Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1682

Five elders and the others run up to stage to go hurriedly. Rested.” Five elders have inspected, discovered that Xia Tian rested, relaxed finally. Surroundings these people heard Xia Tian unexpectedly are rest, was speechless, they also think that Xia Tian was stamina overdraws dead, lives the body extremely to faint tired, has not thought that unexpectedly fell asleep. Volume, good, since has fallen asleep, you have his getting down rest well.” Nine elders said that has flown the chairman's podium directly. Day Lingshan this year three lists first, regardless of the following three results of the competition how, you can recruit 5000 disciples, moreover these 5000 disciples can the random region in the serious famine recruit, each region city must coordinate, otherwise degradation city, other major entrances, if has to dare to stop or play a dirty trick in secret, do not blame me not being impolite.” Sounds of nature City Lord in chairman's podium said loudly. Special right. All people were all gawked to the lane by City Lord these words. Every year this reward should be competition finally gives . Moreover the entire serious famine recruits is also 3000 people, but unexpectedly has not arrived this year provides this to reward finally, this is the reward of most Advanced. Moreover the population increases to 5000 people. What concept does the entire serious famine carry on the recruitment is? Can in all talents the entire serious famine all incur, the recruitment they can only carry on the hiring in their card in a hand normally, moreover has the population limit. But this year sounds of nature City Lord unexpectedly here has provided this reward. After that? After the later three competitions ended, what will send? Reason that in the serious famine limits major entrances to recruit the disciple is because the resources of serious famine are limited, the disciple are more, that final disciple can divide the resources that arrives at to be also less, moreover possibly produces very big contradiction, when the time comes all people all fight for the resources the words, that serious famine thorough messing up.

Therefore sounds of nature City Lord will control major entrances disciples. Sounds of nature City Lord said that stood up to leave directly, the people of other major entrances also all left. After five elders go back, specially has inspected, has a look at Xia Tian wound, but he discovered that on Xia Tian these body wounds healed voluntarily, but the internal injury somewhat aggravates, but body of Xia Tian also in recuperation voluntarily. Master, he how?” Asking that secure and the others worried about. He has been all right, his physique is good, body continuously in cicatrization voluntarily, moreover various body functions are also very terrifying, first makes him rest a meeting, awoke should be good.” Five elders mediated the people to leave the Xia Tian room. Day Lingshan was hot. And is the fire. The successes of three total victory have shocked the entire serious famine, at the same time in the entire serious famine also heard another name Xia Tian. Has domain super talent. In the serious famine only has the domain super talent. After this news passes on, day Lingshan became more famous. Has not thought, this time entrance presented these many outstanding disciples compared with unexpectedly greatly, that Tang Sanhao quite trains for 20 years absolutely hopefully becomes the scarlet disciple, as for the talent of crown prince, that was needless saying that he will definitely have the opportunity to reach Abao's altitude in the future, most terrorist was Xia Tian, his unexpectedly was one has the domain super talent.” Four elder surprised saying. I finally understand why now the mountain main wanted to open Abao, now looks like this absolutely is the wisest procedure.” Six elders said. I have not thought at that time he can have such terrifying talent, the domain talent, what a pity sometimes does not have the formidable talent to be enough, Abao's body has the big destiny, he can bring the entrance to move toward magnificently, therefore lets the words that I choose now, I similarly will also elect Abao.” Mountain main light saying.

Four elders and six elders also nodded. Big destiny, this is can change all existences, moreover present Abao is super Expert, although the Xia Tian talent is very high, but can he grow to Abao's that Realm? The crisis forever exists. In the spirit world never lacks the talent, but can grow truly and how many have? Is only as transient as fleeting clouds, has not waited to grow dead, although under the too difficult present truly is a super talent. But between he and Abao the biggest disparity was Abao grew, he now is in the serious famine super Expert. Meanwhile eight big entrances and other medium entrances, the small entrance all heard a name of person. Xia Tian! The white clothing disciple in day Lingshan, resists other seven big entrance all yellow clothes by a person of strength, the disciple of black clothing and white clothing, although then great Fengshan and Mount Qingcheng nobody entered the war, but legend thing may, no matter this. Only biography stranger. Not is only in the big entrance, in these cities also has spread, at once, in the serious famine all people all heard day Lingshan presented one to be called the Xia Tian super talent. At this time in day Yong city. Ha Ha Ha Ha, I said that he absolutely is not a mortal, he is the coordinated process, sooner or later will meet Feilong in the day, really will be this.” The Zhao Family seven young masters said with a smile loudly. At this time in the day Yong city, Zhao Family is biggest. Nobody dares to provoke Zhao Family, other Rank 2 cities also start gradually went to Zhao Family to give a present.

In the entire serious famine is hearing the related Xia Tian legend. Meanwhile, serious famine inside has two forms. Yun Miao, is the Xia Tian news, is the Xia Tian news.” Lin Bingbing excited saying. Finally had his news, finally had his news, although the name might very much with others duplicate, but this was our only opportunities, must go to day Lingshan to look for Xia Tian.” Yun Miao is also saying of whole face anticipation. Since they have entered to the spirit world, they have been seeking for Xia Tian, finally the spirit world is too big, his they had not found any news, today their two heard the related Xia Tian news finally. How this makes their two be able not to be excited. Em, finally soon saw him.” Lin Bingbing very long had not seen Xia Tian, she thought Xia Tian. This time said that anything must follow side him.” Yun Miao has grasped own pink / white fist, set firm resolve. Big brother, you looked that side that two young girls are good.” Well, really good, these two young girls, have the different makings, moreover such appearance does not dope any beautification absolutely the beauty, cold, if Frost, as if fairy maiden descends to earth.” Boss, brothers this goes to stress to you their two.” Em, you were really more and more sensible.”