Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1680

Although why Xia Tian the curious day spirit second child knows Finger of Consonance this Martial Arts, but he also knows now absolutely is not the communication time, at this time he kills the [gold/metal] overbearing front with great difficulty. After [gold/metal] Badao did not have the ultimate weapon, he merely is also stronger than cauldron Rank 8 Expert. Moreover he not by the fight of person so near body. Immediately is thrown into confusion. Xia Tian will not let up this opportunity. Xia Tian adapts to various fights, his meat stamina quantity endures compared with two cauldron Expert, moreover at this time he has gotten down in the condition of going crazy completely. His goal only then one, that is overthrows the [gold/metal] to be overbearing. Burns 100 million gathering miracle cures. Xia Tian has burnt instantaneously 100 million gathering miracle cures, he very long has not burnt the compounded drug, moreover what this combustion is gathering miracle cure type of super compounded drug. Bang! This time Xia Tian felt own whole body has been full of the strength. Bang! As soon as he fought with the fists on the [gold/metal] overbearing belly. Puff! A blood spouts from the [gold/metal] overbearing mouth. Has been injured, Xia Tian unexpectedly injured the [gold/metal] to be overbearing under gang up and beat of these many people, such result has shocked all people, day after day the disciples in Lingshan have opened the mouth. „Aren't you very good B?”

Bang! A Xia Tian fist the [gold/metal] knocks down once more overbearingly directly. Meanwhile his body also had ten wounds, but he does not pay attention to wound. Bang! A Xia Tian fist hit directly on the [gold/metal] overbearing face. „Aren't you all right raise Abao?” A Xia Tian fist directly [gold/metal] overbearing bridge of the nose bone interruption, simultaneously on [gold/metal] overbearing mouth covered with blood. Bang! Also good B not?” Xia Tian fought with the fists on the [gold/metal] overbearing mouth, the [gold/metal] overbearing tooth all wiped out by him, these killed to the Xia Tian person were also shocked, stood there does not dare to begin. At this time they felt the boundless fear. Xia Tian was really too scary. Does not dodge regarding others' attack completely does not hide, hits the [gold/metal] overbearing person, moreover hitting of fist then fist, at this time on Xia Tian at least 30 wounds, but he looked that does not look. Bang! Xia Tian such is hitting. very ruthless! At this time the person on stand anxiously has stood, especially hammers the person in Jinshan, they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly was so ruthless, settles on a person to hit, has not kept the hand.

Moreover his attack quick ruthless. Once selects the goal, that marches forward courageously, anything cannot block him, moreover he is not the blind attack, he got rid to plan all, how can strike down the match. If the beforehand these people are also thinking attacks Xia Tian, they now completely by Xia Tian very ruthless shaking. Good very ruthless boy.” Sounds of nature City Lord light saying. I thought that he is good.” Bishop Cao who had not spoken opened the mouth. „?” Sounds of nature City Lord doubts looks to Bishop Cao. His goal has been achieved, frightens, when a person wants to cope with one group with strength similar Expert, defends forever most is defeated, you can never defend the attacks of these many Expert, so long as the match hits along, that ultimate Spirit Tool can break the myriad things, therefore defends brings about own destruction, only then the attack is the best defense, moreover attacks time cannot go to around the control, will otherwise delay the speed, difference one second on can excess of bills payable the life and death.” Cao Zhujiao said. „Are you also gawking doing? Saves others to me.” Hammers the elders in Jinshan to shout loudly. Hears his sound, hammers these talented people in Jinshan to respond that flushes away to Xia Tian directly. Xia Tian looked in a hand the half dead [gold/metal] to be overbearing, afterward has stood slowly, saw him to stand, the hammering Jinshan disciples who these flushed have anchored their footsteps hurriedly. The Xia Tian vision 11 has swept on the bodies of surrounding these people: Also who refuses to accept?” His voice is not loud, but such a few words made the surrounding these people cannot help but swallow saliva, moreover felt own whole body ice-cold, they have not seen the Xia Tian such terrifying person. Xia Tian is white clothing disciple, but his present clothes were dyed the red. Nobody knows that his blood is his, is the [gold/metal] is overbearing, possibly two people have. Our day Lingshan must take first this year, who dares to block me?” The Xia Tian vision 11 has swept on the bodies of surrounding these people. Hears his words, surroundings these people all withdrew two steps, but the person of god mountain actually does not dare retreat, because of them, once retreat, Master Xu are impossible to let off their: Everybody do not fear, our these many people, moreover is the elite disciples of eight big entrances, if were daunted by this, after us, sees the person? Others are scoff our, everybody on, he most can hit one together, I do not believe him am the iron hit.”

Hears the voice of that person, the surrounding these people some response of faint trace, they most have cared finally is the reputation and easy, because in serious famine, only will then have the formidable reputation person to be thought highly, will look like Abao and Jiujiang these people. Regardless of they cannot come, they become that Expert in people mouth. Expert that is worth everybody commenting. „A quite overbearing, good fierce person.” azure pill deeps frown. Fang Ailing stands in same place has not moved, although she is also the disciple of god mountain, but he does not obey Master Xu, because her talent is more terrorist than Master Xu, therefore he has the elders of entrance to protect. Really he is fiercer, can that then he use that to incur?” The elders in great Fengshan have remembered in that move of desolated place. Xia Tian, with that move, do not kill people.” Five elders shout under the stage. Hears the words of five elders, people all doubts looked to Xia Tian, did Xia Tian have what card in a hand? Card in a hand that can kill people, therefore five elders such will shout that was Xia Tian already so the violence. Actually does he have what not to take the card in a hand of getting rid? The person who these prepare to go forward to be eager to try also all looked to Xia Tian. Time was up, I was mad also left, I also played enough, should finish.” Xia Tian expression light saying, hears his words, surroundings these people cannot help but have all gotten hold of the weapon in oneself hand. They understand that the real challenge must appear. Perhaps Xia Tian must put out the card in a hand, nobody suspected that he is blowing own horn, because he had proven with the strength a moment ago, that rampant domineering [gold/metal] ruled by force at this time already by changing beyond all recognition that he hit. What skill has you to use, did our these many people also fear you inadequately?” The disciples of few room of mountains shout loudly. Relax, few room of mountains are first are eliminated absolutely.” After Xia Tian spoke, erupted a terrifying strength from his within the body, this strength diverged to the surroundings directly.