Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1679

The [gold/metal] rules by force with Xia Tian to holding was getting more and more serious. When all people think both sides will certainly be a dying war, day Lingshan all disciple unexpectedly have jumped down the arena directly, this action has shocked all people directly. Did the people in day Lingshan prepare to admit defeat completely? Five elders under stage also had been shocked by such scene, because the disciples in day Lingshan completely have left office besides Xia Tian now, is this must admit defeat collectively? After Xia Tian spoke two words, under arena? It is not right. Five elders suddenly have as if thought of anything, his complexion changes: Xia Tian, do not impulse, your wound did not have.” Can make the yellow clothes disciples not fight to leave office, absolutely is not because the match is too formidable, because of the Xia Tian words, this group of people is also the talents, a lofty character, besides Xia Tian and five elders, nobody can make them leave office directly. Five elders have not ordered, reason that in other words, is the order under Xia Tian, Xia Tian makes them leave office, only then an explanation, that was the Xia Tian plan spells. Em? Your day Lingshan is really the waste, the unexpectedly collective admits defeat.” [gold/metal] Badao thinks that Xia Tian they must admit defeat collectively, therefore wants not to leave office while Xia Tian satirizes several times. The people of other entrances also with disdaining the vision looks to Xia Tian. At this time all people vision centralized on the body of Xia Tian, because of day Lingshan only remaining him, if he has also left office, then the day Lingshan these has forfeited, the forfeit is also last, similarly must be buckled a point. Person anything that however these want to vent anger could not achieve. I discovered that the so-called first big entrance besides said very extraordinary with the mouth, probably does not have anything compared with other entrance, first fights the defeat, the World War II united other three entrances also to be ended the defeat, a point had the feeling not to have, even could not have compared few room of mountain waste entrances.” Xia Tian very optional saying. You are provoking I!” Saying of [gold/metal] overbearing coldly. You also really can take a seat according to ticket number, but congratulates you, you will vie to answer first.” Saying that a Xia Tian face badly smiles. Competition starts!” Nine elders shout loudly. When nine elders shouted this competition starts, the atmosphere coagulated, because Xia Tian has not left office.

In other words, after he other person left office, he kept on the stage, his unexpectedly must resist here five big entrance Expert by a person of strength, this also made people think inconceivable. When people god. Puff! Knot! The under foot of Xia Tian presented small poly spirit Formation. Fights arranges to gather spirit to send first, this absolutely is a wise choice, especially this battle of attrition. But first is not all people will arrange Formation, next Formation requires the time not, such quickly can arrange one small poly spirit like Xia Tian, other people definitely cannot achieve. Kill! The flash, the surrounding person has fired into Xia Tian, they have not planned to speak any morality and justice. They only want repair Xia Tian well. The disciples in day Lingshan all worry looks to Xia Tian. Xia Tian stands there has not moved. When the opposite these troops overshoot to Xia Tian in front , the left hand of Xia Tian stretches out slightly, at the same time in his left hand has projected a three color ray, the flash that the ray shoots twines to go to the surrounding person directly. Three Yuan attack. Defense.” In front line starts to defend to several people hurriedly, the following person also gives these people to strengthen the protection. Bang! A formidable explosive force exploded to fly forefront several people directly, that several person covered with blood, absolutely did not have the human appearance from top to bottom.

Strikes! Xia Tian only used to strike has created such result. Whiz! Meanwhile, Xia Tian directly flushed. Careful sneak attack.” When these people think Xia Tian must launch the sneak attack, they discovered that they have made a mistake, because Xia Tian radically is not the sneak attack, his goal unexpectedly is the hand takes the [gold/metal] of ultimate Spirit Tool rank weapon to be overbearing. Brings death? Helps you.” [gold/metal] Badao brandishes Fang Tian in hand to draw the halberd to cut directly to Xia Tian. dāng! At this moment all people all surprised looked that double has referred to the right hand of Xia Tian, Xia Tian unexpectedly only used two fingers with Fang Tian to draw the halberd to the war, this was also too terrifying. Everybody on, do not watch the fun together.” At this moment some people shout suddenly. Everybody then thinks that their goals are Xia Tian, therefore all people have all fired into Xia Tian. Three Yuan armor. Around the body of Xia Tian presented an armor, is three element armor, the speed was too fast, everybody has not possibly seen clearly, but this all people see clearly. Three elements. In day Lingshan unexpectedly presented three element Expert . Moreover the Xia Tian technique obviously compared with crown prince formidable, his three Yuan attack also be too more than formidable of crown prince. Three elements, unexpectedly is three elements, how the day Lingshan such good luck.” The people of other entrances all are envy looks at the person in day Lingshan. Day Lingshan unexpectedly presented a anomaly, moreover white clothing disciple, what is more terrorist, now Xia Tian this white clothing disciple is contending with here five big entrance Expert by strength of the.

Moreover he with own double refers to fighting [gold/metal] overbearing the ultimate Spirit Tool Fang Tianhua halberd. Hateful, how can like this!” Gold overbearing whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, ultimate Spirit Tool in his hand not only cannot injure to Xia Tian double refers, but also a little suppressed feeling. At this time, the people of other entrances attacked also arrived at the body of Xia Tian. But Xia Tian does not dodge completely does not hide. At this time in the Xia Tian eye only then a match, that is the [gold/metal] is overbearing, his idea also only then one, that is kills the [gold/metal] to be overbearing, uses three Yuan armor to resist as for the attacks of other people, can resist many to calculate many. The [gold/metal] overbearingly strongest skill is Fang Tian in hand draws the halberd, but his Fang Tian in hand draws the halberd to be suppressed by Xia Tian now completely, because in the Xia Tian hand does not have the weapon, seems suffers a loss very much, but Xia Tian rushed to his front at this time, ultimate Spirit Tool Fang Tian in his hand draws the halberd completely on the display any function. Saw that Xia Tian was away from him to be getting more and more near, the [gold/metal] received own Fang Tian to draw the halberd overbearingly, at the same time a weapon long sword of Advanced Spirit Tool rank appeared in his hands. ! Long sword direct thorn to Xia Tian. dāng! At this moment, all people saw more inconceivable one, such near distance, long sword unexpectedly by two fingers of Xia Tian gripping. Can the finger also be used to clamp the sword? What? This is.” The five elder eyes under stage open in a big way. Meanwhile, in Xia Tian knowledge sea: Xia Tian, how you can Finger of Consonance.”