/metal] overbearing oral to fighting, now unexpectedly must meet. Everybody thinks that Xia Tian this time annoyed the wool really [gold/metal] Batian. [gold/metal] Batian is will not let off Xia Tian absolutely. If Xia Tian said a moment ago the gentle words or begging for mercy, [gold/metal] Batian perhaps can also let off him, but this Xia Tian must turn disabled, [gold/metal] Batian is will not keep the hand absolutely. Moreover now started some people to think that Xia Tian does not dare to come to power. „The person in day Lingshan, do not hear after contest rule, frightened does not dare to come to power well.” Hammers saying that the disciples in Jinshan ridiculed. Day Lingshan nobody spoke. Five elders also deep frown at this time, he has not thought that today's contest rule unexpectedly is the big tangled warfare, this is to day Lingshan big disadvantageous, if the showdown between schools, perhaps that is easy to do, has Xia Tian this secret weapon to be able unexpectedly, but was now different, the big tangled warfare between schools made all people all decide as day Lingshan the goal. On that day Lingshan was very possible to be going to war was not an entrance, but was five. Great Fengshan and Mount Qingcheng, although is impossible to lend a hand to help them, but will not get rid to cope with them absolutely. Therefore is five entrances. Five entrances, moreover three are the strongest three big entrances, has three ultimate Spirit Tool matches. This absolute ending. These entrances will collaborate definitely in the front of benefit, the day Lingshan present noun was too high, the integral were also too many, therefore they definitely are want first to eliminate day Lingshan, this can pull back the disparity.

Comes to power.” Nine elders said loudly. Hears the words of nine elders, [gold/metal] rules by force first coming to power, then he used the vision of provocation to look to Xia Tian: Boy comes up, before blew was so fierce, if you do not dare to come up, that may really probably to look down upon.” Whiz! His words just said. Day Lingshan all disciples fell on the stage directly together, these made those present a little shocking. Especially [gold/metal] overbearing, although his words meaning was provoking, that moment when Xia Tian came to power, his provocation turned into itself to hit own face, he said that others Xia Tian does not dare to come up, finally others all people also came to power. At this time on -the-spot people understand, even if day Lingshan has come up, will be attacked by all entrances together. Therefore they lost became settle. Moreover they likely can lose is very miserable, because the personal enemies in day Lingshan may be many, their this overcomes one difficulty after another all the way, offended many people, these people want the gut retaliation in this time report. And most serious is hammers the [gold/metal] of Jinshan to be overbearing and these disciples of god mountain. They may come to Xia Tian. What did you say a moment ago? I have not heard clearly.” Xia Tian looks that the [gold/metal] said overbearingly. He such remarks, everybody remembered the [gold/metal] to taunt the Xia Tian words overbearingly a moment ago, the [gold/metal] overbearingly immediately on the face one red: Boy, you wild how long, one will compete to start, the people in your day Lingshan must meet with a disaster.”

Right? I do not believe.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Brat, you do not need not to believe that the person of our god mountain will not let off your.” A black clothing youth of god mountain is also coldly looks at Xia Tian, although in their yellow clothes disciple strongest that Fang Ailing has not spoken, but they have indicated their intention. Our wonderful Danshan must get rid together.” Before people in wonderful Danshan, has lost to Xia Tian they, therefore the people in wonderful Danshan were also they have the enmity with Xia Tian, but azure pill has not gone forward, his manner has indicated that wonderful Danshan truly can with you for the enemy, but I will not take advantage of somebody. azure pill and Xia Tian have a reason . Moreover the azure pill's name was secure elder brother, his also knowledge asked about somebody's well being relations among with Xia Tian is very definitely good, therefore he cannot take advantage of somebody. Our Kamibayashiyama together will also get rid with wonderful Danshan.” Before Kamibayashiyama, was eliminated by the crown prince. Our few room of mountains say nothing, our Junior Brother now still have been lying down on the bed, today we must be Junior Brother revenge.” The yellow clothes disciples of few room of mountains also wicked looks at Xia Tian they, although the injured person does not have what relations with them, but they are an entrance, at this time fights for the honor of entrance, therefore they naturally must say the principle of righteousness. The people in great Fengshan and Mount Qingcheng have not spoken, stands in the corner, this was maintains the neutral meaning. Five elders have not said anything, after all this is the best result. Although before Xia Tian, has saved the person in great Fengshan, but this time is to compete, is not the life and death wrestles, if the life and death wrestles, the person assignment of that great Fengshan, to will not protect Xia Tian to be certain absolutely. Big ostentation.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. What's wrong? Feared? Had feared the present kneels on the ground calls the grandfather, I possibly little break a leg.” Very [gold/metal] Badao disdains looks at Xia Tian, he thinks that Xia Tian now is in his mouth the meat, Xia Tian they, since has come to power, that absolutely will directly not admit defeat, otherwise the reputation of their day Lingshan destroyed. You kneel down to ask the grandfather me now little to hit your meeting.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say directly. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” [gold/metal] Badao laughs loudly, in his opinion, Xia Tian simply is boast shamelessly, his unexpectedly this words can say continually: Boy, you were insane, depended on you also to with me to the war? Also must hit me, is really the huge joke, did you regard Abao you really inadequately?”

You do not need to say Abao all day, are you are brushing have the feeling? You think that your Tiantian said him, were you with him the same rank? Do not say that you did not have that qualifications now, even if were you have that qualifications to be also what kind of? Have I feared Abao?” The Xia Tian words reached in the ears of all people. Has he feared Abao? Disciple unexpectedly of day Lingshan said that does not fear Abao, moreover is a white clothing disciple. This made the person sound is really too inconceivable. But at this time Master Xu and Jiujiang also knit the brows, because they heard recently a legend, said in day Lingshan some people to challenge Abao, mountain of day Lingshan main, for this person was sends to make mission Abao directly. You small white clothing disciple unexpectedly also dares such to speak, perhaps in your entrance, Abao a few words can want your life.” Saying that [gold/metal] Badao disdains. Right? Don't you want to fight? Good, today I accompanied, to remember, although on this did not let the murder, but I will not give the opportunity that you surrendered absolutely.” Xia Tian said. You are really courting death!” [gold/metal] Badao the right hand flings, Fang Tian draws the halberd to appear in his hands. The Xia Tian right hand also flings, but in his hand anything has not appeared, inconceivable appeared. All disciples of day Lingshan besides Xia Tian has all jumped down the arena.