Almighty Student - Volume 17 - Chapter 1683

Lin Bingbing and Yun Miao that hurried along they have also discovered this group of people. „Do you want to do?” Their cautious and solemn looks at the surrounding these people. Does? The young girls, follow our eldest children, after taking care of you, spirit stone compounded drug some are.” A little brother said. Yun Miao, meets you to walk first, I block them.” Lin Bingbing said in a low voice. „It is not good, must walk walks together, must remain remains together.” Yun Miao said. Young girl, you no one can get away.” That little brother waves, more than 30 people directly have encircled Lin Bingbing and Yun Miao. Yun Miao, is obedient, I have the qualification of maintaining life, but you in this, I cannot leave, you walk first, I will go to day Lingshan to look your.” Lin Bingbing with the sound that only then she and Yun Miao can hear said. But, you were too dangerous.” Yun Miao responded in a low voice. Believes me, you go to day Lingshan first, on the road careful.” Lin Bingbing said. I have an idea, meets our two to run separatedly, like this visits them to pursue anyone, you have the card in a hand, I have, when the time comes our two go to day Lingshan to gather.” Yun Miao said. Lin Bingbing has pondered a meeting: Good.” You in saying anything, shut up to me, on, held them to me.” That little brother said. Afterward more than 30 people all rushed instantaneously. Is now.” They at present immediately one bright, afterward in two people of hands presented the weapon of Spirit Tool rank. Cold ice! Lin Bingbing has fired into the left side directly.

Water dragon! Yun Miao has fired into the right. After one minute, Lin Bingbing has anchored the footsteps: Pursues me.” At this moment, he also saw Yun Miao turned head. Originally they think is the same, they think that lead away these people, strives to escape the opportunity that to the opposite party. They have looked at each other one, afterward flushed. Since does not want to walk, that spells.” After two females have looked at each other one, said. In serious famine, in Rank 5 city sounds of nature city. Xia Tian, are you are uncomfortable? It is not good goes back to rest!” Xiao zither said. Does not know why always restlesses today, probably had any matter to occur was the same.” Xia Tian frowns, said that the sixth sense of woman is very accurate, since however the Xia Tian sixth sense also has been very accurate. Is all right.” Asking that five elders care about. I am all right.” Xia Tian shook the head: Hope cannot have any matter to occur.” Works, today first is you takes the lead, well display, so long as you succeed pill, we should be have no trouble first.” Five elders reminded, now the integral of day Lingshan is 15, compared with the second wonderful Danshan enough high nine integrals, following three should be each Rank 5 minute, when wonderful Danshan were different won two types, on that day Lingshan should be wins. Naturally, they have not been able to be negligent. Because this link will deduct points finally.

Moreover wish simultaneously wins two types not to be impossible. These three types of competition winners were the past three big entrances, Pill Refining are wonderful Danshan win each time finally, the refiner was hammers Jin Shan to win, Formation was a god mountain wins, absolutely did not have the matters of other entrances. Other entrances must do is surely within the given time becomes pill, will otherwise be buckled very serious score, next is becomes pill quantity quality wait / etc.. Em, relax elder.” The pill spirit this time may be very confident, although she possibly takes first, but will not be inferior by other entrances absolutely, because she has learned many things from Xia Tian there, becomes pill leads in a big way already increased . Moreover the quality has also been improved. The disciples of eight big entrances all arrived at City Lord Mansion. At this time the disciples and elders of these eight big entrances looked at the vision to Xia Tian, at this time their also nobody dares to despise Xia Tian again, nobody dares to regard Xia Tian again is an ordinary white clothing disciple. If before , others raise day Lingshan only to mention Abao this name, then raises day Lingshan to have Abao now, Xia Tian and crown prince, but now most famous was Xia Tian. Domain talent. This is also wants high existence compared with Abao talent. However this inside these people envy the Xia Tian person not to be many, majority are to envy and hates. [gold/metal] Badao unexpectedly also came today, his wound majority is the body wound, although disfigured, but does not have what internal injury, therefore he insists on to come today, at this time his on the face is entangling the gauze. But this cannot conceal his anger to the Xia Tian. He from infancy to maturity is the talent, so had not been shamed, especially after he obtains ultimate Spirit Tool, he is thinks one are the super talent, these two cauldron Expert are not his match. He already thinks one were youth one generation of leading figure, moreover he will surmount Abao their these established talents sooner or later. But yesterday his all confidence, all dreams all were destroyed by Xia Tian.

He by being a mass of cuts and bruises that Xia Tian hits, by Xia Tian maliciously oppressive one time, this time he loses was too miserable, is in front of that many people, his tooth was hit not to have by Xia Tian, this is the shame. I certainly will kill sooner or later you.” Gold overbearing face hate looks at Xia Tian. Calms down.” Jiujiang has patted his shoulder gently. In the waiting of people, the City Lord three people appear in the chairman's podium. Whiz! Nine elders fell above arena directly, afterward he waved, one group of City Lord Mansion servant has sent eight materials, each material had, moreover there is a special-purpose Pill Refining furnace. Today's contest rule is very simple, all participating disciples can come to power to help, no matter you help, the topic of refinement is the Rank 3 compounded drug, turns over to Yuan pill, first will obtain five integrals, other to become pill teams will obtain an integral, the team of failure buckle three points, what the final result looks is becomes pill quantity and quality, scheduled time two days one night, tomorrow before the sunset, must to become pill.” Nine elders said loudly. Rank 3 compounded drug. It is not good to refine. Therefore they must guarantee a point, that is to become pill, only then to become pill, that was hopeful, as for first, they has almost not gone to think, disciples because of wonderful Danshan in this, they, but was specialized. Xia Tian, you overcome the hand to me.” pill said spirit. Suits me.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Has you, I had confidence.” pill spirit this is also to an own challenge, she knows that the great strength of wonderful Danshan disciple, she also understands own present could not compare with the opposite party absolutely, but there is Xia Tian, she wants to wrestle. First I wanted, do some people have the opinion?” The scarlet disciple body of wonderful Danshan falls on the stage directly, afterward said loudly that on his face has written all over several characters: I in attire. B.